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Our Shenzhen office opened in 2013 in the city due to increasing levels of demand and interest in our programs. The office is responsible for the operation of China programs for our Shenzhen program participants.

Located in the heart of technical and international development, the continuously growing Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park is listed as one of China’s top five state level high tech parks. The location provides an ideal location among the business community and easy access to interns on the ground.

The office is responsible for overseeing successful internship placements with host companies around the city and ensuring a positive experience for program participants throughout their time on the program.

Programs available in Shenzhen

Things to Do

Things to do in Shenzhen

What’s so great about Shenzhen?

- Shenzhen is China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and biggest migration city

- Located on the South-coast of China it is an important part of the Pearl River Delta region

- Next to Hong Kong and Macau, it is active in business trading and convenient for travel

- Fourth busiest container port worldwide, fourth busiest airport in China

- One of the most popular tourist destinations of locals in China

- Shenzhen is one of the biggest international cities in China and has one of the most liberal and entrepreneurial mind-sets

- Shenzhen is China’s center for logistics and trade

- Shenzhen is home to the largest IT sector in the country

Shenzhen is a vibrant, new and exciting city to begin or continue your career in China. Unique to other cities it is a creative metropolis which is a haven for new and young industries just like itself. The most interesting part of the city is that each district offers you a different paradox. Travelling from Luohu, the oldest to Shekou (your future playground) you will experience Shenzhen’s famous skyline in Futian’s central business district to Shekou which is incredibly modernized and allows you to walk along the cities beautiful coastline. If you are feeling energetic you can also climb Nanshan Mountain where on a clear day you can see Hong Kong. There are many places to hike or spend the day in a park, something that does not automatically come to mind when you first envision China.

As an expat Shenzhen is an extremely easy city to accommodate yourself in. Whilst we actively encourage you to try the local cuisine, there are a number of outlets located around the city which we have included in our guide to fulfil any foreign cravings.

Shenzhen by District

We have divided the guide up into sections to try and give you a comprehensive list on the areas we think would be of interest. We highly suggest using this guide to help you explore the city but unfortunately we cannot include everything so do keep digging for the wonders of Shenzhen!


Located in the Southern Western part of Shenzhen, Nanshan district will be your home for the next month, or two, or three! Nanshan incorporates historical sites such as the Nantou Museum and Chiwan Palace whilst being the creative hub of China in respect to technology and design. Pioneers such as Tencent and Huawei were established and have their offices here. Additionally Nanshan is home to the first ever theme park in China and is now home to the first open zoo in the country. The city and district of firsts, we guarantee you will not get bored here!


Nantou Ancient Town Museum 新安(南头)古城

Also known as Xin’an Ancient Town and with a history dating back over 1730 years this is the largest historical scenic spot and cultural relic in Shenzhen. This was once the administration center, marine garrison and marine traffic and trading center of the coastal area of South China.

Also named the Chiwan Tianhou Museum it was originally built in the Song Dynasty in honor of Tianhou, or Matsu, the Mother of Heaven. She is also known as the Goddess of the Sea and is worshipped by sailors and fisherman across south east Asia. During its history it was the most important Tianhou temple in the coast and is now one of only three Tianhou temples funded and built by the Chinese ancient government. As it sits in between mountains and water, it makes for a breath taking scenery.

He Xiangning Art Museum 何香凝美术馆

Named after a very famous artist and revolutionist He Xiangning, the museum is a very modern and pioneering art gallery in Mainland China. Some of China’s most prominent artists showcase their art at this gallery that focuses mainly on showing larger, more contemporary pieces.

Amusement Parks

Happy Valley Theme Park 欢乐谷

Covering an area of 350,000 square meters (about 86 acres), the park boasts large quantities of breath-taking and exciting amusements. Divided into theme areas it has the usual fun rides. There are several levels of roller coasters, ranging from tame kiddie coasters to the Snow Dragon which holds you upside down with your feet dangling and the Shangri-La which has a 4G drop, and the Magic Castle which has carnival games. There are shows all day and well into the night.

China Folk Culture Village 中华民俗文化村

China Folk Culture Village is located adjacent to the Splendid China theme park and features displays of the daily life and architecture of China’s 56 ethnic groups. The village is more than 220,000 square meters and contains 24 peculiar cottages that are constructed at a ratio of 1:1. Within this park all 56 minority cultures of China can be viewed. There is lots of distinctive architecture in the village, especially ethnic groups from Sichuan and Guizhou provinces, Dai ethnic group from Yunan province and Mongol ethnic groups that represent the classic traditional Chinese ethnic groups. Besides, you may catch the right time of celebrating festivals within the different groups, such as Water-Splashing festival from Dai or Torch festival from Yi ethnic group.

