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We would like you to get to know some of the people currently taking part in our program and get an insight into what it’s like to be living and working on the other side of the world.

Over the course of their program we’ll be posting updates from our interns in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. They will share their experiences in China, so that you get to understand a little more about the program and Chinese culture.

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Tourettes Talks

Tourettes Talks - Posted

This week I prepared a presentation for the British Council about Tourette’s Syndrome, a neurological condition that I live with. The presentation was well attended, and I had some interesting discussions with colleagues afterwards who realised that an exam candidate, friend from primary school or relative had tics, that is, involuntary movements or sounds. Then […]

Return to Shanghai

Return to Shanghai - Posted

Fresh from Beijing, my first week in Shanghai involved a diverse range of tasks. Drawing upon my background in mathematics and data analysis, I was able to assist in redesigning some of the record systems for the 2015 Year of Cultural Exchange so they would be clearer, and easier to search. I also helped research […]

First week impressions

First week impressions - Posted

When you think of writing down your ideas in a blog, what do you want to achieve – to entertain, inform, boast and remember are all things that come to my mind. And it always seems to start in an airport. As I left Frankfurt Airport, fresh from my year abroad in Heidelberg Germany, to start […]

Adventures to the water villages

Adventures to the water villages - Posted

Being my last week in Shanghai and China I really wanted to make the most of it and explore as much as I can, but with Beijing a good 5 hours away and Nanjing just 2 I wanted somewhere a little closer, where is that you ask? Suzhou. Only a half hour bullet train away […]

This is it.

This is it. - Posted

This is it. The last chapter of my Shanghai travel book. The final week of my journey. My goodness has time flown, quicker than the blink of an eye it feels. As I am sitting here soaking in the Shanghai skyline from my apartment dining table for who knows, maybe the fifth last time as […]

Travels around Shanghai

Travels around Shanghai - Posted

My second week in Shanghai was of course spent with work and travel, and this week was to Hangzhou! Hangzhou is only a an hour bullet train ride away from Shanghai, and with tickets only costing around 100rmb it was a no brainer so I booked my tickets and was off to Hangzhou Friday night […]

Week six has come and gone

Week six has come and gone - Posted

Week six has come and gone before I could even comprehend. In less than two weeks, I will be off and on my way to Hong Kong; to better air, warmer weather and a place I can actually communicate in. Pros aside, I am experiencing mixed emotions about leaving. Sure, warmer weather, real sun, healthier […]

The Shanghai Enigma

The Shanghai Enigma - Posted

For anyone who has never lived or been to Shanghai it can be quite a new experience. For the next month I’ll be interning and living here in Shanghai, and in this time I want to try and crack the enigma that we all know as Shanghai, from its culture and lifestyle, to food and […]


< WHAT’S UP WITH JULES? > – WEEK 3 - Posted

Today was the last day at Mandarin house for my language course and also almost the end of my first month here in China. Thinking about the new working routine to get used to, from tomorrow on, is both scary and challenging at the same time: after a little taste of Shanghai atmosphere, the beginning […]


Xi’an - Posted

Traveling around china near the festive Chinese New Year is extremely expensive! Chinese new year is scheduled according to an agricultural calendar, I don't know how to explain how it works, but it's an easy Google Search. Last week, I traveled to Xi'an for the holiday. What a beautiful and historical place! I left Friday […]


< WHAT’S UP WITH JULES? > – WEEK 2 - Posted

Ni hao guys! Now that the second week has been finishing, I proudly can say that I haven’t lost myself again during the last days! The metro (better known here as “ditiè”) has no more secrets for me, I gotta thank some apps: technology does save your life! I can’t really state that every single […]

Metro Mayhem

Metro Mayhem - Posted

Oh, Shenzhen. Thou art a beautiful city — a beautiful city indeed! And with this beauty comes a series of adventures awaiting those who dare to embark on them. One such adventure is the transportation system. As an aspiring Civil Engineer, I go gaga over organised public transportation, and its effect on city planning. I […]

Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons - Posted

This past week was the first week I felt completely overwhelmed and under China's control! The rumbling of the city, the many people hustling to cross the road, the lack of knowledge of Chinese symbols, and to top it off, feeling HOMESICK! Even though I have lived on my own for a while now, something […]

Christmas in Shenzhen

Christmas in Shenzhen - Posted

It is my second week in China and for some reason it feels as if I have been here for 2 months! The city is a lot of fun, the people are great and there is so much to see, but for some reason 2 weeks have been taking their time to pass by! I woke […]

Beijing – Week 1

Beijing – Week 1 - Posted

I’ve now been in Beijing for a week and what a week it has been. I find it difficult to describe what it is like to be in Beijing. From the food stalls on the footpath, cheap clothing, bartering, fried food of all kinds, smells both good and bad, smog, history, economic and political power; […]

First Week in Shenzhen

First Week in Shenzhen - Posted

The first week was incredibly overwhelming! Maybe it’s the adjustment from another time zone, the working culture or just the weekend finally catching up to me. In the first week, I’ve spent 3 days travelling to various factories all around the outskirts of Shenzhen with the company’s Quality Control personnel, several factories being up to 2.5 […]

My First Few Days in China

My First Few Days in China - Posted

Having travelled before my nerves about visiting a new country weren't that high and what could be considered ignorant expectations towards the language barriers were conversely through the roof. I was ill prepared for a month in a very foreign country but my excitement seemed to mask all of those issues. I found my fellow […]

My First Week in Shanghai

My First Week in Shanghai - Posted

I arrived on Thursday night with two other interns. Unbeknownst to all three of us, we had all been on the same flight flying from Sydney to Shanghai! Perhaps, I did have an inkling of an idea, as the other two were basically the only young non-Chinese people on the flight. Towards the end of […]

A Week in Beijing

A Week in Beijing - Posted

I cannot believe that this week has gone so fast! It is surreal to know that I have survived this whirlwind of a week. I have listened to and retained a mountain load of new and important information, visited numerous places, learnt the basics of a new language and met some amazing people. On Thursday […]

One Week in Shanghai

One Week in Shanghai - Posted

My first week as an intern in Shanghai has actually been really great. Working full time in an accounting firm back home meant that I came here not only to experience working life in China, but also to connect my firm with potential Chinese investors. It is very convenient for me that the company I […]

Week 1 in Shanghai

Week 1 in Shanghai - Posted

Imagine you are hurrying to work. You are wearing three layers of not nearly warm enough clothes, gripping a heavy handbag guarding your laptop, and hoping your scarf is keeping you warm whilst secretly attempting to stop you from breathing in the China pollution. You are racing your way through the trail of people also […]

Mandarin Lessons

Mandarin Lessons - Posted

My first week in Shenzhen. My first week in CHINA. Wow. I cannot stress how amazing this week has been. Today, though, was a special day, a unique day; I had my first real moment of frustration. Pizza Hut in China! I was leaving my first session of Mandarin class (I am taking the one […]

A breath of (slightly fresher) air

A breath of (slightly fresher) air - Posted

On the weekend after my first week I got the chance to visit Hangzhou for a daytrip. After running from the metro through Honqiao Railway to reach the train, it only took one short hour on the bullet train and we were in Hangzhou, home of the famous Xihu, or West Lake. Hangzhou is also […]

A week in Shanghai

A week in Shanghai - Posted

I’ve now been living in Shanghai for just over a week- life happens so quickly in this city it’s gone so fast! I arrived in Shanghai last week, and it has been an amazing experience so far. In the days before I began my internship, I attended the CRCC Induction Day at a teahouse, which […]

Hello Hangzhou!

Hello Hangzhou! - Posted

This week kicked off with a whirlwind of cultural events, having attended the private viewing of the Rain Room opening at Shanghai’s Yuz Museum along with a visit to Shanghai’s Acrobatic Circus. Both were equally impressive in their own right and made me realise just how lucky I am to be in such a cosmopolitan […]

Adventure Week

Adventure Week - Posted

So it’s time I tell everyone where I’ve been. After being out in the middle of China virtually off-grid for a week and a half, I’ve finally returned to Shenzhen with Wifi and stories to tell. So here’s a (brief) re-cap of my adventure week. First, an explanation. Although I’m in China for an internship, I had the fortunate […]

Nihao from Shanghai!

Nihao from Shanghai! - Posted

I cannot quite believe my first week in Shanghai has come to an end so quickly! After a long flight from Heathrow, I was incredibly relieved to be greeted by the CRCC team waving their white flags on my arrival in Shanghai. Induction and the Welcome Banquet followed the next day and this was my […]

Work Hard, Play Hard: Shenzhen Edition

Work Hard, Play Hard: Shenzhen Edition - Posted

How have I already been in Shenzhen for over a month? To think that I have already reached and surpassed the halfway stage of my summer internship in China is pretty crazy.  For me now the daily 9-6.30 work hours, getting around about the city on public transport, making conversations with street vendors and shop […]

Nuances of China

Nuances of China - Posted

Today’s blog is a compilation of the little nuances that you will find in China. These are things that I've only seen happen in China, and they help to remind the foreigner that indeed, he/she is in a different country. These quirks fall into one of three categories: Cute, Surprising, and You Decide. Cute Elaborate […]

Hong Kong vs. Shenzhen

Hong Kong vs. Shenzhen - Posted

This past weekend I finally ventured out of Shenzhen into new territory: Hong Kong.  To keep you from confusing the two, here’s a small analysis about the differences between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. While both are special zones part of People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong is a SAR (Special Administrative Region) while Shenzhen is […]

Team Building With DX

Team Building With DX - Posted

I spent this past weekend in Qing Yuan on a team building trip with my company. It was a ton of fun! The highlight for all, I believe, was the rafting. You sat in a two-person, inflatable boat, wearing an ill-fitted helmet and life jacket, and left your fates to the currents to take you […]

Reflecting on Shenzhen

Reflecting on Shenzhen - Posted

Hi, my name is Elaine Zhang, I am from Ottawa, Canada, and I have just started my second (and last!) month of internship here in Shenzhen. I am writing my blog a month later than planned because originally, I did not think my experience was worth sharing. This is because my experience in Shenzhen is […]

Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping - Posted

Today’s blog is not about me. Instead, it’s about one impressive beast called Deng Xiaoping. While many foreigners know of Mao and what he did for China, less is known of Deng, one of Mao’s eight successors (also known as the Eight Elders).  While in power from 1978 until 1992, Deng transformed China’s market into […]

拜拜啦 Shenzhen!

