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Coca Cola Marketing, PR & Advertising

Sector Overview

  • China is A Large Market with Big Differences. Per Capita, GDP in Shanghai is over five times greater than in South West China’s major city Chongqing.
  • Online marketing is big. In four years, more than 700 million people in China will be watching online video content on Youku with 200 million members.
  • Renren, the ‘Chinese Facebook’ has over 30 million active users. This is a huge marketing resource for domestic and international brands alike.
  • The Chinese are ‘trading up’. Increasing urbanisation and incomes lead to increasing consumerism, especially in emerging cities like Chengdu and Shenzhen.

Sample Projects

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

  • Social Media Optimization project  – responsible for increasing the brand value of the company, managing a Facebook and Twitter page and increasing traffic to the company website.
  • Planning a corporate award event including the dress-code, corporate award candidacy nomination forms, venue and costs.
  • Working on a market research and competitor analysis project for a luxury goods company.
  • Integrated marketing campaigns to establish large western brands in China through a social networking site.

Sample Company

Specialism: PR & Marketing

The company is one of the world’s largest independent PR firms with headquarters in New York and Chicago. As one of the first multinational PR firms to enter the China market in 1990, it has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei and Hong Kong.

Interns are required to assist account staff across specific practices (Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Consumer Marketing, Digital, and Technology & B2B).


We have received the following testimonials from interns completing an internship in the Marketing, PR & Advertising sector:

Ilaria Pozzan (Università Ca Foscari Venezia)Video Testimonial
Ilaria Pozzan Testimonial Image

Grazie alla mia università ho conosciuto gli stage di CRCC Asia ed ho deciso di partire per la Cina. A spingermi verso questa decisione è stata soprattutto la necessità di arricchire il mio curriculum ed il mio bagaglio culturale. L’azienda in cui ho lavorato a Pechino durante il mio stage offre servizi di consulenza professionale… Read more

2 Mesi, Pechino, Giugno 2014

Gary Tenenbaum (Monash University)Video Testimonial
Gary Tenenbaum Testimonial Image

2 Months, Shanghai, December 2013

Eleonora Mancini (Università degli Studi di Macerata)Video Testimonial
Eleonora Mancini Testimonial Image

Dopo essermi laureata in discipline della mediazione linguistica ho deciso che per perfezionare il mio cinese avrei dovuto vivere direttamente in Cina per un certo periodo di tempo. Navigando in rete alla ricerca di qualcosa che facesse al caso mio mi sono imbattuta nei programmi di CRCC Asia, mi sono informata e dopo poco ho… Read more

3 Mesi, Pechino, October 2013

Anisha Kainth (Kings College London)Video Testimonial
Anisha Kainth Testimonial Image

“Hi my name is Anisha, I’ve just finished my Masters at Kings College London, I’ve studied China and Globalisation. I am currently working in a Marketing firm, my role includes looking at the Chinese market, helping foreign firms enter into the Chinese market. This involves doing research into a number of different industries, one industry… Read more

2 Months, Shanghai, November 2013

Adriano Rigano (Suffolk University)Video TestimonialVideo Testimonial
Adriano Rigano Testimonial Image

“Ciao a tutti, sono Adriano Rigano, sto facendo uno stage a Shanghai per tre mesi con CRCC Asia in Marketing, PR e Pubblicità. Negli Stati Uniti ho studiato Business Administration all’University of Suffolk, a Boston.”

3 mesi, Shanghai, Settembre 2013

Kate Gantner (University of Arkansas)
Kate Gantner Testimonial Image

I was a junior at the time and started to feel the heat to land an internship. I began browsing my university’s career center website for different internships. The one that caught my eye was the internship in Beijing, China with CRCC Asia. I’m a business major and the prospect of working in China, the… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, June 2011

Brian Bentoglio (Università degli Studi di Bergamo)Video TestimonialVideo Testimonial
Brian Bentoglio Testimonial Image

“Ciao a tutti, sono Brian Bentoglio, sto facendo uno stage a Pechino per due mesi con CRCC Asia in Marketing, PR e Pubblicità. In Italia studio Commercio Estero alla Facoltà di Economia e Commercio.”

