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CEAIE-CRCC Study and Internship Program


China Education Association for International Education (CEAIE) is a Chinese government-affiliated not-for-profit organization focused on international education and exchange. This year, CRCC Asia has partnered with CEAIE to provide a prestigious study + internship program in Beijing.

This 8-week program will run from Thursday 6th July – Thursday 31st August.

  • 3 weeks of intensive Chinese language and cultural study at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT).
  • Followed by a 5-week internship organized by CRCC Asia at one of our 600+ host companies.

Accommodation will be on the BUCT campus allowing students to have a fully immersive Chinese university experience interacting with both local and international students.

This program is a must for those who wish to fully experience the cultural delights of China’s most historical city whilst developing essential professional skills.



CRCC Asia ensures every aspect of your program from the pre-departure to the completion of your internship.

Program fees include:

  • 3-week cultural course including intensive mandarin
  • 5-week internship in a sector of your choice
  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Accommodation*
  • Airport pick up
  • Induction Day & Welcome Banquet
  • Welcome Pack (Chinese sim-card, travelcard, city guide)
  • Company Drop off
  • Cultural, Business, and Community Outreach events
  • On the ground assistance from BUCT student helper
  • Access to our exclusive CRCC Asia Alumni network with over 6000+ past participants following the completion of the program.


  • Visa
  • Living expenses
  • Flights

*NB- You will be situated in a local Beijing university throughout your time on the program. The single room that you will be allocated is of standard quality for local students and will contain all the basic amenities.


Beijing is the traditional seat of power in China. In the past, it has been home to China’s ruling imperial families, and the city still serves as the country’s heart, as well as its political, educational and cultural hub.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)

For the duration of your stay, you will be based on the campus of BUCT, conveniently located in the center of Beijing.

BUCT is accredited by China’s Ministry of Education, founded in 1958, BUCT is a non-profit public higher education institution welcoming 30,000 students per year and around 450 are International Students.

The University has a faculty dedicated to Language and Cultural Studies, as well as Business, Arts and Science &Technology.

The University campus is a five-minute walk from HePingXiQiao subway Line 5 giving easy access to attractions such as the YongHeGong Temple, Temple of Heaven, WangFuJing shopping, the Hutongs area and the Hatchery.

The campus has sporting facilities which include a full-size football pitch, a running track, seven tennis courts and four basketball courts.




CEAIE-CRCC Study + Internship Program

2017 Semester: Thursday 6th July – Thursday 31st August 


Study (3 weeks) + Internship (5 weeks): 8 week program: $4,725 USD



This is the Application Procedure for our CEAIE Study and Internship Program. If you are interested in our other programs please visit the Our Programs page.

Whilst we do try to review applications in accordance with the timeframe set out below, please note that during our peak seasons we may experience expected delays which can extend this process.

Procedure Steps

  • Apply
  • Review
  • Interview
  • Outcome
  • Confirmation

1. Apply

In order to begin your internship, you will need to submit an electronic application to our program. You can do this on our Apply page. Please familiarize yourself with our different programs before submitting your application.

Our programs run on a regular basis throughout the year. Please browse our Prices & Dates page for more details about our specific program start dates.

2. Review

Upon receiving your application, it will be reviewed by your nearest Regional Team who will initially assess your suitability for our programs. They will review your entire application, paying attention in particular to your CV/resume and answers to our long-form questions.

We find that applicants who spend time creating a comprehensive and well-thought application will have substantially higher chances of succeeding with their application. We always recommend utilizing our Live Chat services if you do have any questions about our applicant requirements or criteria.

Note: Please ensure your uploaded CV/resume is no more than two pages.

3. Interview

Those applicants who are successful at the application review stage will be invited for a telephone interview.

The interview will be 20-30 minutes long and your interview performance will be taken into consideration when determining the final outcome of your application. We will assess:

  • Your suitability for our program interning in China
  • Your relevant past working and voluntary experience
  • Your interest in China and the specific industry for which you applied

Your interview will usually be conducted by a member of our Regional Admissions Team who are trained to understand the key competencies a program intern needs to possess; you will be assessed for these skills as part of your telephone interview. This assessment will be conducted through a series of situational and evidence-based questions.

We recommend that applicants review their resume/CV carefully before their interview, as this document will be used as a base for questioning by your interviewer. You will receive an electronic copy of your application via email for reference, which will contain the specific resume/CV you sent through to CRCC Asia.

How to Prepare for my Telephone Interview

While CRCC Asia does not provide a comprehensive list of potential interview questions, we do have a number of key recommended external resources that we encourage applicants to review before their interview:

(Please note that CRCC Asia is not responsible for the content of these external websites, these pages are recommended at the time of writing)

The main purpose of our telephone interview is to determine your suitability for our program and the depth of your skills and experience.

4. Outcome

After your interview (normally a few working days) you’ll be informed of the outcome of your application to join our CEAIE Study and Internship Program by email.

If you are successful with your application, you’ll receive an offer which will formally invite you to join the program and details how to confirm your place.

5. Confirmation

As places for our programs are understandably competitive, we ask that successful applicants confirm their place on the program by paying a deposit within one week of receiving their offer.

The remainder of your fee is then due one month after paying your deposit, or a minimum of six weeks before your departure date, whichever is sooner. Flexible payment options are available, please contact us for more information.

6. Welcome!

Once we have received your deposit, you will have formally joined the program, welcome to our CEAIE Study and Internship Program!

After receiving your deposit payment, we’ll begin working on your placement, and formally welcome you to our program by providing you with our informative Welcome Pack, which provides more detailed information about your program in China.

Next step: After receiving your final payment, we confirm details of your placement around four to six weeks before your departure (please note this is a guideline and may differ during peak seasons).

If you have any questions about this procedure please feel free to contact us for more information!

Please be aware that we are unable to inform you of the company at which you will be interning until we have received full payment.

For more information about this please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

and gain an international internship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world....

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