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How to Partner

Our long standing relationships in the global business community, with both local and international staff, allow universities to launch international internship programs with confidence.

CRCC Asia has already established a number of key university partnerships across Australia, UK, USA, Italy, Spain and Germany. These partnerships have been running successfully for a number of years and help to connect the institutions’ students to the global marketplace through our programs.

CRCC Asia Partners with UT Austin to deliver a summer internship program in Shanghai. The following video provides a detailed overview of the program, components, and intern experiences of UT Austin students on the Shanghai Internship Program.

Reasons to consider partnering with CRCC Asia

  • Building a program from the ground up requires time, effort, planning and monitoring
  • Establishing a partnership ensures the program is professional, inclusive and diverse
  • As a potential partner, we provide expertise, commitment and willingness to engage
  • Our program staff and local knowledge ensures clear lines of communication

University Benefits

  • Appeal of degrees to prospective students
  • An increase in employability and outbound mobility China, Japan, Vietnam and the U.K.
  • Preparation of students for success in a globalized world
  • Connect with university’s alumni community in China, Japan, Vietnam and the U.K.
  • Soft profiling of university brand in China, Japan, Vietnam and the U.K.

Student Benefits

  • Practical application of theoretical knowledge
  • Personal and professional development
  • First-hand experience of international business and culture
  • Employability/differentiation in home country and internationally
  • Potential future employment with host company

Learning Outcomes

CRCC Asia values a holistic program model that fosters student learning & development. We emphasize a global understanding for all our interns in order to further cross-cultural communication and professional development. By participating in CRCC Asia’s International Internship Programs, students have the opportunity to acquire a greater depth of understanding and experience in these areas:

  • Develop professional skills valuable toward career employability
  • Achieve a cultural understanding of their host country and their business practices from a variety of fields
  • Prepare students to be global citizens dedicated to social responsibility
  • Expansion of social and professional network
  • Advance language skills
  • Opportunity to implement course work in a professional setting

“It’s a very great pleasure working in partnership with CRCC Asia and the Internship Program continues to be a terrific program for our students.” Richard Pettinger, Department of Management Science and Innovation, UCL.

“We have had students participate in summer internships coordinated through CRCC Asia, and the organization and the internship placements were fantastic. I highly recommend this organization.” Heather Sprandel, Director of Career Services, Sam Walton College Business School at the University of Arkansas

“CRCC Asia are our current partner in delivering internships for UK students. They have helped British students under the Generation UK programme gain valuable cross-cultural business skills through placements across a range of industries and locations, and provided excellent pastoral care and support for all participants they have worked with.” Steven Hutt, Head of Outward Mobility, British Embassy in China

We are always looking to establish new relationships and we can create a program unique to your university, delivering on the ground expertise across the globe. Contact our team today to find out more!

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