NGOs, Charities & Not for Profit


Sector Overview

  • Environmental protection, labor rights and women’s rights are major issues currently facing Non-Governmental Organisations in China.
  • The rapid economic growth in the recent three decades has called for increasing social and political rights in China.
  • There are over 400,000 different NGOs currently active in China.
  • China Youth Development Foundation has helped more than 2.5 million school drop-outs go back to school through its flagship Project Hope since 1989.
  • There is strict government regulation of NGOs in China, so a lot of activity in the sector takes place in Beijing.

Sample Projects

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:

  • Writing the English language monthly newsletter and weekly blogs including summarizing new initiatives, news on corporate developments and fundraising activities.
  • Devising and organizing activities and presentations for a summit with the Jane Goodall Institute,a youth community charity.
  • Sourcing and attending meetings with relevant lobbying organisations to discuss cooperation with a labor NGO.

Sample Company

Specialism: Social Welfare

The organization is active world-wide campaigning for children’s rights and delivering immediate and lasting improvements to the lives of children globally. Recently, they launched their most expansive global initiative concentrating on the UN Millennium Development Goals to reduce maternal and child mortality rates by 75% and 66% from 1990 levels.

The organization focuses on working in China’s poorer western regions while its most recent work addresses the challenges faced by migrant children.


We have received the following testimonials from interns completing an internship in the NGOs, Charities & Not for Profit sector:

Rebecca Arcesati (Università degli Studi di Milano)Video Testimonial
Rebecca Arcesati Testimonial Image

Sono stata solo 1 mese a Shanghai e tanto mi è bastato per rimanere colpita da questa città. La mia avventura cinese tuttavia non è finita! Infatti l’azienda dove ho svolto il mio stage mi ha proposto di lavorare lì per qualche anno..non potrei essere più contenta! Al momento sono in Italia perché sono tornata… Read more

1 Mese, Shanghai, Maggio 2015

Sarah Wilson Knight (University of Dundee)
Sarah Wilson Knight Testimonial Image

Having just graduated from university, I wanted to take a year out to get some life experience before heading back to the books for a Masters. CRCC appealed to me as it was a chance to travel and also to get valuable international work experience in a sector I wish to work with in the… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, October 2014

Carolina Barcella (Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore)Video TestimonialVideo Testimonial
Carolina Barcella Testimonial Image

2 Months, Shenzen, July 2014

Arthur Moore (Australian National University)
Arthur Moore Testimonial Image

My name is Arthur Moore and I am 26 years-old and will be turning 27 during my internship here in Beijing. I graduated from the Australian National University at the Strategic Defence Studies Centre in 2011 with a Master of Strategic Studies and since then I have been living and working in Canberra. In April I… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, April 2014

Fidan Tapdigova (University of Essex)
Fidan Tapdigova Testimonial Image

It has been only two weeks since my return from China and for every day spent back here, in London, I have been missing China. I really miss having dumplings in the morning or Beijing style crispy wraps from someone that we interns started calling “The Pancake Man”. Although our Mandarin is not good enough… Read more

2 Months, Shenzhen, November 2013

Lara Brown (University College London)
Lara Brown Testimonial Image

China is not for the faint-hearted, but if you like adventure, it is definitely the place to be! My first experience of the country was through a summer school in Shanghai three years ago and I was instantly captured by the excitement and fast-pace of life. As soon as I had finished my studies, I… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, May 2013

Malisa Radic (Deakin University)
Malisa Radic Testimonial Image

It has been a few months since I have returned home from Shanghai after completing my internship; the experience was that unforgettable that I hope I can translate into text the amazing experience I had. I have always wanted to do an internship and I came across the CRCC Asia Shanghai program which was advertised… Read more

1 Month, Shanghai, January 2013

Charlotte Cansdell (University of Sydney)
Charlotte Cansdell Testimonial Image

My trip to Beijing with CRCC Asia was a truly exciting and rewarding experience. Having previously travelled extensively through Europe and Asia, the Joint Intensive Language and Internship program satiated my desire for travel and cultural exploration, whilst also providing me with the professional development that I wanted to help me begin my career. The… Read more

2 Month, Beijing, August 2012

Stuart Burvill (Griffith University)
Stuart Burvill Testimonial Image

I had a fantastic experience with my internship in Beijing. I was given a small non-profit group called the China Carbon Forum which creates forums for stakeholders in the Carbon Sector international network of over 1200 people in government, business and NGOs. The group was a great match with my masters degree in international relations… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, September 2012

