Abiola Ladipo

Isabelle Scott
3rd September 2015
Delna Karanjia
7th September 2015

Going to Shanghai for an internship through CRCC Asia was one of the best experiences ever. I enjoyed a balanced work and social life and was able to build good networks, both of friends and professionals.

My internship was in the Fashion and Marketing sector, which was fast paced, and challenging but still a lot of fun. I gained valuable experience and worked on really interesting projects. One of which was building a creative marketing game that involved partnerships with other retailers in Shanghai in order to cross-promote each other’s’ merchandise. I also developed a Pinterest strategy, attended interesting events, gave presentations and learnt a lot about building Chinese business relationships.

My favourite thing about living and working in Shanghai was the endless amount of things to do in the city. The tourist attractions, nightlife, shopping and not to mention the mind blowing food.

All of this would have been impossible for me to do without the CRCC Asia team and everything they organised, from the airport pick up to the weekly events. It was well worth the investment and I highly recommend the CRCC Asia Internship Programme. Thank you CRCC Asia!