2 mesi, Pechino, Ottobre 2013

Fiona Woodfield (University of Otago)Video Testimonial
Fiona Woodfield Testimonial Image

“Hi name is Fiona Woodfield, I’m from Wellington, New Zealand where I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. I chose to work in the Marketing Sector, I’m in the International Marketing Intern at a small handbag design company here in Shanghai. I’ve had a chance to work… Read more

3 Months, Shanghai, January 2013

Donald Sze (University of Surrey)Video Testimonial
Donald Sze Testimonial Image

“I’m from the UK and am in Shanghai for three months doing a Marketing Internship in China. I decided to come to China because the industry is booming and there are a lot of opportunities here.” “I work for an events company based in Shanghai organising private events, as a Marketing Intern I am responsible… Read more

3 Months, Shanghai, November 2012

Mirko Barrera (Università di Bologna)Video TestimonialVideo Testimonial
Mirko Barrera Testimonial Image

“Ciao, sono Mirko Barrera, laureato in Relazioni Internazionali all’Università di Bologna. Sto svolgendo il mio Stage in Cina di due mesi con CRCC Asia, dove mi occupo di Marketing e Finance Presso l’azienda Collective Concepts. Di questo stage mi mancherà il mettermi in gioco quotidianamente.”

2 mesi, Shanghai, Settembre 2013

Rocío Ordóñez (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria)Spanish Language Testimonial
Rocío Ordóñez Testimonial Image

Este mes en Beijing ha sido una experiencia increíble. A nivel profesional, he aprendido muchísimo y he aprendido de un mercado que no conocía, que es el de impresión en 3D. Esta experiencia me ha hecho conocer muchísima gente y me llevo muy buenos amigos. Es fascinante vivir allí y empaparte de la cultura China… Read more

1 Mes, Beijing, Agosto 2013

Anna Viñolas (Universitat Ramon Llull)Spanish Language Testimonial
Anna Viñolas Testimonial Image

Ya hará casi un mes que he vuelto de Shanghai, y con este tiempo he podido valorar mejor mi estancia y la experiencia. He podido valorar todo lo que el viaje te proporciona en tu presente y en tu futuro. Hacer unas prácticas en Shanghai me ha aportado muchas cosas; en primer lugar, trabajar en… Read more

1 Mes, Shanghai, Julio 2013

Gregory Milani (EAE Business School)
Gregory Milani Testimonial Image

To complete my masters I had to intern in a company for at least 2 months. I was living in Spain, I am originally from Brazil, and I had finished my Masters in Marketing in Madrid. The situation in the EU was really bad at the time, thus, it wasn’t ideal for me to return… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, September 2011

Tessa Rieger (University of Otago)
Tessa Rieger Testimonial Image

My experience in China with CRCC Asia has been a very shaping one. It has really opened my eyes up to all the opportunities in the world and helped me realize that career dreams really are achievable. A large part of this was through meeting and interacting daily with other like-minded individuals on the CRCC… Read more

2 Month, Shanghai, February 2013

Alessandro Levesi (Università degli Studi di Torino)Video TestimonialVideo Testimonial
Alessandro Levesi Testimonial Image

“Sto facendo uno stage in una ditta di spedizioni internazionali qui a Pechino, questo stage ha arricchito di molto la mia esperienza lavorativa, sto imparando a muovermi nel campo del marketing soprattutto grazie all’aiuto del mio supervisore qua in azienda. CRCC Asia mi ha aiutato ad organizzare il viaggio qui in maniera migliore di quanto… Read more

3 Mesi, Pechino, Febbraio 2013

Oliver Wilson (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Oliver Wilson Testimonial Image

I have always wanted to travel. Since I was young I have been fascinated by language, foods and experiencing other cultures. Before university many of my friends took gap years and saw Eastern Europe, South America and some areas of South East Asia. However, I knew no one that went to China. This puzzled me;… Read more

3 Months, Shanghai, November 2012

Duncan Douglas (University of Stirling)
Duncan Douglas Testimonial Image

Firstly I would like to very much thank CRCC for giving me the opportunity for me to broaden my horizons, earn fantastic life experience and meet so many great people in my 3 month internship in Beijing. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I felt I could always contact CRCC if… Read more

3 Months, Beijing, October 2012

Emma Duck (Edith Cowan University)
Emma Duck Testimonial Image

I came across the idea of an internship in China merely by chance. I never actually thought that an international internship was possible without extensive knowledge or contacts in the region. In my final year of my undergraduate degree it was the perfect timing to stumble across an opportunity to differentiate myself from other graduates…. Read more

1 Month, Shanghai, July 2012

Jessie Sidhu (University of Calgary)
Jessie Sidhu Testimonial Image

In my position in China I worked as a market research analyst at a top tier social networking firm. I also assisted with event planning of large-scale social events. Some of these included a New Years event, retail store opening launch party and Blackberry promotional event. The research projects I got to work on were… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, December 2010

Angad Gopaldas (University of Cape Town)
Angad Gopaldas Testimonial Image

For me, the China experience was more than merely gaining some unique work experience to embellish my CV. It was more about being exposed to a different, broader and less routinised way of thinking.  In my two months in Shanghai, I had the chance to meet with interns from countries like England, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Uganda, Mexico,… Read more

