Oliver James Cross

Izabel Coleman-Wood
30th September 2015
Harry Carmichael
8th October 2015


As with many people I was extremely nervous when boarding the plane from London ready for the not so thrilling 14-hour trip to Shanghai. However, these nerves soon diminished when I got chatting to two other people who also happened to be interning in Shanghai with CRCC and we ended up becoming good friends. Therefore my first tip is always get chatting to people at the airport. You may think it was a coincidence us all being on the same flight, but trust me, the chance of it happening is higher than you think.

Once you arrive in Shanghai you’ll immediately begin to make friends as all the CRCC Asia interns stay in the same accommodation (my hotel room was more like a penthouse suite). Once you’ve arrived you have a few days to get to know each other before your internship begins and this is always a great time to explore. Shanghai is an architecturally amazing city to explore with everything you could want including great shops and sights with the Yuyuan Gardens being a personal favourite of mine. As far as bars go I would definitely recommend the ‘higher party’, which is a massive party situated on the 92nd floor of the World Financial Centre and therefore doesn’t leave much to be desired.

My internship took place in a Chinese Law firm with large aspirations, which in my eyes was the perfect place for me. As an aspiring lawyer, the lack of a huge chain of command meant I could interact with the firm’s managing partner and work closely with him which cannot be said for interns in most law firms. I gained a great insight into the Chinese legal community, business culture and etiquette. I also gained a valuable insight into the Chinese language, which I am continuing to learn now I am home. The work I handled varied from tasks such as proof reading and translation of documents for international clients, to finding answers to complex legal situations and advising clients on them, all of which looks great on your CV!

The assistance CRCC Asia provided for me throughout the whole process was invaluable. Their assistance ranged from pre-departure meetings to giving us a pack full of Shanghai essentials such as topped up phone and metro cards, which are must haves. They also gave us great induction meetings informing of us of the dos and don’ts and the leaving ceremony is also extremely fun. The programme mangers importantly are also there when you need them if you have any problems or are in any trouble, which is amazing when you’re so far away from home. I would certainly never have had the amazing experience I did without the CRCC team and the CRCC Asia experience is one I would recommend to anyone.