拜拜啦 Shenzhen! - Posted

Week by week – I can’t believe it’s been four weeks! It is time to say goodbye to Shenzhen. This has been one of the most interesting, inspiring, exciting, and important adventures of my life. Let me elaborate this further. I now have a professional, international working experience. I have connections and colleagues in China. […]

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest - Posted

Shanghai has been a treasure chest filled with interesting sites and activities that demand your attention. These were some of my favorites! The French Concession The French Concession was established in 1849 as a French settlement in Shanghai. Today, it is a quaint area with European history that is worth walking through. In addition to […]

Amid the Hustle and Bustle

Amid the Hustle and Bustle - Posted

With our departure coming up, my friends and I have had a variety of emotions. I have nostalgia for home, but at the same time I am glad to have been here. I grew to love Shanghai now, but it was not instant upon arrival.  Unlike my fellow students, I had to explore, step out […]

Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City - Posted

I can barely believe the third week of my stay in Shenzhen is coming to an end. Time passes quickly in China. This week was amazing, but the weekend was even better. Early Saturday morning we left for Honk Kong. It was not a long trip, as Shenzhen is only 17km away from Hong Kong, […]

Experience Shanghai

Experience Shanghai - Posted

During my experience in Shanghai, I have learned to embrace cultural differences and become excited by the thrill of anything new. While this city is ever-changing, it’s so rich in culture and history that one can only imagine living here and being surrounded by such extremes.   My internship deals heavily with market research, something […]

Beijing Beginnings

Beijing Beginnings - Posted

Beijing is exhilarating. Only a few days have passed since my arrival and I find myself both exhausted and fulfilled, the city has surpassed all my expectations and it has done so in a spectacular fashion. From the offset it was quite clear to establish that I was certainly a long way from home – obviously […]

Becoming a Shenzhener

Becoming a Shenzhener - Posted

The first day of work, i.e. the moment I had been eagerly waiting for since I submitted my CRCC Asia application back in November 2014, was a good one. With my shirt, pencil skirt, handbag all prepped and laid out on my sofa the night before, the day began with a quick photo outside our […]

Touchdown in Shenzhen

Touchdown in Shenzhen - Posted

So it’s the first ‘week’ in Shenzhen and what a first few days it’s been! The new batch of interns for July 2015 is a diverse group of 19 from all corners of the world. We have people from the UK (including myself), US, Europe, Australia and Asia, most for whom this is the first […]

Week 2 in Beijing

Week 2 in Beijing - Posted

I’ve now been in Beijing for two weeks and I am quickly adapting to the culture, which was initially very shocking. I never thought there’d be a day when I’d be used to people spitting in the street, but that day has come. Things like this were at first quite disturbing but have now become […]

Noodle Making and Beijing Zoo!

Noodle Making and Beijing Zoo! - Posted

On Monday I went to a workout class with my manager near our work and got our sweat on! It was a fast paced dance work out class that exhausted me for the rest of the week. It was great fun but I think after my rock climbing adventures it was slightly too much for […]

Shenzhen Blog: 1

Shenzhen Blog: 1 - Posted

Departure It is hard to describe the feeling that I first felt receiving the news I had been successful in gaining a place funded through the British Council’s Generation UK program and organised by CRCC Asia. It was definitely a matter of excitement and fear of the unknown. However, after deferring for one year due […]

Presentations and Away Days

Presentations and Away Days - Posted

  At the beginning of the week it rained and poured, which was great as this got rid of the pollution in the air. I have never been so happy for it to rain! It was absolutely beautiful weather and this has fortunately remained the case for the last week. This week has been a […]

Week 1 in Beijing

Week 1 in Beijing - Posted

A week and a half ago I touched down at Beijing Capital Airport, ready for an exciting new experience. I landed at 2am, got transferred to the Jiuxian Apartments had a few hours of sleep before the Friday 9am orientation with CRCC. My first weekend in Beijing included seeing Giant Pandas at the Beijing zoo, […]

Dapeng & Beyond

Dapeng & Beyond - Posted

These recent weeks have been filled with hiking and exploring foreign parts of town and have created simply wonderful memories. Although I was hesitant to explore Dapeng Fortress by myself, in fear I would get lost along the way, I decided that if you never try you could never know. Boy, was I thrilled to […]

Week #2

Week #2 - Posted

The second week of my stay in Shenzhen is slowly passing. So far, I have learned how to use metro and find some of the best places to dine, shop, and club in the evening. This makes me pretty independent. I am slowly fitting into the life of the metropolis, but I know there are […]

Embracing New Cultures

Embracing New Cultures - Posted

When in a foreign land, you sometimes have to really step outside of yourself, take in the world around you, and figure out whether or not you’ll choose to accept it or be stuck in your own ways of living. Me, I would say that I have acknowledged the new culture in which I am […]

On the Dragon’s Wings

On the Dragon’s Wings - Posted

On the Dragon’s Wings Let’s start from the beginning! After 13 hours on the plane, I finally landed in Hong Kong. Exhausted! I flew from Belgrade, Serbia, my home country, and this was my very first trip to China. I can say that I am quite a traveler, but I have not been to the […]

Imani in Shanghai

Imani in Shanghai - Posted

My name is Imani Flowers and I am a rising junior at Villanova University studying English. I’m from Norristown, Pennsylvania. I chose to go to Shanghai this summer to become a worldlier person. I love to write and I know the best way to do so is to become open-minded. I really want this experience […]

Shanghai & Goodbyes

Shanghai & Goodbyes - Posted

Last weekend was the Chinese Dragon Festival and a group of interns decided to take the bullet train to Shanghai. We got out of work/Chinese class and took cabs to the railway station at around 3:30 PM to catch our 5:45 PM train. Rush hour took us by surprise and we found ourselves stuck in […]

Welcome to Shanghai!

Welcome to Shanghai! - Posted

I firmly believe that in order to live life to the fullest, we must take risks and throw ourselves into the unknown every once in a while. Being a bit of an extremist, I decided to come to China for two months to intern and study Chinese with CRCC Asia. Being home to more than […]

Goodbye to Good Friends

Goodbye to Good Friends - Posted

This week the pollution here in Beijing has been really bad. This has meant that we have avoided being outside at all cost, staying in on lunch breaks and staying away from tourist attractions outside as it is very unpleasant outside and difficult to breathe. The air makes you feel tired as well as not […]

Shanghai from the Sky

Shanghai from the Sky - Posted

Flying into Shanghai yesterday was an experience on it’s own. From the sky, China is a wonderful place. Its mountains and glorious cities can leave you awestruck. What struck me as amazing was how organized the cities look form the sky. All the housing buildings are grouped together, all the skyscrapers are together and the […]

#4: Bae-jing

#4: Bae-jing - Posted

With another week of work under our belt and the internship almost halfway completed, we decided to head out to Beijing to get the experience of China that we always imagined. At first glance, Beijing was much more chaotic than Shenzhen. We noticed the buzz of people as they whisked past us to get along […]

One month In, One month Out

One month In, One month Out - Posted

I have reached the halfway mark for my time here in Shenzhen, China. I have been reflecting on my time and experiences here more than I normally do. The combination of the differences in culture, food, atmosphere, and location all combine wonderfully to make a great opportunity for meditation on a daily basis. I don't believe that one […]

A long yet overwhelmingly good week

A long yet overwhelmingly good week - Posted

Thursday was agonizingly slow for me as it was results day. The week at work involved a lot of induction activities that happen every 3 months here at the British Council for new employees so I participated in order to learn more about my role and the charity. On Thursday, however, I was not concentrating […]

From Beijing to Tianjin

From Beijing to Tianjin - Posted

This week I found my Mandarin lesson! To be fair it was very difficult to find so I didn’t feel as silly for getting lost last week, but I did feel sad that I missed last week’s lesson as it was so good! There was a group of about 5 of us which is a […]

From Puppet Shows to Parks & Ar

From Puppet Shows to Parks & Ar - Posted

The days are full, times are fun and flying by! This is the third week for the Interns who started this month and also the last full week for those who are only here for one month. I am still amazed at how fast it is going by but I am so thankful I have […]

Camping on the Great Wall

Camping on the Great Wall - Posted

Last Saturday I travelled to a beautiful and unrestored section of the Great Wall with ten other interns. After a two-hour ride, one of which was spent standing still in Beijing’s traffic, we arrived at a small village right by the trail leading to our campsite. We were invited for lunch at a local family’s […]

Week 2: Exploration!

Week 2: Exploration! - Posted

Welcome back! It is now the second week in Shanghai and I could not be having more fun! Exploring this beautiful city and learning to master its customs,transportation, and language has been challenging, to say the least. However, once you grow accustomed to Shanghai’s way of life, each day becomes an adventure.From ancient gardens to […]

Beijing, Thirst & The Foreigner

Beijing, Thirst & The Foreigner - Posted

I have been in Beijing for close to a month now and am still adjusting to this mammoth city. It’s unlike anywhere I have ever been before. It’s the biggest of concrete jungles and is a fast-paced world of dust and traffic. Skyscraper after skyscraper, Beijing is nothing like Belfast, but one month on and […]

#3: “Carefully Slippery”

#3: “Carefully Slippery” - Posted

This week resumed to the normal chaos of a huge metropolitan city. Work from 9-6 takes up much of my time during the week. I had been working on rebuilding my company’s website from scratch to give them a better image with their clients, and although it was a tedious task, it was enjoyable to […]

Legal Life Balance

Legal Life Balance - Posted

Work as a legal intern in China comes with its challenges and its rewards. The language barrier is tough in general and when it comes to a profession like the law, the barrier seems to become even more rigid. I knew that working as an intern in the law profession in a country different from […]

Say Nihao to Shanghai!