2 Months, Shanghai, February 2012

Momoca Nishimoto (Soka University of America)
Momoca Nishimoto Testimonial Image

I arrived in Shanghai in June 2012 right after I had completed my study abroad program in Nanjing. After spending four months in China, I had assumed that Shanghai would be no surprise to me. In a nutshell, I could not have been more wrong. The city itself fascinated me, from its bustling streets that… Read more

2 Months, Shanghai, June 2012

Paul Dolby (University of Worcester)
Paul Dolby Testimonial Image

To develop myself further I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone, and CRCC gave me this opportunity by helping me immerse myself in an exciting new culture in a planned and safe environment. My time in Shanghai was well organised, with constant social activities and friendly check-ups to make sure I was… Read more

1 Month, Shanghai, June 2012

John Sherack (University of Technology Sydney)
John Sherack Testimonial Image

Approaching the end of my university course, with CV in hand, I realised that it was missing something. I needed something to differentiate myself, that cutting edge, a spark at an interview with a future employer that others wouldn’t have. Quite a few marketing students had done internships, and that was one idea I had… Read more

1 Month, Shanghai, January 2012

Ellen Huang (University of New South Wales)
Ellen Huang Testimonial Image

My decision to apply to the CRCC Asia program was based on my interests in China and the desire for an adventure working and living in another country. From this experience I have developed interpersonal and technical skills, such as networking with people of different backgrounds, and applying marketing knowledge in the professional context. My… Read more

1 Month, Shanghai, December 2011

Hannah Clark (University of the Arts London)Video Testimonial
Hannah Clark Testimonial Image

“I worked for a global company called Auditoire, which was originally a French company that is operating in Beijing. My tasks included things such as research projects – a client would come in and I would create a mood board for their event, and I also went to hotels which was good for networking.” “Beijing… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, May 2011

Joe Olley (University of Birmingham)Video Testimonial
Joe Olley Testimonial Image

“I worked in a Chinese marketing company called Imagine Displays for two months in 2010. Imagine Displays branded German and US company products in Beijing. I also helped with the website and assisted the Director with organising and attending business meetings.” “CRCC Asia was fantastic at organising events ranging from dinner to nights out to… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, July 2010

Alice Goss (University of the Arts London)Video Testimonial
Alice Goss Testimonial Image

“I worked at Christie’s Auction House and was directly involved in all aspects of the one of their biannual auctions. Work tasks included implementation of the auction, PR, advertising and being knowledgeable about the works of art, their expected value and the price they actually sold for.” “The social events that CRCC put on were… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, May 2011

André Nordal Sylte (University of the Sunshine Coast)
André Nordal Sylte Testimonial Image

In today’s highly competitive job market for university graduates, I saw the need of increasing my employability before completing my BSc degree in Marketing. I, therefore, contacted CRCC Asia to learn more about their exciting internship opportunities in China, and decided to apply soon thereafter. Upon successfully completing a phone interview with one of CRCC… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, February 2011

Michael Benson (Lancaster University)
Michael Benson Testimonial Image

What the CRCC Asia program offers is a unique opportunity to explore the cultural dynamism China has to offer, but in a structured environment for those who want to take advantage of it. My time spent in Beijing has been an absolute highlight and it is something I would highly recommend anyone to do. Rather… Read more

3 Months, Beijing, March 2011

Aya Dashti (Richmond University)
Aya Dashti Testimonial Image

The culture shock that I experienced here was major. However, the presence of CRCC Asia, and work colleagues helped me to adapt to living in Shanghai in a very effective way. After living here for two weeks now, I have come to realise that China still does have a lot of the communist traditions and… Read more

2 Months, Shanghai, May 2011

Suzanne Finlay (University of Hull)
Suzanne Finlay Testimonial Image

As an Economics student, I took a year out to find my ideal career. The CRCC Asia opportunity arose and after comparing all gap year programmes, the Beijing internship suited my requirements. Beijing has just become the capital of the 2nd largest growing Economy in the world. Whilst living in an environment of recession, unemployment… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, March 2011

Faith Seanehi (University of Kent)
Faith Seanehi Testimonial Image

Doing an internship abroad was a chance for me to integrate into the business world as most universities present us with just the theory and not so much of a mix with practical in order to stand on our own two feet. I decided to differentiate myself by applying for an internship in China considering… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, September 2010

Theo Taylor (University of Oxford)
Theo Taylor Testimonial Image

I worked at a leading Chinese think tank at which I utilised my marketing skills to redesign its website. Whilst my degree is in marketing I also have a well-developed interest in international relations and the energy market, and was able to work in this area as well. For example, during the last fortnight of… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, June 2010

Daniel Gearing (University of Bristol)
Daniel Gearing Testimonial Image

My time in Beijing provided me with the opportunity to work for a prestigious company that operates globally within the sphere of advertising, marketing and PR, and allowed me to gain a valuable insight into its operations in China. The unprecedented growth of consumerism resulting from Deng’s opening up of the economy has as its… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, July 2009