Window of the World 世界之窗

If you are looking for a cheap way to visit the eight wonders of the world as well as global historical sites, then look no further than Window of the World. Here you can explore the Mahamuni Pagoda of Mandalay, Burma, the Angkor Wat of Cambodia, The Eiffel Tower, Paris, The Coliseum, Rome, and much more, all in one afternoon! Be sure to check out their website (see below) for upcoming events and shows. Annually the park hosts the Cherry Festival, Indian Cultural Week, International Beer Festival, Pop Music Festival as well as the World Dance and Singing Gala during the Spring Festival.

OCT Harbor- OCT Bay Water Show 欢乐海岸水秀

OCT Harbor is located in the central business district of Shenzhen Bay, nestling between Binhai Boulevard and the group of OCT theme-parks at Shenzhen’s Oversea Chinese Town. With a total area of 1.25 million square meters, it combines the varied concepts of culture, ecology, tourism, entertainment, shopping, hotels, dining and nightlife into one ambitious new venue. OCT Water Show Theatre is one of iconic entertainment programs under OCT Harbor. The show had its successful trial operation in 2011 and it is committed to becoming a city entertainment destination with the most international style. Water Show Theatre will give you some sort of amazing water light show at OCT Bay. The show will perform at OCT Bay from every Tuesday to Sunday.

Mountains and Parks

DaNanShan Mountain 南山公园

Also known as Nanshan Mountain, this is a rather easy hike with the main peak being 336 metres means you can reach the top in roughly an hour, completing the mountain in two. The mountain is often the first choice with locals as it is a relatively easy hike and offers some beautiful scenery. Situated in Shekou means that at the top you get a wonderful view of the Shekou coastline and on a clear day you can see Hong Kong.

Address: Southwest of Nanhai Dadao, near Dongbin Lu, Nanshan District

Tanglang Mountain 塘朗山郊野公园

Located in Tang Lang Hill Country Park in the Nanshan district, this is the third highest peak in Shenzhen reaching around 430 meters. A bit more strenuous than Nanshan Mountain the hike is around a 3-4 hour round trip. Again being in Shekou means the views are rather exquisite offering a panoramic view of Shenzhen as well as Hong Kong on a clear day.

Safari Park 野生动物园

Over 300 different species of animals and the only zoo in the world to host tigers and ligers! Your ticket also includes live animal shows, including a musical acrobatic show “Happy Ocean” shown in Ocean World. The park also has the largest swan lake in China where you can float on boats to appreciate the national treasures of China, and of course you can also visit pandas!

Additional Places to Visit

Coastal City 海岸城

Something you will get accustomed to in China which is different than the West is that shopping malls are an excellent place to go if you want a good quality meal. Coastal city certainly does not disappoint in this department, offering a variety of restaurants to occupy you during your time in Shenzhen. Here you will also find the cities only Forever 21 as well as a cinema on the third floor which plays a lot of films in English.

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center 深圳湾体育馆春茧

The sports centers huge white steel grid roof has been compared to Beijing’s bird nest and regularly hosts sports events including the 26th Summer University Games in 2011. Situated alongside Shenzhen’s 15km coast line means gives visitors a beautiful ocean view.

SeaWorld 海上世界

A short 15 minute bus ride to Sea World is a must and most likely where you will spend a lot of your free time in the evenings and during the weekend. Not to be confused with SeaWorld water parks, this is actually a small community built around a French ship brought by the Chinese during the 1970s, without a whale in sight! The ship itself comprises of a café lounge, 3-D cinema, four star hotels, gymnasium and a nightclub. SeaWorld restaurants cater to all needs including; Indian, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian, German, Western, American and more.

OCT Loft 侨城创意文化园

OCT loft offers a contemporary chic atmosphere that the area has come to be known for. Its warmth and delectable offerings are the perfect blend of elegance with an unforgettably trendy flair. The area is also well known for being a cultural and creative haven and holds a variety of exhibitions throughout the year. Be sure to check out our WeChat or for any up and coming events.

OCT Art and Design Gallery 深圳华美术馆

Shenzhen is famous throughout China as a center of design and the OCT Art and design gallery is where you go to see it exhibited. Set in a restored industrial building, the gallery holds regular exhibitions showcasing Shenzhen and China’s industrial, domestic and fashion design. The main building of The OCT Art & Design Gallery is renovated from an old warehouse.