Say Nihao to Shanghai! - Posted

Nihao (Hello) Some of you may or may not know that I have secured a marketing internship in China from June 25th to July 22nd. This means I will be living and working in Shanghai for a whole month! Over the next month I will be posting a few blog posts about my time in […]

My First Week in Beijing

My First Week in Beijing - Posted

The first week of my two month internship with the British Council is coming to an end and I am feeling really positive for the next week of work. My internship has already been very interesting and I have settled in really quickly, with my supervisor and department manager within the human resources department both […]

First impressions of Beijing, overdose of noodles and intensive Mandarin classes

First impressions of Beijing, overdose of noodles and intensive Mandarin classes - Posted

My name is Shaked, and I am a rising junior at Georgetown University in Washington DC (but originally from Israel). I’m majoring in Science, Technology and International Affairs at the Walsh School of Foreign Service, and am planning on minoring in Business and Computer Science. It’s been a week since I first arrived in Beijing, […]

Touchdown, Shanghai!

Touchdown, Shanghai! - Posted

Week 1: Touchdown, Shanghai! Nihao from Shanghai! My name is Brent Lewis and I am studying computer engineering at the University of Florida (Go Gators!). With one more year to go before graduation, I made the decision to embark on an adventure that few people get to experience. I decided to travel to the distant, […]

Trinity squad take on China

Trinity squad take on China - Posted

End of week 1 (May 26) Well, the first week is done! And honestly, it flew by way too fast but it was definitely jam packed with many activities and sightseeing experiences. Needless to say, my feet are beat up with blisters and my legs are heavy and sore, but the pain was worth seeing […]

Dajia Hao, Wo hen xihuan zheli!

Dajia Hao, Wo hen xihuan zheli! - Posted

I finally arrived! My name is Stephanie & I am originally from New Jersey but I moved to San Francisco to attend law school. I am so very excited to begin my legal internship through CRCC with a law firm in Shenzhen. Travel from San Francisco to Hong Kong to Shenzhen to my apartment is […]

#2: “An Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” – Randy Pausch

#2: “An Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” – Randy Pausch - Posted

After a relatively busy week, all of us interns gradually fell into place at work. Initially, there was reluctance on my part to initiate conversations with my coworkers as no one really spoke English; however, once I did, I was pleasantly surprised. It was awkward at first, but I eased it by questioning everything and […]


深圳你好! - Posted

After spending almost an entire semester anticipating my trip to Shenzhen, China, the moment finally came on May 19th to pack up and head out. Stuffing six weeks worth of stuff into one huge suitcase was no easy task! I flew from Bush International Airport to Seoul with a 16-hour delay and then to Hong […]

Ode To The People That I Won’t Forget

Ode To The People That I Won’t Forget - Posted

”I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget”, a famous fellow Canadian once said. Drake, you could not have voiced my feelings in any better way. Last night, after a Business and Culture Seminar about Confucius and his legacy hosted by the Beijing International Society and held […]

Fuwuyuan, I’m hungry!

Fuwuyuan, I’m hungry! - Posted

Before leaving Montreal, my mother, as any concerned parent would do, asked me worriedly, “But… What will you eat?” Ah mummy. If only you knew. Embracing a city and its culture definitely involves embracing its cuisine. Being a foodie (luckily, with an extremely high metabolism), Beijing is like seventh heaven for me! From a Western […]

Becoming a Beijinger

Becoming a Beijinger - Posted

Hard to believe, but it has already been a month since I left Montreal to navigate through the encounters of the exciting Beijing. It has already been a month that I have been discovering its areas, its language, its workplace culture, its people and its historical monuments. Well, at first, with all of that sightseeing, […]

Blog #2: Magnificent

Blog #2: Magnificent - Posted

“Magnificent”. I smiled when I first heard my supervisor at the office repeating that word two or three times to describe the places I told her I was about to visit. I thought in the very bad Westernized habit that we are all guilty of having that her choice of term was a question of […]

Week #1 in Beijing!

Week #1 in Beijing! - Posted

Nihao, Beijing! Montreal, April 1st, 2015, 6h40am. This moment marks the last time I saw my family before venturing into the airport for a flight that would last fourteen hours and a half and some sort of time traveling, since I would find myself on the other side of the planet with twelve hours ahead […]

Week 2: Work and Play

Week 2: Work and Play - Posted

This week was our first week undertaking our internship. With any job it is there’s a mixture of excitement, tentativeness and after all the sightseeing a great deal of trend in now having to spend time working again. My first impression upon arriving at Schmitt and Orlov an intellectual property law firm which will be […]

Week 1: Arriving in Beijing

Week 1: Arriving in Beijing - Posted

When I arrived at the airport I was greeted by one of the program managers Gogo. I felt horrible that the other intern who arrived the same day waited three hours for me. The drive from the airport was silent a mixture of taking in the surroundings, tiredness, and just plain old curiosity of what […]

Week 3: One month is too short

Week 3: One month is too short - Posted

I can’t stress enough to potential interns that one month is too short. You’ll find that many people undertake the two months internship for a reason. One month you really treat see your time here as tourist even though you’re here for an internship. Keep in mind that you will be working full time and […]

Week 4: My time in Beijing

Week 4: My time in Beijing - Posted

I only have a few days left in the internship and in Beijing and right now I’m feeling nostalgic for the beginning days of my time in Beijing. I truly hate that it is coming to an end so fast. Again, it is best to sign up for a longer internship you will not only […]

Beijing: A City of Contrast

Beijing: A City of Contrast - Posted

It’s official. We have now lived in Beijing for an entire month and man has it been a crazy, exciting, weird and wonderful time. Every passing day I fall more and more in love with this city, with every step taken out the front door guaranteed to be an adventure. I have discovered that Beijing […]

Weeks 11 and 12

Weeks 11 and 12 - Posted

Chinese New Year Firm Dinner My firm celebrated Chinese New Year with a gathering of all employees for dinner made by the private Chef employed by our boss. Fantastic and delicious food as always, accompanied with countless glasses of red wine – Ganbe! (Cheers in Chinese). This was followed by hours of KTV in Louhu […]

Hello Again!

Hello Again! - Posted

It has certainly been a while since my last post – I can barely remember everything that has gone on the last few weeks! However, if one thing is for certain, it is certainly a lot quieter around here since the one-month interns left. We have been quite boring since we went from a group […]

One Month Down

One Month Down - Posted

This week marked the one month anniversary of my arrival in Beijing, it also marked a change in my routine. I went from daily Mandarin lessons to full time work at my company- a creative design and public relations agency. To sum up my first month in Beijing I need only one word- busy. Between classes […]

Weeks 9 and 10

Weeks 9 and 10 - Posted

Work has been keeping me busy. I feel like I am learning a lot from the research I undertake about different industries, relevant companies and the stock exchange markets they operate in. The office atmosphere is much more relaxed than what it was at my previous company and there is flexibility – as long as […]

Fourth Week in Shanghai

Fourth Week in Shanghai - Posted

This week started off with volunteering at the Sunshine Community Centre which is designed to help people with Down syndrome and improve their quality of life. We watched some performances from people at the centre, played ping pong, danced to Gangnam style and gave them some gifts, it was a really good day and the […]

Week 7 and 8

Week 7 and 8 - Posted

SNIBE Annual Meeting On Friday last week my company (SNIBE) held its annual meeting. It seemed to be the time where everyone let loose and had a great time. All company employees were present (maybe around 700 people or more). Sang a solo song and ended up winning 3rd place and 600RMB (out of 20 […]

Third Week in Shanghai

Third Week in Shanghai - Posted

During week three of the internship I was lucky enough to attend an early morning lecture at Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University by Prof. Paul R. Krugman from Princeton University in America. He spoke about the world economy vs China’s opportunities and challenges, discussing the transformation of lower class to middle class citizens in countries like […]

All Roads Lead to China

All Roads Lead to China - Posted

For me, all roads lead to China. My infatuation with China all started in Hong Kong where I was born, raised, educated and where my family continues to live today. Asia is an integral part of my identity and I can’t imagine my future not involving China; hence my keen interest in completing an internship […]

Second Week in Shanghai

Second Week in Shanghai - Posted

This week I started catching the bus to work which saves about 25 minutes travel time each way and involves a short walk along the Bund. One of the mornings before work was really sunny and the skies were clear so on the walk to the second bus stop I got some great photos which […]

Beijing – Weeks One and Two

Beijing – Weeks One and Two - Posted

Hello to future, current and past interns and those of you who have come to the blogs to get some info on what life is like in China. I’ve been in Beijing for 2 weeks now, and already it has made a strong impression. Before I began my language course and internship program I had […]

The Home Stretch

The Home Stretch - Posted

As I approach my last few days here in Beijing, I’ve started reflecting on everything I’ve seen, everyone I’ve met and what I’ve done here over the last month. I could give you a big rant about my daily routine and every single detail about every single place, or food I’ve tried, but what’s the […]

Weeks 5 and 6 – Happy New Year!