Williams Tubbs (University of Essex)Video Testimonial
Williams Tubbs Testimonial Image

“The company I worked for was called CSR Asia – they promote corporate social responsibility in companies in China. My tasks included looking into Chinese and foreign companies, researching and comparing their CSR policies, and writing reports.” “The highlight of my China trip was definitely the trip to the Great Wall of China – we… Read more

2 Months, Beijing, September 2011

Lyndsay Andrew (University of Wollongong)Video Testimonial
Lyndsay Andrew Testimonial Image

“I worked within the NGO sector mainly with projects at schools and with youth, teaching them good environmental habits and with animals.” “The weekly social events were good. KTV was a particular highlight for everyone. Also the dumpling making and volunteer events helped to keep everyone motivated and interested over the month.” “I chose to… Read more

1 Month, Beijing, January 2012

Nikolay Kolev (Richmond University)
Nikolay Kolev Testimonial Image

My internship with CRCC Asia was an incredible experience for me. It allowed me to achieve my long-time dream to visit China and to combine my time there with a practical and meaningful internship. As a university student close to graduation, I started thinking more and more about the life after I was done with… Read more

2 Months, Shanghai, June 2011

Please view our Testimonials page for more testimonials and reviews which interns have submitted documenting their time in China with CRCC Asia.

Intern Bloggers

The following bloggers have completed an internship in the NGOs, Charities & Not for Profit sector with CRCC Asia. You can read a short excerpt of all their blogs. For more blogs by our other program interns please visit our Intern Blogs page:

Andrew Trzcinski (University of Exeter)

AT Image “You can just feel the potential here…”

So, I have been in Beijing for over a week now. Rather than racking my brain for synonyms and descriptive metaphors to explain just how excited I am to be here, I though I would delve further into what exactly it is that excites me: The ... Continue reading

AT Image Beijing Beginnings

Beijing is exhilarating. Only a few days have passed since my arrival and I find myself both exhausted and fulfilled, the city has surpassed all my expectations and it has done so in a spectacular fashion.From the offset it was quite clear to... Continue reading

Jamie Baird (University of Kent)

Jamie Baird Image Beijing, Thirst & The Foreigner

I have been in Beijing for close to a month now and am still adjusting to this mammoth city. It’s unlike anywhere I have ever been before. It’s the biggest of concrete jungles and is a fast-paced world of dust and traffic. Skyscraper after sky... Continue reading

Roberta Maddalena (Università per Stranieri di Siena)

AT12 Image Grazie CRCC Asia!

Con questo blog si conclude la mia esperienza qui a Pechino. Non scriverò le frasi scontate di quanto è stato bello, di come mi mancherà e delle conoscenze che ho fatto, perché ho ancora cinque giorni da colmare di sapori, profumi e storie cinesi... Continue reading

rob mad 9 Image Il conto alla rovescia

“Altri venti giorni e torni a casa”, questo è il ritornello che mi sento ripetere dai miei genitori nelle ultime chiamate, impazienti di vedermi ritornare. E mentre loro fanno il conto alla rovescia, io penso “ma come?”, “è già quasi fin... Continue reading

rob maddalena 8 Image Jiaozi per tutti!

Questo blog si apre con una nota di tristezza e malinconia per gli amici ormai già partiti. Si è concluso un altro mese a Pechino con CRCC Asia e, come da copione, un gruppo è andato via e un altro è arrivato. Intanto io mi preparo al mio ultimo ... Continue reading

roberta maddalena 7 Image Una giornata al parco

Dopo tanto parlare della mia esperienza prima come studente e poi come stagista, è il momento di riservare un po’ di spazio alla cultura cinese. Servirebbe un libro di minimo cinquemila pagine, una per ogni anno, tanta è la sua varietà e grandez... Continue reading

roberta madd 6 Image Le due facce della medaglia

Questi blog e quelli che seguiranno nelle prossime settimane risentiranno un po’ della routine settimanale del lavoro. Dal lunedì al venerdì è sempre la stessa melodia: un’ora di viaggio, 8 ore di lavoro, ritorno a casa e ricomincia un altro g... Continue reading

roberta maddalena 5 Image Si entra a lavoro!