Live Music

For comprehensive listings across all venues of upcoming events in the city be sure to keep yourself updated with the forum below:

B10 Live B10现场

B10 is an eclectic venue, hosting live concerts across many musical genres. Many foreign rock bands play at the venue in Shenzhen on their China tours while national and local bands make a stop here whilst in the city. B10 is located in the OCT LOFT, an art area composed of abandoned industrial buildings in the eastern part of Shenzhen’s Overseas Chinese Town. B10 is an eclectic venue, hosting live concerts across many musical genres. Many foreign rock bands play at the venue in Shenzhen on their China tours while national and local bands make a stop here whilst in the city. B10 is located in the OCT LOFT, an art area composed of abandoned industrial buildings in the eastern part of Shenzhen’s Overseas Chinese Town.

Old Heaven Book Store旧天堂书店

Too many to name OCT loft offers hordes of cute cafes, restaurants and a handful of bars, here is the true definition of East meets West. Our favorite is the Old Heaven Book Store which is a great place to relax on a Sunday afternoon with free Wi-Fi, music and residential cat called Noodles. They offer a variety of cakes which include Tiramisu, brown sugar and green tea, all of which are available until 2am.


Cultural Sites

The Shenzhen Museum 深圳博物馆

Shenzhen Museum has become an important cultural facility of Shenzhen, giving full play to its function of cultural relic’s collection, propaganda, education and scientific research. The museum has more than 20,000 pieces of cultural relics, such as the specimens of paleontological fossils dating back 100 million years, ancient history and art treasures, showing 5,000 years of civilization of China and important historic materials about the development history of modern and contemporary Shenzhen.

Guan Shanyue Art Museum 关山月美术馆

Born last century, Mr. Guan Shanyue is one of the most famous and greatest artist and educationist in China. Guan Shanyue Museum is renowned for its great achievements in modern art exhibition. The building of the museum is one of the most famous modern buildings in Shenzhen.

Lianhua Mountain Park/Lianhuashan Gongyuan 莲花山公园

Located in the northern part of city center of Shenzhen, Lianhua Mountain Park is home to beautiful lakes and subtropical forests. One of the most famous and attractive tourism spots in Shenzhen, the park is a must-see spot for visitors in the city. Also known as Lotus Hill Park due to several hills which look like a lotus in full blossom, but it is what is at the top of the hill which draws the most attention. To climb Lotus Hill is not tiresome as it only stands at 532 metres giving you a wonderful view of the metropolis city below.However it is the statue of Deng Xiaoping a symbol of the rapid social and economic development of Shenzhen and even China since 1978 which is the main attraction.

Additional sites to see

Huaqiang North 华强北– Electronics Market

This is the absolute epicenter of the world’s electronics industry and you can buy anything electronic here. There are dozens of buildings each with many floors of small stalls selling electronics items. Most of the buildings are set up so that there are two floors with wholesale components and the rest is dedicated to consumer goods. It runs from Shennan Boulevard at SEG Plaza near Huaqianglu Station on the Shenzhen Metro for one kilometre north to the Pavilion Hotel. It is the spine of a concentrated shopping and restaurant area, with cross streets Zhen Zhong Lu, Zhen Hua Lu and Zhen Xing Lu. Hua Fa Lu is immediately parallel to the east with Yan Nan Lu further away. The area is characterized by tree-lined streets with wide (5-20 meter) footpaths. Huaqiangbei itself is lined by large buildings each specializing in commercial electronics, consumer electronics or women’s clothing. The latter range from top Hong Kong and international designer label shops to locally produced good quality clothing, shoes and bags. Fake goods are largely absent from this area, unlike the other major shopping areas of Dongmen and Luohu Commercial City.


Cultural Sites

Xibaolou Celadon Museum 玺宝楼青瓷博物馆

The only museum specialized in the collection of Chinese celadon from past dynasties at home and abroad. It is a private owned celadon collection displaying; kiln chinaware, colored pottery, animal and fish fossils and furniture collected from all of China’s dynasties which highlights the elegance and development of Chinese celadon throughout history.

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden 仙湖植物园

Resting against Wutong Mountain, the garden is named after the ‘fairy lake’ inside. The whole area covers 588 hectares and is a multi-functional botanical garden promoting scientific research of plants, leisure culture and production. The garden has six different sections including gate area, heaven on earth, lake area, temple area, fossil forest and pine and cuckoo area.