Weeks 5 and 6 – Happy New Year! - Posted

New Years For New Years, we got a holiday break of 3-days: Thurs 1st Jan, Fri 2nd Jan, Sat 3rd Jan. However, some of us (myself included) had to go in to work on Sun 4th Jan to makeup for days off. We spent new years in Seaworld for the countdown – was okay but […]

My First Week in Shanghai

My First Week in Shanghai - Posted

After a quick Facebook post and a few phone calls to family and friends I boarded the ten and a half hour flight to Shanghai and positioned myself nicely to catch up on some much needed rest, before I knew it I was rolling down the runway towards Shanghai Pudong International Airport. When I stepped […]

My First Week in Shenzhen

My First Week in Shenzhen - Posted

My first real Shenzhen adventure started with the normal mundane task which billions of people across the world undertake every single day. Commuting. I had done some prior research as to which bus should get me near enough home that I could walk 10-15 minutes and be home in time for tea. My supervisor Rob […]

To the Wall

To the Wall - Posted

The Great Wall would probably be the highlight of my time in Beijing so far. Yes I’ve seen it in pictures, movie scenes and of course Disney’s Mulan but you really can’t appreciate its greatness (’scuse the pun) until you’ve been there. Our group headed off bright and early to Mutianyu with the weather on […]


Pre-Arrival - Posted

My name is Tim - an International Business Management and Commerce student from the University of Queensland, Australia. I am currently on a stop over in Hong Kong on my way to Beijing where I will be participating in a 2 month language and internship program in Human Resources. As a person who speak no […]

Before I arrive in Beijing!

Before I arrive in Beijing! - Posted

Hello! My name is Tyler, I am 22, female (unisex name means I have to say this, thanks mum and dad!) and am currently in my final year of a double degree of law and arts (politics major) at the University of Adelaide. I chose to do an internship with CRCC firstly because I have […]

Conquering the first week of Beijing

Conquering the first week of Beijing - Posted

If you’re anything like me you’re probably sitting in Sydney airport, about to catch your flight to Beijing, rethinking every single moment where you thought that an international internship was a great idea… You know no mandarin, you’re petrified and thinking of making a last minute dash to the exit before it’s too late. Well […]

Weeks 3 and 4

Weeks 3 and 4 - Posted

The past two weeks have been very fast paced so please forgive me if I have been lax with the blog updates Work Work has been great as always – as a part of the overseas marketing team, in the past 2 weeks I helped review and revise the 2015 English catalogue for our CLIA […]

Pre-Departure Expectations

Pre-Departure Expectations - Posted

With not long to go before the CRCC Internship in Shanghai I exchanged some money I had saved into cash renminbi (Chinese currency), picked up my passport with the visa inside and checked one last time that I had everything I needed for the trip. Although I had spent the last month researching information on […]

Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy - Posted

So it’s been a little while since I last wrote something on here and thanks to the full time work, language classes, weekly CRCC events and the other interns who can’t seem to sit still for three minutes, i’ve definitely been keeping busy. The last week or so has consisted of a range of completely […]

Xmas Time

Xmas Time - Posted

Hi all, It’s been a while since I last wrote to you and so much has happened that I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I should go all the way back to a couple of Wednesday’s ago and the wonder that is KTV (Karaoke). Now, I am one that likes to sing […]

2 Weeks In

2 Weeks In - Posted

Work Company has just moved into new offices – which are fantastic and beautiful, in the centre of Shenzhen (Nanshan Technology Park) which is located next to the new Tencent (creators of wechat and QQ) headquarters! My main assignment for the internship is to compile an IVD market analysis of Australia: healthcare system, prominent diseases/diagnostic […]

The Markets

The Markets - Posted

China has a reputation for mass-producing cheap, fake goods sold for dirt cheap prices. Remove the shipping costs to your home country and head directly to the markets and you’ll be able to pick up goods cheaper than expected. By the end of week 2 in Shanghai I’ve visited the three main markets: The Fake […]

Notes from My Big City Lifestyle

Notes from My Big City Lifestyle - Posted

I still pinch myself when I emerge from the metro to double check that I am really here, in the bustling, smoggy metropolis that is Shanghai. Of course, this isn’t really necessary, as I have been already helpfully assured of my corporeality by my fellow passengers who have jostled, stood on my feet and just […]

Day 19 – Monday 15th December

Day 19 – Monday 15th December - Posted

Beijing is a city that gets more and more amazing every time you step out the door. My internship is going well although I honestly don’t think that (work wise) a month long internship is enough. By the time you do everything with CRCC Asia at the beginning and then get to work, you only […]

My Chinese Experience

My Chinese Experience - Posted

Thoughts before I arrive. My name is Abigail Davey and I am studying a double degree of chemical engineering and biotechnology at Adelaide University, Australia. Over the next three months I will partake in an internship program in Shezhen with a pharmaceutical company starting the 27th of November (2014). My aim over the next three […]

Blog #2

Blog #2 - Posted

After a full week of work here in Shenzhen everyone now has a better understanding of what life will exactly be like whist we are here. For many of us (myself included) you’re out of the apartments by 7:45 and don’t get home until 7pm. The strangest part is that after spending almost all of […]

Day 11 – Sunday 7th December 2014

Day 11 – Sunday 7th December 2014 - Posted

After a wonderful week of my internship at Oasis International Hospital, I looked forward to winding down on the weekend. Friday night we went out for a few drinks and dancing at a local club, I never imagined the nightlife in Beijing would be so unbelievable. Similar to home, but ten times better at the […]

6 Things I learned in Week 1

6 Things I learned in Week 1 - Posted

1 – The fellow interns are your new family The vast majority of you reading this are probably approaching this trip completely alone, but let me tell you, you are not alone. By the time our bus arrived at the hotel, I had already got to know the 3 other interns sharing my ride. By […]

The first few days

The first few days - Posted

Following a recommendation from two friends I met on exchange in the US, I applied for the CRCC Asia Internship upon my return to Sydney. I’m a current Commerce student and an Australian-born Chinese with my roots in Guangdong. I first went to Shanghai last December on a tour and was instantly determined to return […]

Notes from the First Day

Notes from the First Day - Posted

My first weekend in China was very much a refresher on all the things I love about Shanghai. But every delicious dumpling, every cheap beer and every sparkling skyline view was marred by the knowledge that my first day of work at my new company was fast approaching. There are few things less nerve-wracking than […]

Day 6 – Tuesday, 2nd December

Day 6 – Tuesday, 2nd December - Posted

Beijing is so full of wonderful things to experience that I can’t resist being out of my apartment constantly! So I’ll start where I left off. Induction/Orientation day was pretty fun, we walked over to a hospital around the corner (incidentally where my internship happens to be) and learned a bit about Beijing, did a […]

Blog #1

Blog #1 - Posted

I am writing this on a Sunday night as all of the new interns get ready for our first day of work at our respective companies. The first few days of my stay here have been eye opening that’s for sure. Undoubtedly my biggest challenge so far has been eating with chopsticks. I’ve found myself […]

Prior Expectations and My First Few Days

Prior Expectations and My First Few Days - Posted

I knew previously that China has a shady record in regards to hygiene and health standards but it was often re-enforced by friends and family: “don’t drink the tap water”, “make sure to wash your vegetables thoroughly (fear of pesticides and chemicals)”, “beware of mystery meat and fake alcohol” etc. A lot of these ‘urban […]

Day 2 – Friday 28th November

Day 2 – Friday 28th November - Posted

First off, let me start off with a little about me, My name is Demi and I’m from Perth in Western Australia. I just finished my psychology undergraduate degree and was looking to intern in the NGOs sector as I volunteer for and work in two different NGOs in Perth. I was also hoping for […]

Notes from the Plane

Notes from the Plane - Posted

The scene might be familiar to you. The air is dry, the airhostesses ridiculously well-coiffed. These hostesses in particular all wear red lipstick (I imagine because it matches the Chine Eastern Airlines Company colours) as well as a bright red belt that shows off the tailoring of their dresses and their tiny waists. I can't […]



Exhilarating, thrilling, captivating, awe-inspiring... I could keep on writing a never ending list of ways to describe my three months in Shanghai, but to truly do justice to one of my life's greatest experiences, I wish to make this last post as much a reflection as it will be both tribute and farewell. Shanghai might […]

Shanghai, Week 9: OUT OF THE BUBBLE

Shanghai, Week 9: OUT OF THE BUBBLE - Posted

Living in cosmopolitan Shanghai it is easy to forget the wider country around you, oftentimes you find yourself in almost a different China, one full of lights, parties and the splurging of wealth all in a vast mix of nationalities - as it were, you live in an expat bubble. Of course there is much […]

Week 3 in Beijing

Week 3 in Beijing - Posted

As time goes on, I get more and more used to life here in Beijing.  It is very much a city of contrasts.  There is both extreme wealth and extreme poverty.  Ancient buildings and temples fuse with modern skyscrapers which reminds me how much history this evolving city has. This week has been particularly busy.  […]



The Chinese enjoy two seven day long holidays which they term as “Golden Week”, one is the New Year, while the second revolves around the country’s National Day, celebrating the anniversary of the foundation of the People’s Republic of China on the first of October of 1949. Thou the greatest celebrations take place in Beijing, […]



This week marks a new beginning for me as I have progressed into the second phase of my internship program, that is, the job placement component running from September to November. My host company is a business advisory firm that specialises in market entry and investment strategies for Western firms looking for opportunities in China, […]



I have now been in Shanghai for what has been a month full of new experiences and great moments. While I will stay here for two more months, for many of my fellow interns this week marked the end of their programs and thus CRCC organised a KTV night for them. Karaoke was of course […]



Almost a month has passed since I started the program with CRCC Asia, and as if it was destined to be, this week has turned out to be a rather thoughtful one. Opportunities for peaceful and deep reflection came a plenty in what has been a “Temple Week”, as I visited Shanghai’s premier Buddhist Temples […]

Week 5 in Shanghai

Week 5 in Shanghai - Posted

So my penultimate week in Shanghai and it’s the Mid-Autumn festival this weekend. It’s one of the biggest festivals in the year, up with the Spring and New Year festivals and means that we have a three-day weekend (making up for missing the summer bank holiday back home!). The thing to do if you’re out […]

Brilliant Beijing: Week 2

Brilliant Beijing: Week 2 - Posted

I plummeted downwards, screaming. Fleetingly, I wondered whether my travel insurance covered extreme sports. The thought was knocked out of my head as I flipped upside down and hurtled back up away from the water. I spun through the air several times, a human yo-yo, until I gradually came to rest, dangling helplessly from my […]

“Sad goodbyes and new beginnings!”

