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The CRCC Asia Scholarship

The CRCC Asia Scholarship, which is running for its sixth year, allows students to participate in the China Internship Program whose financial circumstances might otherwise prevent them from enrolling.

Whilst we understand that a majority of students and graduates that go on our programs in China are self-funded, we want to ensure that our programs are made accessible to as many people as possible.

CRCC Asia scholarships are awarded to people who best demonstrate academic excellence alongside a commitment to furthering their professional development.

For more details about our Scholarship Program winners, please read their Intern Blogs. If you are interested in our one month scholarship program, please contact CRCC Asia to inquire about opportunities.

CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2010

Professors from the top 50 universities in the UK were contacted via email, and asked to forward the scholarship information to the most appropriate students. The students would apply via a link in the email and the applications were open for 3 weeks. CRCC Asia sorted through over 1000 applications and contacted the top 10 to request 2 references, supporting their academic excellence and their financial circumstances. In June 2010 our first scholarship winner went out to China, a fourth year Edinburgh University medical student called Oliver Keown. He thoroughly enjoyed his pharmaceutical and healthcare placement and said:

“My generation is in a unique position of being able to benefit from what’s happening over in China. This scholarship is an amazing opportunity for me. I’ll be able to use my skills and knowledge at a higher business level than would be possible virtually anywhere else in the world and I am grateful to CRCC Asia for giving that to me.

CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2011

In October 2010 the Scholarship Program was re-opened and the applications increased. Peter Amponfi, a student from Birmingham University was chosen and went on the China Internship Program in Beijing in September 2011.Peter completed a finance internship, and was incredibly grateful for the experience:

Internships, especially the international variety, are seen by employers as key opportunities for new graduates to make the transition from students to working professionals and I absolutely couldn’t have achieved international work experience without CRCC Asia’s scholarship program.

CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2012

In September 2011, CRCC Asia was pleased to be able to offer 10 scholarships worldwide and also offer the top scholarship candidate complimentary flights provided by Cathay Pacific, in light of our recent Cathay Pacific China business award. This was granted to the Queen’s University Belfast student, Emma McIlveen. Emma participated in a legal internship in Beijing in October 2012:

I am delighted to get the CRCC Asia scholarship because I’m really keen to get some international legal experience on my CV given that I hope to secure a career in international law. I’d looked into opportunities previously but hadn’t been able to afford what was on offer.

CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2013

In 2013 our Scholarship Program was expanded globally across our key regions, with Gold Full-Ride Scholarship Winners selected by our offices in London, Sydney and San Francisco. From our Sydney office, Ronald Ibardolaza was selected as a Gold Full-Ride Scholarship Winner. Robert is a student from the University of New South Wales studying for a Bachelor of Commerce and Liberal Studies. He completed his marketing internship in December 2013 in Beijing. Our London office selected Alessia Riposi as a recipient of the CRCC Asia Scholarship Program award for 2013. Alessia is an Italian student from Durham University in the UK, who completed a legal internship in Shanghai in August 2013.

The firm at which I’m presently working is focusing on immigration business between the United States and China. I find the working environment absolutely amazing. The supervisor is very kind and welcoming and my colleagues have been really excited to have international interns in their organization as well. (Alessia Riposi, Shanghai 2013)

CRCC Asia Scholarship Program 2014

In November 2013 our US and UK offices accepted applications for the 2014 edition of our annual CRCC Asia Scholarship Program. We reached out to key university contacts and received an overwhelming number of applications from students interested in gaining international work experience in China. We selected the top 20 students through an interview stage, where we requested they provide additional documentation to support their application and further vetted their suitability for the program. Our Gold Scholarship Program winner from the United States was Marissa Williams, a student from the University of Baltimore, completed a marketing internship in Beijing in May 2014. Our Sydney Office selected Adam Ferris from the University of Adelaide as our Gold Scholarship Program winner. Adam completed his internship during the 2014/15 summer break in the NGOs, Charities and Not for Profit Internship Sector.

CRCC Asia-British Council Scholarship for a Student with a Disability

CRCC Asia is delighted to offer an annual 100%* fully funded scholarship for an internship with the British Council, Shanghai specifically for a student with a disability. The successful applicant will complete a one-month business internship in the summer.

The CRCC Asia China Internship Program has been designed for university students to combine their desire to travel and experience a new culture with the benefits of undertaking a CV enhancing internship.

The successful applicant will be awarded a scholarship based on their overall application, their response to three short essay questions and two academic references.

CRCC Asia-British Council Scholarship for a Student with a Disability

After receiving over 160 applications, and support for our program from celebrities and various university departments, CRCC Asia was delighted to announce that Jessica Stubbs was successfully awarded a fully funded scholarship from CRCC Asia to undertake a one month internship with the British Council, Shanghai. Jessica also received support from Cathay Pacific Airways who kindly agreed to sponsor her flights. Jessica’s experience proved to be very fulfilling and her internship was extremely successful. She wrote:

“I believe that experiences such as mine in China are especially important because all too often there are numerous barriers – both physical and societal – in the UK that hinder disabled people…A lot of people I know were surprised that I was going so far away. Giving more disabled people the opportunity to do internships such as mine will therefore have a twofold effect. Firstly, the person’s own possibilities and horizons will be expanded, and secondly, over time, the wider society will come to regard seeing disabled people in all areas of life as completely normal,” (Jessica Stubbs, Shanghai 2013).

For any questions, please email us at [email protected]. All correspondence will be held in strict confidence.

*This does not include flights.

The UCL Finance Conference Scholarship

CRCC Asia and the UCL Finance Conference have worked closely for a number of years. With CRCC Asia providing financial support, selected attendees of the conference are able to partake in our one-month China Internship Program over the summer.

In its second year of operation, CRCC Asia is proud to work with the UCL Finance Conference and looks forward to continuing this partnership over the years.

The UCL Finance Conference Scholarship 2012

Through sponsoring the UCL Finance Conference, CRCC Asia offered ten UCL Finance Course 2012 Scholarships to those who participated in the conference. While CRCC Asia understands that many of the students and graduates who go on our programs are self-funded, we want to ensure that our programs are made accessible to as many people as possible. Recipient Nishad Potdar (UCL Economics) completed his June China Internship Program and upon returning back to the UK, stated the following about his experiences in China with CRCC Asia:

“Working at a leading financial services firm in the tallest building in Shanghai was an experience both culturally and professionally enriching. Thank you CRCC Asia for this wonderful opportunity.”

The UCL Finance Conference Scholarship 2013

Continuing our association with the UCL Finance Conference, CRCC Asia awarded Leonard Yang a finance scholarship for our China Internship Program in August 2013. Leonard blogged about his experiences on the program, discussing life in Shanghai as an intern and his experience of adjusting to life working in China.

“Arriving at Pudong International Airport was as smooth as possible. The CRCC Asia representatives are there waiting for you when you arrive, helping you make your transition from flight to hotel as painless as possible. Navigating around a brand new city can be very challenging, even for a Mandarin speaker like myself. I was immediately given a SIM card, transport card, and a handy guide to Shanghai (published by CRCC Asia). These are essential settling-in items, and have never since left my side. I’m glad to know someone has it all thought out for me.”

Applications are now closed

The Cathay Pacific Scholarship

The Cathay Pacific Scholarship is awarded to the top scholarship candidate and consisted last year of complimentary flights provided by Cathay Pacific.

Applications are not open at the moment.

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