Marketing, PR & Advertising


Sector Overview

  • China is A Large Market with Big Differences. Per Capita, GDP in Shanghai is over five times greater than in South West China’s major city Chongqing.
  • Online marketing is big. In four years, more than 700 million people in China will be watching online video content on Youku with 200 million members.
  • Renren, the ‘Chinese Facebook’ has over 30 million active users. This is a huge marketing resource for domestic and international brands alike.
  • The Chinese are ‘trading up’. Increasing urbanisation and incomes lead to increasing consumerism, especially in emerging cities like Chengdu and Shenzhen.

Sample Projects

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

  • Social Media Optimization project  – responsible for increasing the brand value of the company, managing a Facebook and Twitter page and increasing traffic to the company website.
  • Planning a corporate award event including the dress-code, corporate award candidacy nomination forms, venue and costs.
  • Working on a market research and competitor analysis project for a luxury goods company.
  • Integrated marketing campaigns to establish large western brands in China through a social networking site.

Sample Company

Specialism: PR & Marketing

The company is one of the world’s largest independent PR firms with headquarters in New York and Chicago. As one of the first multinational PR firms to enter the China market in 1990, it has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taipei and Hong Kong.

Interns are required to assist account staff across specific practices (Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Consumer Marketing, Digital, and Technology & B2B).


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