“Sad goodbyes and new beginnings!” - Posted

Week 4 has finally arrived. The last few days of work was paired with some sad goodbyes as my supervisor and the other employees at my workplace have been absolute gems. It was a great experience being able to learn a lot about international intellectual property law as well as Chinese intellectual property law. Everyday […]

Shanghai Week 2: SHANGHAI HUES

Shanghai Week 2: SHANGHAI HUES - Posted

Had it not been for a few pleasant moments, this week’s title would be “Shanghai Blues”, fortunately I can count on many good experiences to paint different shades into my blog. It all started blue as I caught the flu last Monday, and when the flu was gone by Friday, coughing got so bad it […]

Latest Update: A trip to Hangzhou

Latest Update: A trip to Hangzhou - Posted

How time has been flying! Yesterday, Saturday the 30th, we went to Hangzhou for a day trip. It would be criminal to not see new places at the weekends out here! It was a whole £12 return ticket from Shanghai-Hangzhou and there is so much to do in one day! Hangzhou is a city with […]

Hello from Beijing!

Hello from Beijing! - Posted

Arriving at the airport in Beijing after my first long haul flight was a very surreal experience. I have never been away from my home in Northern Ireland for a long period of time or travelled on my own before so it was strange having to look for departure gates and find everything by myself! […]

How to Alleviate the First Week Culture Shock

How to Alleviate the First Week Culture Shock - Posted

Hello everyone! My name is Vu Pham and I recently completed my undergraduate studies with a degree in International Development from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I am a Vietnamese-American with no knowledge of Chinese and my two-month Beijing internship will be my first time in China. I have lived in Southern California […]

Goodbyes and a Fresh Start!

Goodbyes and a Fresh Start! - Posted

I dedicate this weeks blog to all the nice people I met during my first month in Beijing, but sadly just stayed for one month! At the beginning of my internship, when I first met the other interns, I was quite shy and reserved. It was a new country, a new culture and new people. […]

Sad to leave Shenzhen

Sad to leave Shenzhen - Posted

Anyone unsure about staying two months in Shenzhen may want to read this blog. I was unsure and only selected one month. I wish that I had chosen two. Shenzhen is a wonderful city with friendly locals, not many beggars, and brilliant public transport. I will admit that the highlight of my month was probably […]

One Month Gone in Shanghai

One Month Gone in Shanghai - Posted

In the space between the last blog and writing this (10th-20th August) I have been researching the Chinese RQFII and QFII markets (RMB holdings outside of the PRC) as well as the leading Asian hospitals in my internship with BE Capital, while at the weekend travelling to Beijing and camping on the Great Wall of […]


FOOD! - Posted

The street food here is probably one of the best parts of Shenzhen. It’s cheap, delicious, and you can see how they make the food, so it can be safer than eating at some restaurants. Today, I thought I would just introduce to you some of the good street food I have had here. Street […]

Week 5 in Shenzhen

Week 5 in Shenzhen - Posted

Last weekend, I headed out to Guangzhou with some of my CRCC friends and Diana, who we got to know here in Shenzhen. It was a nice change in scenery, and I’m really glad we decided to go. The train ride was about 15USD and took us less than 2 hours. The chairs were really […]

Unveiling of Shenzhen

Unveiling of Shenzhen - Posted

I am nearing the end of my internship and throughout the last two weeks I have gathered quite the collection of memories. I am not a frequent photo-taker, so I really have to thank all the people who have been taking pictures as I will forever keep and cherish them. In this blog post I […]

Things to do in Shenzhen

Things to do in Shenzhen - Posted

Window of the World I went to Window of the World after work one night as it was one of the suggested tourist spots. After 7:30pm the entry fee is reduced from 180 RMB to 60 RMB and it is soon obvious why. It is not easy to see many of the attractions at night […]

Cecile’s Blog Week 2

Cecile’s Blog Week 2 - Posted

Week 2: Chinese hospitality This week, I have experienced local examples of kindness and hospitality. Last weekend, I went to see the wonderful mountains surrounding the Great Wall on Sunday on Saturday (I could have stayed there sitting and dreaming all day instead of hiking). One of my colleagues visited the impressive Chinese National Museum […]

Thea’s Shanghai Blog

Thea’s Shanghai Blog - Posted

My first two weeks in China have flown by and have been a culmination of culture, crazy food and excellent work. I am working in the corporate communications department of the British Council, responsible for compiling a database of previous sponsorship, as well as amending and proofreading the weekly newsletter to be circulated around all […]

Hong Kong Week 6: How to Relax in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Week 6: How to Relax in Hong Kong - Posted

Interning Hong Kong is continuing to keep me incredibly busy. At work, we’ve been working on marketing for the updated Brazilian barbecue, photoshoots for restaurant promotion, PR for typhoon relief, promotional events for Chinese Valentine’s Day, and redesigning our room service menus. The new CRCC interns had their first week, and two of the interns […]

早上好!(Good Morning!)

早上好!(Good Morning!) - Posted

One of my favorite things about coming in to work in the mornings is hearing the lively “早上好!” or “早” which means “Good morning!” It’s a weird thing to be so fond of, I know, but with the busy days where you find yourself either glued to a computer screen or in a meeting with […]

How to survive China: Looking Chinese but not being able to speak the local language

How to survive China: Looking Chinese but not being able to speak the local language - Posted

And we're off! The first week of the internship experience has been a whirlwind of ups and downs but good news is I have been surviving. Numerous Chinese people have come up to me asking for directions (since I look Chinese, they all automatically assume I know how to speak Mandarin) to find out that […]

Week 2 in Shanghai

Week 2 in Shanghai - Posted

Another week goes by in Shanghai, and another great seven days I have had. In the past week I have been to a Mr X puzzle house (a lot of fun if you have an evening free) and learnt some more Chinese phrases, which are coming in surprisingly useful! On top of giving a presentation […]

Week 6 in Shenzhen

Week 6 in Shenzhen - Posted

This week in Shenzhen I have been busy at work and have packed my spare time with lots of activities. At Ugari I am currently finishing off the market research and database of potential clients for the business development projects I have been working on. Additionally, I am also finishing off a report to present […]

Arrival in Beijing

Arrival in Beijing - Posted

This week we arrived at Beijing Airport! After the passport checks, I took the shuttle, to meet the CRCC Asia staff and the other participants at the central hall. The accommodation, just near the (contemporary) Art District, is a modern flat with a beautiful view of the city at night. Our arrival was followed by […]

My First Month in Shenzhen

My First Month in Shenzhen - Posted

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Morgan. I’m a 24-year-old law student from America. I’ve always had a desire to study abroad but never got a chance to in college. So when I applied to spend the summer in China, I had no idea what to expect. In light of such information, I packed two […]

T-2 days!

T-2 days! - Posted

In the past year I have been in four continents, twenty countries, and taken almost every single possible mode of transportation possible including donkeys and camels. Two days before departing Hong Kong to Beijing for my internship, I have a huge feeling of overwhelming depression an excitement, bittersweet having to leave what I believe is […]

Start of a Grand Experience

Start of a Grand Experience - Posted

My name is Ho Kwan Lam, people just call me Kwan. I am interning  for a month in a finance company in Shenzhen. I am currently a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. My first 5 days of Shenzhen have been nothing short of amazing. Although I […]

Hiking Trip to Wutong Mountains

Hiking Trip to Wutong Mountains - Posted

Last Sunday, I took a hiking trip to the Wutong Mountains, where I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I arrived here. I had originally planned to go the day before, but my coworkers advised against it because it was raining and there had been small landslides in the past on bad weather days. […]

Welcome to Shanghai

Welcome to Shanghai - Posted

Shanghai is also known as the financial capital of China, and when you live here it is easy to see why. There is a diverse range of people living in Shanghai from all parts of the world, but the most important thing is not to forget that you are in one of China’s most populated […]

10 Days in Shanghai

10 Days in Shanghai - Posted

The first 10 days I have spent in Shanghai have been brilliant. What has struck me is how helpful everyone is here! Within 48 hours we had two welcome meals and the induction day, before being let loose on the city for the weekend. I really can't recommend coming out here highly enough. I am […]

Blog #2

Blog #2 - Posted

My internship for IT is at Naked. ( don’t let the name fool you though! They are actually a holiday resort / hotel Chain. The most interesting part to this internship is trying to not make a huge fuss about the actual name of the company that you are working at. Just like any company, […]

Working in Shenzhen

Working in Shenzhen - Posted

Whoever said that Spanish people take siestas are wrong, I've had people tell me that they don't. They don't have siestas in Mexico either. They do have siestas in China. Every day at about midday employees will start to move off to find some food. I was invited to share lunch with some employees for […]

The Muscle, Bustle and Hustle

The Muscle, Bustle and Hustle - Posted

The first 10 days of this internship have been unforgettable. I am currently at a multi-national full service law firm learning about their culture, and the services they offer. I have spent my week researching about the firm, reviewing the firm’s annual reports, grasping the firm’s vision, engaging with the London office and drafting letters […]

A bittersweet goodbye

A bittersweet goodbye - Posted

This blog will be my last blog entry for my one month internship here in Beijing. I write from back home in Sydney, Australia. I will quickly recap what we got up to in the last week, and then conclude with my goodbyes to everyone! This last week started with a bang- a few of […]

My first month in Shenzhen

My first month in Shenzhen - Posted

I’ve been working in Shenzhen for about a month now, and I’m surprised at how quickly time has flown by. We have five workers and three interns at the company. The five workers are Mr. Lu, Ms. Wu, Nana, Nika, and Lulu, and the three interns are Mantas, Dominic, and me. The work of an […]

慢慢地走 “Walk Slow”

慢慢地走 “Walk Slow” - Posted

Whenever you leave a shop or restaurant in Shenzhen, you will often hear the words, “慢慢地走” which literally translates to “walk slowly”. The meaning is “walk away slowly”, kind of like how those in the West would say “see you again soon”. I never really thought much of the saying before, regarding it as a […]

Before I arrive in Shanghai!