Hongfa Temple 弘法寺

Hongfa Temple is said to be the only major Buddhist temple and most famous religious site in Shenzhen. Together with the Shenzhen Xianhu Botanical Garden, located right inside, they are considered one of the top tourism sites in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Hongfa Temple is built on a series of terraces. The first level is primarily a courtyard with a screen wall lining it. The next level features a number of shops, while the third one highlights the Happy Buddha in the Heavenly Kings Hall. The fourth level allows guests to come across a utility hall but no area for worship; you’d have to ascend to the fourth level for that, where the Treasure Hall – more popularly referred to as the Buddha Hall – is located. Finally, at the highest level is a scripture repository.

Mountains and Parks

Wutong Mountain 梧桐山

Located in the east of Shenzhen it is the tallest mountain in the city. In 1993, the Guangdong Provincial Government awarded the mountain as provincial scenic spots. With its rich mountain landscape, Wutong Mountain has three main peaks. From the top of the mountain, you can see the splendid beauty of the Hong Kong city, wide blue sea and the green landscape.

Donghu Park/Donghu Gongyuan 东湖公园

Built in 1961, Donghu Park is the oldest and one of the biggest public parks in Shenzhen. There are 12 major tourism areas and more than 120 tourism spots in the park. Every year, millions of residents and visitors come to Donghu Park to visit the Chinese Chrysanthemum Exhibition.

Additional Places to Visit

Meridian View Center in Diwang Building 地王顶楼观光

Situated on the 69th floor of the Diwang Building the viewing center offers visitors amazing views of Shenzhen city from above as well as Hong Kong 384 metres high in the air! When Diwang was built in 1996 it was the tallest building in China and the fourth in the world. At the top you can also learn about Hong Kong’s recent history all whilst providing you with the best views in Shenzhen. You can even get a photo with the waxwork of Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher discussing the handover of Hong Kong!

Queen Spa 皇室水疗会

Spa goers from Hong Kong flock over the border during the weekend to relax at this Shenzhen mega spa. One part relaxing day of leisure, one part crazy cultural experience, Queen Spa is definitely worth checking out while in Shenzhen. Go during the week if possible though to avoid the crowds. The massive spa complex offers (apart from the usual massage, scrub and steam rooms) karaoke, food, fruit and ice cream with admission. Spa goers are charged an entrance fee and tips are expected. With admission, guests can stay at the spa overnight.

Dongmen Market 东门市场

Conveniently located at the Laojie Station on Subway Line 2, this market attracts many tourists looking to find cheap deals on clothes. This area is quite like a labyrinth and it is quite easy to get lost. However this is a must see in Shenzhen and is one of the top ten famous pedestrian streets in the whole of China. There are a lot of famous shopping centers near the market, where you can find clothes, shoes and bags of good quality and low price for all ages. Beware that since this is a frequented tourist shopping location, the shopkeepers tend ask for outrageously high prices initially for their goods. Be firm in your negotiations at this market and review “bargaining tips” in the guide before visiting this market to bid on items.

Dongmen Street Food Market 东门步行街

Dongmen turns into a different place at night, what were shoppers are now hundreds of food carts offering tofu, fish, BBQ, baozi, Taiwanese, noodles, anything your heart desires! For a Westerner the street food markets maybe rather worrying but they are a must go to attraction where the food is wonderful! Even if you do not feel brave enough to eat the food you should go one evening just for the ambiance.

The MIXC Shenzhen 深圳万象城

As the forerunner in China’s shopping centers, the MixC has been leading the new lifestyle trend by advocating new international shopping ideas and exhibiting its elegance and fashion. All can be found in this over 200,000 square meters palace are international brands, top fashion, entertainment, cultural life, both eastern and western cuisines and so on.

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CRCC Asia Ltd (Shenzhen)

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Suki Wen

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Suki graduated from Shanghai Ocean University with a Bachelor of Marketing Management Degree. She subsequently studied an Master Degree at the ESC Rennes School of Business in Rennes, France.

After her experience studying in France Suki was determined to improve her cultural awareness and gain experience working in an international organisation.


Tingting Tsang

Business Development Manager, Shenzhen

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After graduating from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Tingting joined CRCC Asia, where she aims to both gain experience and work with great colleagues in a multicultural environment.

Before joining CRCC as a full timer, she was a BD intern. She likes communicating with others, learning more about different cultures and believes that working in CRCC can get her prepared for more.She also enjoys playing basketball, biking and watching NBA games.

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