Natasha Walcott (East West University)
Natasha Walcott Testimonial Image

In a world that is becoming increasingly inter-dependent, it would be a crime to pass up an opportunity to experience diversity at its finest. I feel that this internship has given me the competitive edge to thrive in a depressing economic society. I learned how working collectively is just as fundamentally important as working individually…. Read more

1 Month, Beijing, August 2009

Emma Jones (University of Leeds)Video Testimonial
Emma Jones Testimonial Image

“I am doing an internship with a social networking website, as a marketing intern I am doing research and analysis into the luxury cosmetics industry. I love Beijing! It’s such a fast-paced, crazy city, it’s such a friendly place with so many things going on happening every day.” “I think the CRCC Asia program will… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, October 2010

Please view our Testimonials page for more testimonials and reviews which interns have submitted documenting their time in China with CRCC Asia.

Intern Bloggers

The following bloggers have completed an internship in the Marketing, PR & Advertising sector with CRCC Asia. You can read a short excerpt of all their blogs. For more blogs by our other program interns please visit our Intern Blogs page:

Amy Holmes (University of Ulster)

amy blog photo Image Hello from Beijing!

Arriving at the airport in Beijing after my first long haul flight was a very surreal experience. I have never been away from my home in Northern Ireland for a long period of time or travelled on my own before so it was strange having to look for dep... Continue reading

Diego Baquedano (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Diego CRCC Asia Beijing Image ¡Trabajo, trabajo y más trabajo!

Se va acercando el final de mis prácticas y mi supervisora lo sabe, es por eso que ahora está intentando aprovechar al máximo y me está pidiendo un montón de cosas.Los primeros días estaba un poco estresado y pensaba "no quiero trabajar tan... Continue reading

Diego Baquedano Beijing Gran Muralla 2 Image ¡Por fin la Gran Muralla!

Después de más de un mes aquí, por fin vamos a ver la Gran Muralla China. Queríamos acampar en la muralla con la excursión que organiza "The Dragon Trip" (empresa que trabaja con CRCC Asia). La primera semana que quisimos ir se suspendió la exc... Continue reading

Diego Baquedano Bungee Jumping Image Mi primer mes en Beijing

Parece que fue ayer cuando llegué, y ya llevo aquí la mitad de mis prácticas. Yo no sé por qué, pero los días pasan como minutos, supongo que eso será porque no paramos. Desde que estoy aquí creo que ni un día he dormido más de 7 horas, y d... Continue reading

Beijing Sightseeing Diego Baquedano Image Tercera semana en Beijing

Cada día que va pasando me voy sintiendo más cómodo por aquí: mejor relación con los compañeros, me desenvuelvo mejor por la ciudad, ya voy sabiendo qué comida pedir y cuál no... Me siento uno más.Esta tarde, sin ir más lejos, voy a exp... Continue reading

Diego CRCC Asia Beijing Image Sintiéndome como en casa a 10.000Km

Esta semana ha sido más fácil que la anterior, ya que cada vez me va resultando todo más familiar y me voy acostumbrando a los horarios y costumbres del país.En el trabajo hemos tenido una semana muy ajetreada, llena de presentaciones y cosas... Continue reading

Diego Baquedano CRCC Chinese people Image Primera semana en China

Después de un vuelo muuuy largo allí estaba esperándonos Martin (CRCC Asia staff) en el aeropuerto, recibiéndonos con una sonrisa, lo cual se agradece mucho después de haberte pegado unas 15 horas de vuelo.Tras dejar las maletas en los apart... Continue reading

Iris Fernández (Universidad Pública de Navarra)

Iris Fernández CRCC Asia Hutong Image Mi segunda semana en Beijing

Han pasado un par de semanas desde mi última entrada, pero he estado sin parar durante estos días y no encontraba tiempo para escribir. El grupo del mes de Julio ya se ha ido, y han sido momentos de hacer y mover maletas, taxis, abrazos, lágrimas ... Continue reading

Iris Fernández Gran Muralla CRCC Asia Image Primeras impresiones: deliciosa China

Llevo más de una semana en Beijing y parece increíble que cada vez que salga a la calle lo haga con el mismo entusiasmo con el que lo hice el primer día. No me puedo creer que esta ciudad haya superado con creces mis expectativas, un lugar lleno d... Continue reading

Caitlin Green (Georgetown University)

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sanya Week 7: How to Have a Successful Internship

I’m now being constantly reminded that my time in Sanya is drawing to a close, and I could not be more depressed to leave. I finally know the names of all the waitresses at Dolphin, the Western restaurant and bar in Dadonghai, I can tell them to ru... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sanya Week 6: How to Relax in Sanya

