Utsav Sharma

Lia Ojanen
20th January 2012
Ann Wang
23rd January 2012

In an interconnected and borderless world where information moves with a speed never seen before, the long-term competitive edge belongs to those individuals harbouring special attributes in their professional vitae. Keeping these words in mind, I embarked on an exciting journey to the financial capital of China – Shanghai.

Working in the Medical Sector as an advisor to the board on matters relating to International Marketing and Business Development, I was able to hone in on the skills that I had learnt at University and apply them to real-life situations in an environment that was mentally stimulating. At the end of my Internship in Shanghai, I was offered employment back home in New Zealand owing, in great part, to the wealth of experience I had gained in a culturally distinct environment in a matter of 2 months.

None of the above, from getting on the flight to Shanghai to leaving a more confident professional, would have been possible without the guidance of CRCC Asia. They have the experience and staff necessary to ensure a comfortable stay in Shanghai along with a myriad of diverse activities that inspire professional development and instill knowledge about local culture, tradition and language. It’s not just work and no play here.

From KTV to a boat trip down the beautiful Pudong river, the list of activities that testify Shanghai’s claim to be a buzzing city is endless. I thank CRCC for their unparalleled professionalism and for ensuring my stay in Shanghai to be a comfortable and memorable one. As for those considering China as a destination for professional development, I’d say, “Go for it Mate!”. It has certainly worked for me.