È iniziato un nuovo mese qui a Pechino e queste righe portano tante novità. Si è passati dalla vita di studente/turista a quella di lavoratore. Quale città migliore per cominciare la prima vera esperienza lavorativa se non Pechino?Le otto ore... Continue reading

Rob maddalena parte 2 Image Prime partenze e nuovi arrivi

Con questo blog si conclude il mio primo mese qui a Pechino con CRCC Asia. È stata una settimana molto intensa per le tante attività svolte, ma anche triste perché abbiamo già dovuto salutare molti degli stagisti arrivati con noi, che hanno concl... Continue reading

roberta maddalena part 3 Image La luce e il buio di Pechino

Le settimane qui a Pechino volano e anche l’ultima settimana di lezioni di cinese è finita. Il cinese migliora sempre di più, tanto da riuscire a tenere qualche semplice e divertente conversazione in autobus con un vecchietto o con un ragazzo cur... Continue reading

Roberta maddalena parte 2 Image Le grandezze di Pechino!

"Non sei un vero eroe se non sali sulla Grande Muraglia" disse Mao, quando durante la Lunga Marcia raggiunse uno dei monti attraversati dalla Muraglia Cinese. Questa espressione descrive al meglio una nuova settimana qui a Pechino. Le lezioni di ci... Continue reading

roberta maddalena 2 Image Finalmente a Pechino!

Giovedi 28 maggio all’International Peking Airport è atterrato un volo proveniente da Milano. In quel volo c’ero io, Roberta, laureata da solo qualche mese in Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale. La lingua e la cultura cinese, che ho studiato per... Continue reading

Hayley Vette (University of Sydney)

Ancient to Modern 2 (Medium) Image Beijing: A City of Contrast

It’s official. We have now lived in Beijing for an entire month and man has it been a crazy, exciting, weird and wonderful time. Every passing day I fall more and more in love with this city, with every step taken out the front door guaranteed to b... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image All Roads Lead to China

For me, all roads lead to China.My infatuation with China all started in Hong Kong where I was born, raised, educated and where my family continues to live today. Asia is an integral part of my identity and I can’t imagine my future not involvi... Continue reading

Alessandra Ruggeri (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

Ruggeri blog 5 Image Pechino: storia, cultura e tradizioni

Lo scorso weekend io e altri partecipanti al programma abbiamo deciso di andare a visitare la capitale, così abbiamo chiesto un venerdì libero dal lavoro e ci siamo recati nella meravigliosa Pechino. Abbiamo voluto provale l’ebbrezza del treno ad... Continue reading

Internship program Shanghai CRCC Asia Image Si torna al lavoro!

 Devo ammettere che è stata dura tornare alla vita di tutti i giorni dopo una settimana di vacanza! Tutti abbiamo ricominciato a lavorare a pieno ritmo e la città si è ripopolata con la fine dei festeggiamenti per il Capodanno Cinese.... Continue reading

shanghai interns Image Happy Chinese New Year!

  Come tutti sanno, la Festa di Primavera, in Occidente  generalmente nota come capodanno cinese, è una delle più importanti e maggiormente sentite festività tradizionali cinesi, e celebra per l'appunto l'inizio del nuovo anno secondo ... Continue reading

shanghai internship febbraio 2015 Image Shanghai: the place to be!

È passata poco più di una settimana dall’inizio di questa meravigliosa avventura e sono sempre più convinta di avere fatto la scelta giusta! Questa città è incredibile ed offre un’infinità di opportunità. Devo ammettere che i primi giorni ... Continue reading

stageincina Image Da Brescia a Shanghai per uno stage in Cina

Eccomi qui, pronta per una nuova esperienza! Manca poco più di una settimana alla mia partenza per Shanghai e pretendere di riassumere tutte le mie sensazioni ed i miei stati d’animo in un post sarebbe veramente impossibile. Giusto per davi un’i... Continue reading

Demi Green (Edith Cowan University)

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Day 19 – Monday 15th December

Beijing is a city that gets more and more amazing every time you step out the door. My internship is going well although I honestly don’t think that (work wise) a month long internship is enough. By the time you do everything with CRCC Asia at the ... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Day 11 – Sunday 7th December 2014

After a wonderful week of my internship at Oasis International Hospital, I looked forward to winding down on the weekend. Friday night we went out for a few drinks and dancing at a local club, I never imagined the nightlife in Beijing would be so... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Day 6 – Tuesday, 2nd December

Beijing is so full of wonderful things to experience that I can’t resist being out of my apartment constantly! So I’ll start where I left off. Induction/Orientation day was pretty fun, we walked over to a hospital around the corner (incidenta... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Day 2 – Friday 28th November