Interning Sanya is continuing to keep me incredibly busy. At work, we’ve been working on marketing for the updated Brazilian barbecue, photoshoots for restaurant promotion, PR for typhoon relief, promotional events for Chinese Valentine’s Day, an... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sanya Week 5: How to Communicate If You Don’t Speak Chinese

You probably already know this, but I’m kind of a big deal. I’m enjoying my 15 minutes of fame being all over the Hainanese news this week for humanitarian typhoon relief work!Villages in the north of Hainan were destroyed in typhoon Ramm... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sanya Week 4: How to Socialize in Sanya

No, Mom, I didn’t die in the typhoon. The typhoon really didn’t affect Sanya at all. It was expected to hit Hainan on Friday afternoon, and it did- but it hit Haikou and the northern half of the island, leaving us with just a little bit of wind a... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sanya Week 3: How to Get Around in Sanya

Let’s get down to business (to defeat the Huns): My supervisor pointed out today that I only have five weeks left of my internship! As you probably know, I’m working in the Marcom (Marketing Communications) department of the Huayu Resort & Sp... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sanya Week 2: How to CRCC

My second week in Sanya has been incredibly eventful- every day and every night is a new experience!I’ve started working in the Marketing Communications department of the Huayu Resort & Spa in Yalong Bay, where I’ve been learning about th... Continue reading

 Image Sanya Week 1: How to Pack for China

Oh hai! I’ve just arrived in beautiful Sanya, Hainan for my two month marketing internship with the Huayu Hotel in Yalong Bay. My name is Caitlin Green. I’m from Seattle, Washington, but I recently graduated from Georgetown University in Washingt... Continue reading

Laura Matheson (University of Edinburgh)

Forbidden City Image My first Week in Beijing

It is difficult to remember all that has happened in my first week in Beijing, and not just because of my characteristically bad memory. It really has been a whirlwind of meeting people from all over the world, seeing the sights, battling jet lag and... Continue reading

Marissa Williams (University of Baltimore)

MarissaWilliams Image CRCC Asia was awarding me a scholarship!

One Week before my Departure:A few simple words can’t express how I feel having only a week until my departure day where I will embark on a journey that seemed like nothing more than just a dream for me. I am from a town right outside of Washington... Continue reading

Enrico Maria Buonaura (Università degli Studi di Napoli L Orientale)

IMG_0850 Image La mia seconda settimana a Shanghai con CRCC Asia

La seconda settimana è stata molto interessante da un punto di vista professionale. Ho avuto modo di capire che i miei colleghi in ufficio hanno molta fiducia in me e mi stimano molto. Infatti, ho potuto partecipare all’inserimento dei sottotitoli... Continue reading

Interns at Company Drop Off in Shanghai Image Life in Shanghai

Mi chiamo Enrico, mi sono laureate in Specialistica in Lingue e Culture Straniere (Inglese e Cinese Mandarino), e ho deciso di partire per la Cina per specializzarmi nel settore Marketing, PR ed Advertising. Spero dunque di poter migliorare le mie ab... Continue reading

Simon Wong (University of Edinburgh)

Blog – Week 1.2 Image A full on first week!

Shenzhen is a beautiful city. During my first week here, my fellow interns (who I must say are all brilliant people) and I, have done many things: “Windows of the World” is a very touristy attraction, but if you’re interested in travelling the ... Continue reading

Simon Ellis (Stellenbosch University)

Simon Ellis Shanghai Pic Image Shanghai-livin’

To start, it feels as if the last few weeks have been an absolute blur. I don’t think I have ever been so busy, in a good way. It’s been an absolute blast. I can barely distinguish what I have done week-by-week. It’s all gone so fast and that c... Continue reading

IMG_4767 Image An Exciting Start!

I decided to apply for this internship after a friend of mine did the same thing a while back through CRCC, and as I had a year off to travel after University I felt that getting an internship where I would be exposed to Chinese business and it’s c... Continue reading

Joshua Morgan (University of Manchester)

China upload 1 649 Image The build up to Chinese New Year

The run up to the new lunar year celebrations had begun in Shanghai and all talk in office was of plans for the national holiday. On Tuesday I met with a representative from the Shanghai branch of our parent company in China. After answering my quest... Continue reading

Food Image Getting to know China and its people

I entered the Web2Asia office and was introduced to my supervisor who quickly sat me down amongst the research team. Offices in China are similar to the UK, a small kitchen area for preparing drinks and snacks, banks of six people sat peering into sc... Continue reading

Shanghai skyline Image First Impression of Shanghai

The Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Shanghai touched down around 9 am Thursday morning and we met in the arrivals lounge Burger King before heading back to the Rayfont Hotel in central Shanghai. After dropping off my bag in my new home for the ... Continue reading

Amber Tang (University of Western Australia)

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Looking back on my time in Beijing

My second and final blog post for CRCC comes extremely belated. Since wrapping up my internship, suffering a week long bout of the flu between Christmas and New Year while travelling to the south east part of China with my mother and returning just b... Continue reading

Dogs in Beijing Image Six impressions after my week in China

Coming to Beijing with CRCC is my third visit to the city, but in many ways it feels like the first. Without the security blanket of my family and a car there are certain things I have observed in my first week here that are crucial to keep in mind i... Continue reading

Gary Peng (University of Western Sydney)

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Eat Donkey Meat – Check!