Before I arrive in Shanghai! - Posted

It’s a few hours before I leave for the airport and I’d thought I would share a few emotions and tips. Today has been mostly exciting, thinking of how awesome it would be to go and live independently in a foreign country – of course with fellow interns in the same situation. At the same […]

Pre-departure thoughts before my arrival

Pre-departure thoughts before my arrival - Posted

I am preparing for my China Internship Program in Shenzhen Engineering placement with CRCC Asia on the 24th of July and am almost ready. While I have been to Hong Kong before, I have not been to the mainland part of China, where I expect no English to be spoken. From my research Shenzhen looks […]

Week 3: Window of the World and Volunteering

Week 3: Window of the World and Volunteering - Posted

Week three in Shenzhen has certainly been eventful. A typhoon, which emanated from the Philippines was expected but that soon dissipated when it reached Shenzhen. The weather has been peculiar here, with spouts of very heavy rain but also glorious sunshine. I have met and practiced my Mandarin with some lovely local Shenzhen people and […]

The Chinese Way

The Chinese Way - Posted

This week is my last full week here in Beijing! It has been very hectic but at the same time a new and exciting experience. Work has been coming along smoothly, and I have quickly grown to appreciate and participate in important workplace practices such as drinking tea (cha) at every conceivable moment, and sleeping […]

Saving Face and Losing Face

Saving Face and Losing Face - Posted

给面子/丢面子 (Saving Face and Losing Face) One of the most important lessons everyone is taught after reaching a certain level of Chinese is the concept of “mianzi” or “face”. For me personally, it was one of my favorite things to learn in my Chinese classes, and the reason that it stuck with me over everything […]

A traditional Chinese meal

A traditional Chinese meal - Posted

In my second week at work, I looked over a few documents/presentations previously used in the company, just to give me more knowledge of how they present projects and such. For lunch I ordered fruit as well as spicy beef rice, and it was very good! I love spicy food that has a good kick […]

Meeting people in Shenzhen

Meeting people in Shenzhen - Posted

This week was wonderful in terms of meeting new people. I had been feeling homesick ever since I came here, but the kindness of the people in Shenzhen cheered me up. For example, I had two different staff members come up to me at the gym and help me use the equipment, even though I […]

I Made It!

I Made It! - Posted

My brother and Mom ended up driving me to the airport early Wednesday morning for my 10:50am flight. I met my aunt at the airport and we all said our goodbyes. The check-in process was long but luckily I made it through security fast. I waited about an hour until I boarded the plane and […]

Surviving on a Budget

Surviving on a Budget - Posted

Hello, my name is Risako Owan and I am originally from Japan. I am enrolled at a US university, Carleton College,  where I study Intended Statistics and Computer Science. These past two weeks have been super intense: experiencing language barriers every day, managing a tight budget, cooking for myself, having multiple culture shocks, and getting used to […]

Hong Kong Week 2: How to CRCC

Hong Kong Week 2: How to CRCC - Posted

My second week in Hong Kong has been incredibly eventful- every day and every night is a new experience! I’ve started working in the Marketing Communications department at a leading resort and hotel in Hong Kong, where I’ve been learning about the hospitality industry and testing out my skills. My job so far has included […]

Internship Week 1 completion!

Internship Week 1 completion! - Posted

Tuesday night was my first Mandarin class! I definitely wasn’t perfect at speaking the language but I think the language is so unique! We started off with basic pronunciations of letter sounds then we learned common sayings: “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Sorry/Excuse me”, “Thank You”, “You’re Welcome”, “Good”, etc. I am still trying to retain that information […]

Welcome to Shenzhen!

Welcome to Shenzhen! - Posted

Welcome to my Shenzhen blog! I am a British law graduate from the University of Southampton and I have been living in China for 10 months studying Chinese at Tianjin University. Each week in this blog I will present my life in Shenzhen as an intern and representative of CRCC Asia in China. I have […]

Life in Beijing

Life in Beijing - Posted

Today is Monday, and it’s the start of my second week here. I thought it would be a great time to recap the first week of work and the social events that we got up to during the week. After a long ride in the van, I was dropped off at Zhonglun W&D, one of […]

Mississippi to Beijing!

Mississippi to Beijing! - Posted

As I’m packing my bags to get ready for my travel to China, I start pondering what it is going to be like: big city, big buildings, attractions, taxi cabs and buses, and of course traffic. All very different from my small hometown in Mississippi. Tuesday night finally rolls around and I am on my […]

Hong Kong Week 1: How to Pack for China

Hong Kong Week 1: How to Pack for China - Posted

Oh hai! I’ve just arrived in beautiful Hong Kong, Hainan for my two month marketing internship in Yalong Bay. My name is Caitlin Green. I’m from Seattle, Washington, but I recently graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC with a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Management. I’ve never been to Hong […]

Shenzhen: Vibrant and Exciting

Shenzhen: Vibrant and Exciting - Posted

This will be our second week here in Shenzhen, and it has been absolutely crazy! Most of us had very long, tiring flights, but we were ready to roll the minute we hit the ground. CRCC staff was ready for us when we landed, and they took us to the accommodation. The first thing you’ll […]

Hit the ground running

Hit the ground running - Posted

Our first weekend in Beijing has just passed and it has been an absolute ball! Following what was a relatively long flight for most of us, we hit the ground running the next day with an introductory seminar for all the new interns. We received a quick language lesson and some helpful hints about travelling […]

From Melbourne to Beijing

From Melbourne to Beijing - Posted

It’s 2 am the day of my flight. My mother will be out the door en route to the airport at 6, come hell or high water. The floor of my room is covered in a layer of clothing 2ft deep, I have no idea which suitcase to fill it all with and the location […]

My Pre-Departure Experience in Hong Kong

My Pre-Departure Experience in Hong Kong - Posted

As I am casually sitting in Hong Kong airport, at the Café deco bar, waiting for my airplane to arrive which will take me to Shanghai, I actually start to wonder about the actual CRCC program… Before leaving Australia I was psyched to travel abroad, with my first destination of Hong Kong then heading off […]

From Australia to Beijing!

From Australia to Beijing! - Posted

Hi there! My name’s Patrick and I’m studying a Bachelor of Business (Management) and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Technology, Sydney. I am Australian by birth, but my family is Italian born and bred. I am writing this blog entry two days before my arrival in Beijing, China for a one month […]

My first Week in Beijing

My first Week in Beijing - Posted

It is difficult to remember all that has happened in my first week in Beijing, and not just because of my characteristically bad memory. It really has been a whirlwind of meeting people from all over the world, seeing the sights, battling jet lag and most importantly, eating amazing Chinese food.  I’ve visited China twice […]

My experience in China so far!

My experience in China so far! - Posted

The nearer it got to the date of flying to China, the more excited but dead nervous I was feeling! Ticking off everything I needed for my business trip, the last thing I did was pack.  I didn't pack until the night before because of work and plans. I kept panicking in case I forgot […]

Week 8 in Beijing

Week 8 in Beijing - Posted

The internship was drawing to a close. I had my final presentation at work on design and technology within the schooling system in Australia. I presented in front of the company employees and CEO. He spoke very little English so I had to take a stop-start approach as my presentation was translated by my boss, […]

Week 7 in Beijing

Week 7 in Beijing - Posted

The interns were the recipients of some not so welcome news this week. The Chinese government had notified us that there would be no hot water running through our buildings until further notice. I personally found it funny that a lack of water of in our building was a government issue in China, not something […]

CRCC Asia was awarding me a scholarship!

CRCC Asia was awarding me a scholarship! - Posted

One Week before my Departure:A few simple words can’t express how I feel having only a week until my departure day where I will embark on a journey that seemed like nothing more than just a dream for me. I am from a town right outside of Washington, D.C. where things are bitter-sweet. You grow […]

Week 6 in Beijing

Week 6 in Beijing - Posted

This week, my work colleague Florence and I were privileged enough to receive a personal invite from our boss to the China international technology transfer convention. He was amongst many other leaders giving talks on their respective technological fields. They had been invited to present their current understandings and future prospects for technology by the […]

Week 5 in Beijing

Week 5 in Beijing - Posted

The interns spent this week checking out a few events suggested to us. The first place being a venue called Global club. Lorenzo had been invited by some locals he’d met previously to come as their guest and to bring some friends. I had a long day at work trying to sought out coding issues […]

Pre-Departure Excitement

Pre-Departure Excitement - Posted

It is hard to believe that I will be traveling to Shanghai in less than three days. I am beyond excited to go back. During my amazing study abroad experience in the Fall of 2013, I knew I would one day return to China. I just never expected to return this soon! This time around […]


Shanghai-livin’ - Posted

To start, it feels as if the last few weeks have been an absolute blur. I don’t think I have ever been so busy, in a good way. It’s been an absolute blast. I can barely distinguish what I have done week-by-week. It’s all gone so fast and that can only be a testament to […]

Week 4 in Beijing

Week 4 in Beijing - Posted

This week was full packed. The group was now getting quite familiar with our surroundings and well set into our work routines. My work at 4d class was getting quite intense as deadlines were expected to be met. I needed to have my prototype coding functioning successfully by the end of the week, and majority […]

Week 3 in Beijing

Week 3 in Beijing - Posted

This week I would like to turn my focus more towards my fellow interns. This internship for me has shown to draw heavily on the relationships formed with the individual members of the group. We sadly experienced our first goodbyes, saying farewell to interns Joe and Lino. We sent them off with a casual visit […]

A full on first week!