First off, let me start off with a little about me, My name is Demi and I’m from Perth in Western Australia. I just finished my psychology undergraduate degree and was looking to intern in the NGOs sector as I volunteer for and work in two differen... Continue reading

Carolina Barcella (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)

carolina_barcella_last_photo_1 Image Il rientro in Italia

Ed eccomi di nuovo a casa! Anche la mia esperienza in Cina è ormai finita e ancora non posso credere che due mesi siano trascorsi così veloci. Non posso negare che tornare a casa sia sempre piacevole, ma allo stesso tempo devo ammettere che un po... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Un Weekend in Famiglia

Carolina racconta il suo weekend particolare passato in una famiglia cinese, noi di CRCC Asia ci siamo sentiti di farle qualche domanda.“Questa settimana non posso proprio non scrivere due righe sul fantastico weekend appena trascorso. Ormai so... Continue reading

carolina shenzhen 7 Image Second Week

Non posso credere che sia passata un’altra settimana: le giornate trascorrono talmente veloci che nemmeno mi accorgo. Questa seconda settimana mi èservita per ambientarmi nel mio nuovo posto di lavoro e abituarmi ai nuovi ritmi lavorativi.Lune... Continue reading

Company Drop off in Shenzhen Image Life in Shenzhen

Da quando ho iniziato a studiare cinese all’università mi ha sempre incuriosito l’idea di svolgere un tirocinio in Cina. Ho sempre pensato che un tirocinio sarebbe stata un’ottima opportunità per testare le mie abilità e le mie conoscenze al... Continue reading

Gurmeet Kaur (London School of Economics)

Gurmeet Image China 6 weeks In…

If you would like more information about our blogger or to get in contact please follow the links belowpersonal blog- www.gurmeetk.wordpress.comtwitter- @gurmeetkaur01email – Sanchan Island in the ... Continue reading

Graffiti walls, M50 Art district, 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai, China Image China Week 2 and 3

If you would like more information about our blogger or to get in contact please follow the links belowpersonal blog- www.gurmeetk.wordpress.comtwitter- @gurmeetkaur01email - Sunday, we spent the day obser... Continue reading

Night Skyline HK Image China Week 1

My first week away from home feels a lot longer than it has been. I finished work on the Friday and spent the weekend frantically shopping, packing and panicking about the next three months.It would be an understatement to say that everything did... Continue reading

Fidan Tapdigova (University of Essex)

Shenzhen, CRCC Asia Internship Program Image Week 6 in Shenzhen- Exploring Attractions

So far this week I have been relaxing a little as I finished writing up the report last week. I am currently waiting for it to be translated by one of my colleagues.I am giving a presentation on the research that I had done, with a request by my ... Continue reading

20131218_091320 Image Have you ever seen a red sun?

I had always wondered why in East Asian paintings the sun is red, deviating from our golden sun, and finally I found out why that is the case- it actually is red here. I had the beautiful chance to view the red sun setting over Hong Kong by the seasi... Continue reading

Christmas in Shenzhen Image Christmas in Shenzhen

With Christmas approaching soon, we have been busy preparing for the festive season. The whole city is embellished with Christmas trees and decorations. It truly is everywhere; shopping malls, hotels, workplace and any random place outside. So, if yo... Continue reading

20131214_171955[1]-1 Image My Life in Shenzhen

I have just entered my third week here on the CRCC Asia China Internship Program in Shenzhen, and think that I have had a reasonable amount of time to make reflections on my life here.To start with, my first impression was “wow”. As I was on ... Continue reading

Camila Studart (Richmond University)

Eating Scorpions in Beijing Image Duoshao Qian?

Whatever you do Camila promise me that you will absolutely not, under any circumstance, eat street food - My mom wrote in a cautionary email to me before I left London. Ever since I moved out of the house my mother has gained an extreme passive aggre... Continue reading

Interns at the Forbidden City Image Paparazzi and the Alien

I honestly thought that I was completely accustomed to feeling like a foreigner before I came to Beijing. It’s always odd trying to explain that I’m born in Britain, but am not British. When I go to Brazil, I’m on vacation. And when I go elsewh... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Dawn of the Halfway Point

It’s extremely interesting how time flies by. Perhaps curious at best, but easily discomforting. Having just entered my twenties, I tend to have a misconstrued impression that time will never run out. I can still think back to the day I met the old... Continue reading

Ahmet Altindal (SOAS, University of London)