It’s Tuesday and the Air Pollution Index reads 33, Perfect, Blue skies and freezing wind is assured! This is the story of Beijing right now, you either get so much pollution that you cannot see the person in front of you or no pollution but wind wh... Continue reading

Laura Michelone (Università degli Studi di Bergamo)

CRCC Asia – Golden Week Laura Michelone1 Image Golden Week a Shanghai

Questa settimana grazie alla festa nazionale abbiamo avuto ben 8 giorni di vacanza. Purtroppo essendo tutti in ferie la città era piena di turisti però siamo comunque riusciti a visitare un po' di posti. Siamo andati allo zoo dove abbiamo visto il ... Continue reading

CRCC Asia Stage in Cina – Laura Image Mid Autumn Festival

Questa settimana abbiamo festeggiato  il Mid Autumn Festival. Durante questi giorni si festeggia la luna piena e si mangiano le tradizionali moon cake. Quelli più diffusi sono fatti di pasta di semi di loto, pasta di fagioli dolci, pasta di giuggio... Continue reading

CRCC Asia Stage in Cina – Laura2 Image Settembre a Shanghai

Questa settimana è letteralmente volata. Al lavoro ho dovuto fare un sacco di cose per il layout di Settling Magazine che verrà pubblicato con un nuovo formato dalla prossima settimana. Nonostante sia quasi ottobre qui è come essere ancora in pien... Continue reading

CRCC Asia Stage in Cina Image Laura racconta la sua prima settimana a Shanghai

La prima settimana di lavoro é stata davvero impegnativa, non ero più abituata a certi ritmi. La mia azienda è Godoi Consulting, fa consulenza a chi vuole aprire un business qui oppure in Brasile dove ha un'altra sede. Il mio compito però è quel... Continue reading

CRCC Asia Shanghai Image Laura dell’Università di Bergamo dalla Cina

Mercoledì 28 agosto inizia la mia avventura a Shanghai. Io e tre miei compagni di università dopo un volo di tredici ore in cui ci siamo confrontanti,  incoraggiati e abbiamo pre assaporato la cucina cinese siamo arrivati a Shanghai. Il pulmino ch... Continue reading

Giulia Facchinetti (Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi)

Wangfujing Night Market Image La mia Pechino: dai dubbi allo stupore

Eccomi qua, a una settimana dalla mia partenza, con tante paure e incertezze ormai quasi svanite. Eh già, proprio così! Prima di partire per questo lungo viaggio non posso che confessarvi che erano di certo più le ansie che le sensazioni positive.... Continue reading

Rocío Ordóñez (Universidad Francisco de Vitoria)

Summer Palace in Beijing Image Última semana de trabajo en Beijing

¡Buenos días desde Beijing una semana más!Ya sólo me queda una semana para volver a Madrid… ¡cómo pasa el tiempo!Esta semana ha sido un poco de locos.El Miércoles pasado fuimos a un show de acrobacias que, sinceramente, me lo esp... Continue reading

Interns at KTV in Shanghai Image Segunda semana, ¡todo en orden!

¡Hola otra vez!¡Segunda semana y todo en orden! ¡Sigo encantada! Eso sí, estamos todos agotados, entre el calor que hace, los madrugones, las salidas nocturnas y el turismo no paramos. Necesito tirarme en la cama durante 3 días seguidos.... Continue reading

Interns in Shanghai with Fans Image ¡Primer post desde Beijing!

¡Hola!¡Primer post desde Beijing!Voy a contar un poco como he llegado aquí… En junio dí con CRCC Asia a través de Universia y apliqué, a la semana siguiente me hicieron una entrevista por teléfono…y al día siguiente ¡ya estaba ac... Continue reading

Anna Viñolas (Universitat Ramon Llull)

Shanghai-Ritz-Carlton Image ¡Hasta la vista, Shanghai!

