Les Han

Malisa Radic
8th March 2013
Matthew Jordan
13th March 2013

I have almost three months holiday from December to February in 2011. On the one hand, I want to spend some quality time with my folks in China. On the other hand, I am keen gaining valuable work experience when I am on holiday. Therefore, an internship in China sounds like a pretty good idea. Then, CRCC Asia internship program pops into my mind.

I asked for one month finance internship placement in shanghai for two reasons : first, Shanghai is close to my town (Hangzhou), which means I am not too far away from my family. Second, Shanghai is a modern and vibrant city.

I arrived at hotel on 1st/12. I had a warm welcome by CRCC Asia staff. Thanks to them, they helped me check in the room I was allocated. I met other CRCC Asia interns later this afternoon. Everyone was super nice. We were invited to a welcome dinner later that night. You can expect a huge and delicious dinner from welcome night.

CRCC Asia does decent job organinsing events for interns. You will receive the regular email about group events. Besides, you are invited to attend a couple of CRCC Asia professional networking events which are surely helping you to expand your professional networks.

Speaking of the internship, I was allocated into a company called Avant Capital Group, a small financial company focus on venture capital. I was responsible for preparing transaction-related documents and conducting independent research on a variety of industry-related topics, specific product markets and potential investors. I was happy with my placement as I have daily task to complete. Besides, I gained work experience based on my finance and economic area.

I have to admit that I had an amazing time in Shanghai. I established a long term friendship with other CRCC Asia interns. For the reference of future interns, I am sure you will experience lots of things in China. Here, I just want to mention two things (I am Chinese. So, trust me )

  • One is street food. You have to try some cheap and yummy street food. Bellows are my recommendation: Stinky (smelly) tofu, smelly but crispy taste. Shanghai steamed bun, traditional Shanghainese food, juicy taste.
  • The second thing is Mandarin. I assume most of you have little knowledge of mandarin. And I am sure you all think Mandarin is the difficult language to pick up. However, from my perspective, Mandarin is not that difficult to pick up, but it’s just difficult to master it.

CRCC Asia arranged free mandarin classes two or three times per week. You will learn some basic words which are helpful for your daily communication. Then, after class, all you need to do is practicing. You may ask how. I suggest you go to silk or fake markets as you can always bargain over there. Apart from that, hanging out with Chinese is another way to practice your language skill.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for global work experience.

For the future CRCC Asia interns, if you do have any inquires about the program or anything about Mandarin, feel free to shoot me an email at lichao.han6688@gmail.com.