Izabel Coleman-Wood

Gianmarco Retta
23rd September 2015
Oliver James Cross
2nd October 2015

Having travelled and studied abroad before I wanted a program that was different from other opportunities I’d had. CRCC Asia was the perfect opportunity to experience living and working in another country, and not just a similar country, but one completely different in working practices, language and culture. The experience I had in the workplace was invaluable and the friends I made whilst exploring the city and in my free time are friends I will keep in touch with forever. Beijing, the city which I chose, has so many things to do that even two months wasn’t enough time to discover everything. The culture, history and atmosphere of Beijing is wonderful and something I really miss now that I am back in England.


For the slightly less experienced or adventurous, CRCC Asia provide everything you could need and more, especially in assigning a program manager to check that you are okay throughout your stay. My program manager helped with everything from work related issues to where the best shops and clubs are. When I was ill she also sent me a text every morning which made me feel much better and at home and you have someone to call at any time of the night and day if you were ever to have an emergency. There were times where living in China was the most stressful and difficult experience I had come across but overall it helped me grow so much as a person. I would definitely recommend interning in China to anyone, it is such a brilliant and interesting country. I hope you have as much fun as I did.