A full on first week! - Posted

Shenzhen is a beautiful city. During my first week here, my fellow interns (who I must say are all brilliant people) and I, have done many things: “Windows of the World” is a very touristy attraction, but if you’re interested in travelling the globe in one afternoon, it is definitely worth a visit, and “Dafen […]

China 6 weeks In…

China 6 weeks In… - Posted

If you would like more information about our blogger or to get in contact please follow the links below personal blog- twitter- @gurmeetkaur01 email – [email protected] Visiting Sanchan Island in the middle of Lake Tai last weekend was a refreshing break from Shanghai. We biked around the lake, waving to the excited Chinese tourists […]

Week 2 in Beijing

Week 2 in Beijing - Posted

This week I got settled quite nicely into my job and worked away at my project for the company. I had now been asked to write up a document comparing the Australian schooling systems to China's and potential to move into the Australian market for 4-d class. Along with this I had started to create […]

Week 1 in Beijing

Week 1 in Beijing - Posted

My first week in Beijing saw me enter the country with an open mind as I really didn’t know what to expect. Meeting my fellow interns turned out to be an experience all on its own. What were they going to be like? Would I get along with them? All these questions floated around my […]

An Exciting Start!

An Exciting Start! - Posted

I decided to apply for this internship after a friend of mine did the same thing a while back through CRCC, and as I had a year off to travel after University I felt that getting an internship where I would be exposed to Chinese business and it’s culture would be a great way to […]

Keeps getting better

Keeps getting better - Posted

The first few weeks were such eye openers, but because of the new environment and professional atmosphere, I was still adapting. However, my third week started on a low and on top of that, I caught the flu. Yep, my huge exciting adventure took a slight turn and the honeymoon period slowly started to wear […]

Week two-and-three-quarters

Week two-and-three-quarters - Posted

I began my second week in Shanghai feeling energetic (pooped) and fresh-faced (haggard) after my non-stop weekend in Beijing.  However, Monday’s lunch was particularly delicious and the Shanghai weather was putting on a show.  After a leisurely lunchtime stroll along the Bund in the sunshine with my new bud Julie and our fellow  Chinese intern […]

China Week 2 and 3

China Week 2 and 3 - Posted

If you would like more information about our blogger or to get in contact please follow the links below personal blog- twitter- @gurmeetkaur01 email - [email protected] On Sunday, we spent the day observing Buddhist prayers at the Jade Temple in Jing‘an.  The chanting monks and ringing bells was a peaceful break from the city […]

The moment of truth

The moment of truth - Posted

My first week in China had past (and my second…whoops!) and I didn’t even know where to begin writing this blog! There is just so much to see and so little time to tell. It’s my very first time being in a completely different country with no family around. I had been looking forward to […]

China Week 1

China Week 1 - Posted

My first week away from home feels a lot longer than it has been. I finished work on the Friday and spent the weekend frantically shopping, packing and panicking about the next three months. It would be an understatement to say that everything did not go as planned.  A cancelled hotel booking in Hong Kong, […]

First Impressions of Shanghai

First Impressions of Shanghai - Posted

Arrival and first days My first week in Shanghai has been fast, fun and full on! I arrived into Hongqiao Airport last Thursday and made my way easily by cab to the Rayfront Hotel which would be home for the next month. The shared self-serviced apartments are modern and comfortable, with individual bathrooms and bedrooms […]

The build up to Chinese New Year

The build up to Chinese New Year - Posted

The run up to the new lunar year celebrations had begun in Shanghai and all talk in office was of plans for the national holiday. On Tuesday I met with a representative from the Shanghai branch of our parent company in China. After answering my questions and introducing me to colleagues it was time to […]

Getting to know China and its people

Getting to know China and its people - Posted

I entered the Web2Asia office and was introduced to my supervisor who quickly sat me down amongst the research team. Offices in China are similar to the UK, a small kitchen area for preparing drinks and snacks, banks of six people sat peering into screens, sipping tea and typing. The only unusual thing about this […]

It’s Just the Beginning

It’s Just the Beginning - Posted

This week: #Itaintoveryet #notgonnasaybye #flyingback #emotionalwreck #onemonthgoesbyfast! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! This is going to be my final blog about my adventures in this ‘little’ crazy city called Beijing…Still cannot believe it has been a month! I guess my mind and heart are in two halves at the moment – I really don’t want this […]

First Impression of Shanghai

First Impression of Shanghai - Posted

The Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Shanghai touched down around 9 am Thursday morning and we met in the arrivals lounge Burger King before heading back to the Rayfont Hotel in central Shanghai. After dropping off my bag in my new home for the month, an apartment on the 35th floor, I opened the […]

It’s the final countdown!

It’s the final countdown! - Posted

Having read my previous blog my friend told me that I killed the exclamation point! In my defense, it shows how super excited and fascinated I am by this amazing city - but of course I will try to tone down the exclamations! :P It's a bit depressing to think that I will be leaving […]

Looking back on my time in Beijing

Looking back on my time in Beijing - Posted

My second and final blog post for CRCC comes extremely belated. Since wrapping up my internship, suffering a week long bout of the flu between Christmas and New Year while travelling to the south east part of China with my mother and returning just before friends from home flew over to visit – only now, […]

Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the Journey - Posted

Hey what’s up? Definitely have to apologize taking longer time between blogs, but it has really been non-stop action. Had a great first week of work, and then everything launched from there. I sat in on the American Chamber of Commerce (no idea they had an office out here) and met with some attorneys interested […]

New Sights, New Sounds and New Friends

New Sights, New Sounds and New Friends - Posted

Before leaving Auckland, my nerves kicked in and I found myself asking, “Rimal...What did you do?"! I flew into Beijing via Sydney, having never flown long-haul in my life the 10 hour flight between Sydney and Peking was a new experience – the airline food wasn’t all that bad either, I had fish capers for […]

Touching Down in Beijing

Touching Down in Beijing - Posted

The very first thing that I must say is that I never thought in a million years I would have the opportunity to visit Beijing, and making that flight is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Even having been here for just under a week it still seems unreal at times. Coming from […]

Have you ever seen a red sun?

Have you ever seen a red sun? - Posted

I had always wondered why in East Asian paintings the sun is red, deviating from our golden sun, and finally I found out why that is the case- it actually is red here. I had the beautiful chance to view the red sun setting over Hong Kong by the seaside. It truly is a unique […]

Pre-Departure Checklist: Complete

Pre-Departure Checklist: Complete - Posted

Hi everyone! My name is Rimal from New Zealand and I am a fourth year student at the University of Auckland in the process of completing my Commerce and Arts degree in Accounting, Commercial Law and French. I was lucky enough to be part of the CRCC Asia scholarship January programme and I will be […]

Christmas in Shenzhen

Christmas in Shenzhen - Posted

With Christmas approaching soon, we have been busy preparing for the festive season. The whole city is embellished with Christmas trees and decorations. It truly is everywhere; shopping malls, hotels, workplace and any random place outside. So, if you are here during the holiday season, then do not worry about missing this great holiday. Although […]

The Contrasts of China

The Contrasts of China - Posted

Sorry for the delay in my writing. It has been non-stop here in Beijing. Between work and study, socialising, playing tourist and networking events, there is limited time to sleep. Do not make the same mistake I have and try to do it all. Sleep is a priority, a balanced diet with veges and fruit […]

My Life in Shenzhen

My Life in Shenzhen - Posted

I have just entered my third week here on the CRCC Asia China Internship Program in Shenzhen, and think that I have had a reasonable amount of time to make reflections on my life here. To start with, my first impression was “wow”. As I was on my way to the hotel from Shekou port, […]

Six impressions after my week in China

Six impressions after my week in China - Posted

Coming to Beijing with CRCC is my third visit to the city, but in many ways it feels like the first. Without the security blanket of my family and a car there are certain things I have observed in my first week here that are crucial to keep in mind if you plan on surviving […]

My Overall Impressions and Tips for the First 10 days in Beijing

My Overall Impressions and Tips for the First 10 days in Beijing - Posted

Firstly, relax! Whichever disaster, scam or nightmare that your well-meaning parents and friends warn you about happening when you first get off the plane, I can promise with 99% accuracy, will not happen to you! During this first week, I have found that by using patience, common sense, smiles, patience (intentional repeated!) and yes; charades, […]

Eat Donkey Meat – Check!

Eat Donkey Meat – Check! - Posted

It’s Tuesday and the Air Pollution Index reads 33, Perfect, Blue skies and freezing wind is assured! This is the story of Beijing right now, you either get so much pollution that you cannot see the person in front of you or no pollution but wind which blows through your bones!. Pollution aside, my last […]

My Shanghai Experience so far…

My Shanghai Experience so far… - Posted

Arriving in Pudong Airport early in the morning was surreal, as I knew I was about to embark on an adventure that would change my life in so many ways. CRCC Asia made the transition so easy by greeting me at the airport with a pack and some water, which was a great start to the trip I […]

Shanghai, Week 3

Shanghai, Week 3 - Posted

While Shanghai in itself is a fun city to be in, we are ultimately here in the hopes of learning something new. On our last few days at Viking Investments, we were given a lesson on due diligence processes and the construction of business plans. Our supervisor sat us down comfortably in the reception area, […]

Last Week in Hong Kong

Last Week in Hong Kong - Posted

My apologies for not having a blog entry in awhile; my computer decided to stop working so my lovely roommate, Marianna, let me use her computer for my final entry. I am still trying to absorb the fact that two months have gone by and I only have a week left here. It’s quite overwhelming! […]

First Week in Shanghai: Learning the ropes

First Week in Shanghai: Learning the ropes - Posted

It’s been just over a week since my arrival in Shanghai and I am already fascinated by this city. The truth about Shanghai is, sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it, but either way you can’t help feeling a strong attraction towards it. From the tall modern buildings in Pudong to the traditional houses […]

All about my first week in Shanghai

All about my first week in Shanghai - Posted

Arriving at Pudong International Airport was as smooth as possible. The CRCC Asia representatives are there waiting for you when you arrive, helping you make your transition from flight to hotel as painless as possible. Navigating around a brand new city can be very challenging, even for a Mandarin speaker like myself. I was immediately […]

Hutongs, Palaces and everything in-between

Hutongs, Palaces and everything in-between - Posted

The one thing that is clearly evident when you arrive in Beijing is that stark contrast between modern proliferation and technology against the opulent and magnificent cultural history that bewitches Beijing. This evening we took the plunge to find and explore the roots and heart of the common Beijinger, the hutongs, that are tucked in […]

Bright Connections

Bright Connections - Posted

The other day, we had the opportunity of volunteering at a local disabled children’s school called, The Bright Connection Center. Around half of the children are orphans and the others were brought by their parents simply because they didn’t know how to raise a mentally or physically disabled child, especially from areas with a lack […]

Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards - Posted

After two months of early mornings, numerous stare downs in the subway and breakfasts on the go, the time has come to move on. It has been a great and truly educational experience to work in a rapidly growing, international company with its headquarters here in Beijing. This was complemented by business seminars in the […]

My time in Shanghai is nearly up!

