US Internship Program–美国实习项目

US Internship Program–美国实习项目 Image

Connecting China to the global community, explore US business hub San Francisco

Invest in your Future

CRCC Asia specializes in connecting China and the global community through internships, study abroad programs and consulting services. CRCC Asia’s US Internship Program–美国实习项目 offers students a corporate internship based in San Francisco, California, providing students the opportunity to gain practical work experience and professional development in a dynamic, international setting.

In the age of a competitive global employment marketplace, overseas work experience gives students an insight into US business and the chance to build valuable business networking skills, which places them well above the competition in career placement.

This unique internship offers the opportunity to live and work in the world-renowned city of San Francisco and experience the unparalleled attractions of Northern California.

The US Internship Program is geared towards creating opportunities for Chinese university students to gain work experience in the US corporate sector, but all nationalities are welcome to apply.

All applications will be reviewed and considered. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age by the program start date and have completed at least one year of undergraduate coursework to be eligible for the US Internship Program.