Aunque la primera semana pasó muy lenta, los siguientes días pasaron volando. Y es que una vez que me empecé a acostumbrar al estilo de vida de Shanghai los días pasaban en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.En el trabajo cada vez me iban pidiendo má... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Mi primera semana en Shanghai

¡No se diría para nada que llevo sólo una semana en Shanghai! Los días aquí pasan muy rápido ya que estás activo todo el día, y casi no paras. Cuando llegue el primer día y empecé a conocer cómo funcionaba todo, lo primero que pensé fue: ... Continue reading

Sarah Beaton (University of Otago)

Xintiandi Image Culture Shock – “The Honeymoon Phase”

It’s hard for me to believe that this time over a year ago I applied to be an intern in Shanghai and now I am finally here. After a 12 hour flight from New Zealand I arrived in the Pudong airport and was relieved to see so many other friendly inter... Continue reading

Courtney Potts (Monash University)

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image From Studying to Shanghai

With less than two weeks until my flight to China leaves and three university exams before I’m on it, it’s needless to say my life has never been this hectic… did I mention I’m also planning a wedding? The old saying goes “If you need somet... Continue reading

Oliver Keown (University of Edinburgh)

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Happy Endings and New Beginnings

Oliver has summed up his internship for us. Its going to be a sad time for all of us, but its not all bad news.."During my internship at a pharmaceutical company, my time was split between three, quite varied, projects within the Sales and Export... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Time Flies When You’re An Intern

Last weekend I travelled to the Great Wall with another intern, Bridget. We chose a more remote area of the wall to explore which meant a longer, slightly more interesting journey north of Beijing to get to Jinshanling. It was a stunning section of t... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Work and Play

It has been a busy week since I last posted. A group of us made the most of the Beijing night life last Friday and the rest of the weekend was focussed on eating good food, re-cooperating and exploring the city. A friend was visiting Beijing so we di... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image A Long Weekend – Part II

I arrived in Xian, booked into my hostel and spent the afternoon exploring the city. There is plenty to do in Xian including cycling around its ancient fortified wall, wandering the bustling markets and taking in the sounds and aromas of the impressi... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image A Long Weekend

It was our first day off since starting our internships and a few of us decided to go siteseeing around Beijing. Next week is a national holiday which runs from Monday to Wednesday to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.It means that most of the i... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Settling In to Life in Beijing

Today is my 4th day at work and I’m getting into the routine now. It only takes around 20 minutes to walk in and it’s through a park so I definitely can’t complain. Yesterday Lucy took me out for lunch to a nearby restaurant to try a type of f... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Work Begins

All the interns met at 9am on Monday for a group photo before being put into small groups, whisked onto minibuses and sent out with a CRCC Asia staff member into the morning rush hour of Beijing. I was taken to my new place of work and formally intro... Continue reading

Oliver-in-Beijing Image Spot of Sightseeing

It has been a busy few days of getting to know Beijing.On Friday, at the CRCC Asia Induction Day we had talks from the directors of CRCC Asia about life and culture in China. We also had a talk about business etiquette and got some tips on how to... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Touchdown Beijing

I can let you know that I have safely arrived into Beijing and have spent most of my first day with one of the other interns getting my bearings of the immediate vicinity to the City Hotel.After arriving at the airport this morning,  it wasn’t... Continue reading

Jennifer Chen (University of South Australia)

Trend-Awards Image China’s Equivalent to the Oscars … WOW!

Hi Everyone!It’s Jennifer here again. I’ve had a busy festive season in Beijing; far away from home but the people here are all really nice and shared with me my first Christmas in Beijing. Hope you all had a great Christmas.As I wrote in... Continue reading

Fashion-Internship Image My Busy Life in Beijing!

The first week of my internship has passed! It has been a really busy week, the workload has not been too heavy as this is my starting week, but I have spent a lot of time getting to know the place. How the company works and how to communicate with m... Continue reading

Welcome-Banquet Image My First Taste of Beijing

G’day everyone! I’m Jennifer from Adelaide, Australia; I’ll be writing the CRCC Asia Intern Blog for the next two months.The flight from Adelaide to Beijing was very long and exhausting. I had to stop over twice and board three different fl... Continue reading

Thomas Gumbley (University of London)

Chinese Markets Image Markets, Medicine, Mopeds and Monkeys!

Last week I started the internship portion of my two month trip. The company does marketing and the like, predominantly in the field of Polo and equestrian events. Having once seen a horse, I did of course feel uniquely qualified for the position. Ho... Continue reading

Chinese Temples Image The ceaseless activities of the month so far have really taken their toll

Hello, and welcome back. This week has been a quiet one for me, by China standards. The ceaseless activities of the month so far have really taken their toll, and I have taken a few days rest from the restaurant and club scene and limited myself to s... Continue reading

The Bund Image High Fashion, Free Drinks, Extreme Weather

Hello again.This week has progressed at a more stately pace - fatigue has begun to encroach, and people's plans are becoming ever more sedentary. This is not to say that plans aren't being made, only that they increasingly involve cultural and sh... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Karaoke, Open Bars and Food

Greetings, readers.This week seems to have flown past. Though less busy than last week, there has still been hardly a slow moment. Perhaps the most interesting single occurrence came to pass last Friday, the day after I submitted my last blog. On... Continue reading

Shane Smith (University of Wollongong)

Harbin Ice Festival Image Harbin Adventures

Last weekend I decided it was time to finally venture out into another part of China. On Friday morning, one of the other interns and I booked a spontaneous train ticket for that evening to Harbin, a large city about 1300km Northeast of Beijing. Afte... Continue reading

Food in China Image I’m not sure where the last month has gone!

