Amanda Weaver

Mirko Barrera
16th October 2013
Eileen Ozegbe
26th October 2013

After graduating from university, I realized that I had no real professional experience to land me the type of career I was in search of. Therefore, I went in search of an internship that could help enhance my C.V. and make me stand out to potential employers. That is when I discovered the CRCC Asia internship program. I knew this was the type of experience I needed. I would gain work experience in a foreign country, learn about another culture, and begin my study of Mandarin Chinese.

Although moving to China can be scary, it was the best decision I have ever made. My internship was one of the best experiences not only professionally but also socially. I gained many new friends from all over the world that I still keep in contact with years later. Also, the staff of CRCC Asia considers everything to make your transition into the country as smooth as possible.

The professional experience I gained in Shanghai was beyond anything I could have gained in the United States even though it was only for a short two months. I worked for a company that were in the process of developing a high-end maternity hospital in Shanghai. I was responsible for various marketing tasks, as they did not have a marketing head at the time. Although I was intimidated to be given such a big task as an intern, I was excited to be given this opportunity. Now, I am back in Shanghai and am able to see the work I put forth. The hospital is now fully running.

Following my internship, I immediately began looking for jobs, schools, or anything that could ensure my return to Shanghai, China. That is when I located my Masters degree program. I would get my Masters in International Studies with a concentration in business while living and working in Shanghai, China. I immediately applied to the program and hoped I had the potential to be accepted. That is where CRCC Asia came in. Having already lived and worked in China before, I was sure this would help place me above the other applicants and it did. A year and a half after my internship in China, I am still living and working in Shanghai. I am working on completing my Masters degree while teaching English Writing to Chinese middle school children at a private boarding school in Shanghai. I have also been taking Mandarin lessons to expand my proficiency, which I started during the CRCC Asia program.

I couldn’t be happier and none of this would have been possible without my experiences through CRCC Asia. I would certainly recommend CRCC Asia to anyone. Not only does it enhance your C.V. but it also gives you the opportunity to have one of the greatest times of your life.