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Time Flies When You’re An Intern

Last weekend I travelled to the Great Wall with another intern, Bridget. We chose a more remote area of the wall to explore which meant a longer, slightly more interesting journey north of Beijing to get to Jinshanling. It was a stunning section of the wall and there were relatively few others there to spoil the photos. After getting back from the Wall I went out for Teppenyaki with a friend for her birthday. Eating and drinking as much as you can for £16 and getting full on oysters, scallops, fillet beef and sashimi was a great experience and a reason to return to Beijing in the future, alone!

In the last couple of days of my internship I finished up my reports, handed them in to my supervisor and got prepared to head home. My colleagues treated me to an evening of karaoke to celebrate my fairwell. The building looked more like a 5 star hotel than a KTV, but apparently this was the best place in Beijing to get your singing on. It was an insight into popular Chinese music and my colleagues made sure I sang their favourite western classics Beijing I couldn’t help but cringe at times, but good fun too!

I stayed around in Beijing for a few extra days before flying home to Edinburgh. I did some site-seeing and saw the Summer Palace (in the rain!) and the Birds Nest Stadium. I also fit in another Teppenyaki meal with the guys from the internship who were staying on for the 2nd month. Another great evening! It was a great month and it was sad to head to the airport on Friday morning.

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