Green Technology Internship in China

Green Technology

Sector Overview


Sector Overview

  • If China’s economy continues to expand rapidly and rely heavily on coal and other fossil fuels until the middle of the century, its power demands could exceed the planet’s resources.
  • The latest Five Year Plan has demonstrated China’s commitment to Green Technology by aiming to dramatically increase its proportion of renewable energy production.
  • With $51.1 billion invested in 2010, a 30% increase in investment compared to 2009, China is now a central player regarding renewable energy.
  • China is preparing itself to launch a huge investment plan in the energy sector. This will inject an estimated $753 billion in the development of alternative energy over the next decade.
  • Many green energy and environmental sustainability organizations are located in Beijing, to influence and communicate with governmental policy makers. Green technology is still a growing industry in Shenzhen, with research and development organizations working on the most modern projects.

Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

  • Compile a report on mainstream technologies in international renewable energy and the energy efficiency market.
  • Conduct analysis of overseas policy trends regarding energy efficiency.
  • Research and deliver reports suggesting energy efficiency improvements for Chinese buildings and structures.

Sample Company

Sample Company

Specialism: Green Investment

The company specializes in sustainable development between economy and environment. Its main functions cover: advocating energy conservation and environmental protection construction; promoting sustainable development; participating in policy advice; professional consultation; lobbying governments and enterprises to make diversified investment on energy conservation and environmental protection undertaking; and conducting analysis and research into aspects of global climate change, regional sustainable development, strategic emerging industry and urban ecological process.



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