Community Partners - Social Responsibility

Community Partners

Success should be measured in terms of the impact and difference CRCC Asia is able to make.

We are proud that this sense of community courses through the veins of the company, from the upper management structure to the staff in each regional office and the participants on all of our programs.

CRCC Asia is committed to tackling issues that negatively affect the community whether it is fundraising for local charities, teaching English and playing games with local migrant children or sponsoring charity events for the benefit of our community.

CRCC Asia is committed to protecting and developing the local communities in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and the communities in the UK, USA and Australia through programs of social responsibility and economic sustainability.

Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are host to approximately 400,000 registered migrant children – many of whom are not able to enter the public school system.

With migrant workers playing a key role in the cities’ economies the number of migrant children has grown over the past decade.

All major cities in China face mounting challenges to cope with the volume of migrant children. In some cases this has increased prejudices against them.

Working with The Migrant School, Shanghai, and Huiling School, Beijing, CRCC Asia and our interns aim to help these children through our social and educational work programs every month.

If you would like to work with CRCC Asia as a charity in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen, or to help assist us with our ongoing community work please feel free to get in contact with us for more details.

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