Ni Hao from China!My name is Shane and I have just hit the half-way point in my two month internship program here in the city that feels like the centre of the world right now, Beijing!Beijing is definitely a change of scenery from home. I am... Continue reading

Cindy Li (University of Toronto)

Cindy at the Lake Image Final Days in Shanghai!

I’m sitting here at EcoBake on my second last day in Shanghai. It feels so good to not have to wake up to the sound of an alarm signaling the start of a work day. With a bakery bun already in my stomach and a sandwich in case I need some added  br... Continue reading

Bread and Pastry in Shanghai Image Foooooood!

I decided to dedicate this week’s post to one of my ultimate passions in life: Food! Over the course of the month, I’ve been eating most of my meals out (aside from my usual homemade meal consisting of peanut butter sandwiches, crunchy Chinese cr... Continue reading

Fashion Show Image Wow, I can’t believe I’m in Shanghai!

The ‘New York of Asia’, ‘Paris of the East.’ I didn’t think this day would come, but when it did, it happened way too fast! Most interns seemed to have just graduated university or are taking a semester off Beijing- and then there are some,... Continue reading

Arielle Rylands (University of Western Australia)

The Great Wall Image Home Sweet Home

I’ve been home now for two weeks and the memories of Beijing are still resonating in my memory bank! I love it when people ask me how it was, any opportunity to share my time and urge others to go excites me!The weird and wonderful culture and ... Continue reading

Read Cafe Image Food, Weather and Farewells

The weather has heated up substantially since my arrival in late January. The temperature today is apparently around 8 degrees Celsius and may reach up to 16 degrees. The highest it’s been!Monday, however, brought beautiful light snow and cris... Continue reading

Floating Lanterns Image The Count Down Begins

This time next week I’ll be back home in sunny Perth. My time in Beijing has really flown by. Thursday after work was ‘Aussie Ben’s’ birthday party – we threw him a surprise party… which didn’t exactly go to plan. I was actually so exci... Continue reading

Sanlitun Image Singing karaoke and making friends

The weather has finally heated up this week in Beijing - its going to be a high of around 6 degrees today! Although, on my way to work it was a nice eye-wakening -4 degrees. The city is full of people once again and the subway is scarier and more ex... Continue reading

The Pearl Market Image I’m an Alien

My only friend and only other person in the office who can speak English, Alan, has left the office for reasons I am still not sure of. As lunchtime approached I got more and more excited to eat! The cold really works up an appetite. At quarter to tw... Continue reading

Tiananmen Square Image Life as a Beijinger

So I've been in Beijing for over 2 weeks now, and I'm going to attempt to describe the 'life of a Beijinger' considering it is so different to the 'life of a Perthite'.The locals are back from visiting their homes and families and Beijing is ful... Continue reading

The Great Wall Image Conquering The Great Wall of China

Yesterday a group of around 15 of us took a trip up to the Great Wall of China, more specifically, the Mutianyu section. We travelled for around an hour, 70km Northeast of Beijing up into the Huairou country. This part of the wall, although a bit fu... Continue reading

Chinese New Year Fireworks Image Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year; 2013 year of the Snake! Amazingly I got to experience this transition into a new Chinese year here in China! Beijing was full of decorations, red lanterns and the constant noise of exploding fire works and fire crackers. It's like so... Continue reading

Astronaut Office in China Image My internship at CRCC Asia with Astronaut China

Many of you have asked me what it is I am specifically doing here in China and why I chose Bejing of all places! CRCC Asia is a company that offers internships in Beijing and Shanghai to students and graduates from all over the world. Most of the in... Continue reading

Welcome Banquet February 2013 Image Going out in Beijing

My CRCC Asia internship is amazing, and that is partially due to the awesome people I have met in the past 8 days! We have been out a lot in a short amount of time; the night life is really vibrant and there are a large variety of places to see. But ... Continue reading

Red Lanterns, Beijing at Night Image The Beginning of Beijing!

This is my first real blog. I've chosen to start with this particular adventure because as part of my internship I will be blogging for the company... I also find it easy to write about because I am staying in one place for an extended period of time... Continue reading

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