Clubbing in Beijing Image My Final Post – Goodbye Beijing

It is Wednesday and I have returned to London, the last one month in Beijing has gone so much faster than I anticipated. It has been something of an adjustment adapting back to London. We can adapt to new surroundings surprisingly well and it doesn... Continue reading

Acrobatics in Beijing Image My Second Week of Beijing Adventures

My lack of blogs in the past week is a sign of how extremely busy I have been- it has been amazing. With “orientation” week over, we were pretty much expected to take full charge of our work and get into the more sophisticated side of things. The... Continue reading

At the Great Wall1 Image Exciting First Week

Hi All,We have completed our first week here in Beijing Beijing quite a busy one too, between our jobs, the language classes and the fantastic Karaoke Night on Wednesday. Most of us are settling into our jobs now and getting increasingly acclimat... Continue reading

At the Temple of Heaven Image My Arrival in Beijing – The First Few Days

Our arrival to Beijing, so much has happened within the space of three days especially with the jet-lag and the induction process and meeting so many new, international people. After trying to catch up on our sleep, we were treated to an induction pr... Continue reading

Leah Baker (Richmond University)

Interns at Bar Image It’s Almost Over :(

This week started out as usual with work on Monday. I can finally see the productivity of all my hard work. I have assisted in creating two websites for the company I work for, that are both up and running online now. The sites consist of my editing,... Continue reading

Tim’s Texas Bar-B-Q Image Happy Belated 4th of July America!

Nimen hao again, the week that began with the 4th of July, we Americans, had to figure out how we were going to celebrate this holiday in China. We all were craving some traditional barbeque but the American Chambers of Commerce had their celebration... Continue reading

Clock Shop in Beijing Image Time is flying fast

I can’t believe the first month is already gone. Work is continuing as usual, with daily research analysis and marketing tasks that are focused on the Chinese and European markets. My company is merging with another company and so we are relocating... Continue reading

Migrant Childrens Foundation Image Our Second Week began with the Dragon Boat Festival

The week began with Dragon Boat day, which is a holiday celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month on the Chinese calendar. The day in Chinese is Duan-Wu; Duan means beginning and Wu means Horse month. The Chinese Horse month traditionally come... Continue reading

Leah at the Forbidden City Image Extremely Hot, but Extremely Beautiful

As I step off the plane in Beijing, China on Wednesday evening my insides were racing with excitement and uncertainty. I headed towards customs and to obtain my bags, a little worried about the language barrier. You see, I had taken a semester of Man... Continue reading

Shanghai View Image One Month Mandarin + One Month Internship

Hello there, this is the beginning of my weekly blog, in which I will be describing my experiences in Shanghai on the CRCC Asia China Internship programme. I am enrolled on the one-month intensive Mandarin course, and will subsequently be doing a one... Continue reading

David Tso (Victoria University of Wellington)

Shanghai Architecture1 Image A week in Hangzhou

I was lucky enough to attend a conference about foreign investment in Hangzhou by my workplace for three days recently, an opportunity which I definitely could not miss. I'd heard good things about this city, which is about one hour outside of Shangh... Continue reading

Chinese Cuisine Image Getting my bearings

Outside of work, Shanghai offers events on all the time, whether they're on during the week, or weekday. I was lucky enough to attend some of these, as well as spend some quality time with workmates.On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I went to the JZ F... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Sheep in the big city

Having come from Wellington, New Zealand, Shanghai was always going to be a massive step up in terms of people, culture and sheer vastness. Even after travelling briefly on holiday to other Asian countries, Shanghai can seem overwhelming, especially ... Continue reading

Katie Attewell (University of Western Sydney)

Snow-in-Beijing Image City life in Beijing

Living in Beijing is definitely offering an amazing life- changing experience, language is still the barrier but in time knowing the key phases, living here will get a whole lot easier.Three weeks in and I’m slowly adjusting to the Beijing way,... Continue reading

Vegemite Image “Only in Beijing!”

That's the motto for us Beijing interns ...  Don't be shocked by anything that you see, do or hear!Arrival was interesting: "Welcome to Beijing it's a lovely -2 outside!" First real shock is the cold - one week in I think everyone is slowly adju... Continue reading

Intern-Blog-Default-Image Image Last Minute Girl

So the countdown to my 3 month internship in Beijing is definitely on- leaving tonight and of course I'm out shopping instead of packing :)This year has been a whirlwind, and I can't think of what a better way to top it off than start an intern... Continue reading

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