My time in Shanghai is nearly up! - Posted

The last week has been busy. On Friday night, Cam and I travelled to Beijing on the bullet train to see the interns there from our university. We visited all the major tourist locations we could across Saturday, Sunday and Monday (which was very generously donated by our company supervisor). On Saturday we saw Tiananmen […]

Duoshao Qian?

Duoshao Qian? - Posted

Whatever you do Camila promise me that you will absolutely not, under any circumstance, eat street food - My mom wrote in a cautionary email to me before I left London. Ever since I moved out of the house my mother has gained an extreme passive aggressive tone in her writing. My sweet loving mother […]


Settling-In - Posted

"Success!! We had our first day of blue sky today. I literally thought I would not see blue sky during my entire stay here but low and behold we have blue sky. At this stage I am attributing the blue sky to the fact that it rained the night before. Week 1 has flown by […]

Paparazzi and the Alien

Paparazzi and the Alien - Posted

I honestly thought that I was completely accustomed to feeling like a foreigner before I came to Beijing. It’s always odd trying to explain that I’m born in Britain, but am not British. When I go to Brazil, I’m on vacation. And when I go elsewhere, well, I’m away from home. Every time my family […]

Land of oddity and opportunity

Land of oddity and opportunity - Posted

Since my last post, our group of interns continued to further immerse ourselves in the cultural and social wonder-world that is Beijing. One of our trips took us to the renowned “798 Art Zone”, which is a thriving artistic community, located in the remains of a 50-year old decommissioned military factory. Just outside the factory’s […]

Two weeks have really flown by!

Two weeks have really flown by! - Posted

It seems like only yesterday we flew in to Pudong Airport and made our way through the city for the first time. Our first few days were all about settling in and exploring Shanghai. We had induction on Friday and spent the weekend exploring Shanghai. A walk along the Bund, drinks at a rooftop bar […]

New Interns and Sightseeing

New Interns and Sightseeing - Posted

With the new interns arrival last Thursday, the past week has been busy with a second Welcome Banquet, second KTV night, and informal dinners getting to know each other. All in all, the new interns are great! They too are from Italy, Spain, USA, France etc, so we definitely have an international group. A few […]

Blue Skies in Beijing

Blue Skies in Beijing - Posted

Hey guys, So its been just over five days since I arrived and it has already been such a surreal experience. The interns that I have met so far are all great, all of whom are from diverse parts of the world and are all very unique. The fact that everyone is diverse and different […]

Dawn of the Halfway Point

Dawn of the Halfway Point - Posted

It’s extremely interesting how time flies by. Perhaps curious at best, but easily discomforting. Having just entered my twenties, I tend to have a misconstrued impression that time will never run out. I can still think back to the day I met the old interns that had been in Beijing prior to our arrival, and […]

Scorpions à la chinoise

Scorpions à la chinoise - Posted

My travels so far have taught me that most countries have one or two culinary oddities that locals like to serve to curious tourists. Germany has its variety of sausages, Great Britain the magnificent haggis and black pudding and France goes as far as to dish up snails. Well, here in China it feels like […]

4 hours before takeoff!

4 hours before takeoff! - Posted

Hey guys, my name is Matthew and I’m a fourth year Engineering and Commerce student from The University of Sydney. I look forward to blogging about my intensive Mandarin classes, my engineering internship and most of all, the immersive culture of China that we will basking in. I cannot wait to try all the local […]

Work and Culture in Hong Kong

Work and Culture in Hong Kong - Posted

Hi there! My name is Libby and I’m a 2nd-year university student in Toronto, Canada. I've never blogged before but I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences during my 2 ½ months in Hong Kong! Just to note: I’m technically in the 3-month program but have to leave early, unfortunately, due to school and other commitments. Just […]

From Farm Town to the ‘Big Smoke’!

From Farm Town to the ‘Big Smoke’! - Posted

Hi there! My name is Miranda and I will be blogging to you about my internship experience in China! I am in my final year of a combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Newcastle. I am now less than 24 hours away from jet setting off to Beijing, where I […]

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown - Posted

So, having just checked in for the first of my flights home (Shanghai to Hong Kong), I suppose I can’t ignore the fact that my departure is less than forty-eight hours away. I’ve been packing this weekend, full of mixed emotions: while on the one hand, I can’t wait to get back to the land […]

The Great Wall

The Great Wall - Posted

Since my last post I have either become a “good Chinese” or a “true man”. If he was still around, further clarification could be provided by Chairman Mao, who once stated: 不到长城非好汉  – Bù dào chángchéng fēi hǎohàn A popular quote that either means “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not […]

Preparing for China!

Preparing for China! - Posted

Hi everyone, I’m Kieran from the University of Newcastle, Australia. I’m in my last year of Business and Commerce and will be spending July in Shanghai completing an internship. This fantastic opportunity is part of a University of Newcastle Program that is sending 10 final year students for internships in China in a variety of […]

From Studying to Shanghai

From Studying to Shanghai - Posted

With less than two weeks until my flight to China leaves and three university exams before I’m on it, it’s needless to say my life has never been this hectic… did I mention I’m also planning a wedding? The old saying goes “If you need something done, ask a busy person to do it” and […]

Chickens Feet and Ritter Sport

Chickens Feet and Ritter Sport - Posted

So, after a period of elation that went something along the lines of 'Wahoo! I made it to China without dying of deep vein thrombosis on the aeroplane and/or being excessively interrogated by immigration' (these things featured in anxiety dreams on a regular basis in the run up to departure),I seem to have shifted towards […]

The flying Dutchman

The flying Dutchman - Posted

“Beijing will break you!” One of the drunk Dutch chaps informs me during our outing to the city’s bar district of Sanlitun. There is no time to ask for an explanation. Our rickshaw driver / racer doesn’t seem to be the most patient person and the Dutch pack is restless, pressing on to find further […]

My First Week in Shanghai

My First Week in Shanghai - Posted

‘Fresh’ off a 15 hour set of flights from London via Hong Kong, I was greeted by CRCC reps at Pudong airport. I hadn’t slept for 24 hours by this point, so I can’t tell you much about the airport transfer. Suffice to say, it happened and we made it to our hotel. The bright […]

Sleepless in Beijing

Sleepless in Beijing - Posted

About a week ago I learnt that when moving from one time zone to another there are two main side effects that one has to deal with. Firstly, quite unsurprisingly, due to the rather large time difference one might experience symptoms of insomnia in the late hours of the day as well as extreme fatigue […]

A Career Change made in Beijing

A Career Change made in Beijing - Posted

When I finished university in January, I left not only with a shiny new Finance degree but a new-found desire for and appreciation for a job where I could just have a hard day’s work. I’m sure it must sound strange but the environment at university was not conducive to me personally performing well. I […]

The one thing about Beijing is…

The one thing about Beijing is… - Posted

I’m going to assume most of you come from the Western world where the rules of traffic apply and are somewhat close to laws. In China, they’re more like suggestions, i.e. if you see a pedestrian crossing, you could slow down if you wanted, but feel free to accelerate as the foreigner crosses the road […]

From Sydney to the Middle Kingdom

From Sydney to the Middle Kingdom - Posted

Hi, my name is Colin and I’m an Sydney-holic. I’ve lived in Sydney for over 10 years and I love everything about it. I love the city, I love the culture, I love the people, I love the weather, I love the food, I love the lifestyle, I love the sport, I love the nightlife; […]

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home - Posted

I’ve been home now for two weeks and the memories of Beijing are still resonating in my memory bank! I love it when people ask me how it was, any opportunity to share my time and urge others to go excites me! The weird and wonderful culture and its people will always have a place […]

Food, Weather and Farewells

Food, Weather and Farewells - Posted

The weather has heated up substantially since my arrival in late January. The temperature today is apparently around 8 degrees Celsius and may reach up to 16 degrees. The highest it’s been! Monday, however, brought beautiful light snow and crisp cool wind, then heated up the following day. My work friend Jun Ou Yang and […]

The Count Down Begins

The Count Down Begins - Posted

This time next week I’ll be back home in sunny Perth. My time in Beijing has really flown by. Thursday after work was ‘Aussie Ben’s’ birthday party – we threw him a surprise party… which didn’t exactly go to plan. I was actually so excited to hide and scream surprise. As a team though, we […]

Singing karaoke and making friends

Singing karaoke and making friends - Posted

The weather has finally heated up this week in Beijing - its going to be a high of around 6 degrees today! Although, on my way to work it was a nice eye-wakening -4 degrees. The city is full of people once again and the subway is scarier and more exhausting than some kind of theme […]

I’m an Alien

I’m an Alien - Posted

My only friend and only other person in the office who can speak English, Alan, has left the office for reasons I am still not sure of. As lunchtime approached I got more and more excited to eat! The cold really works up an appetite. At quarter to twelve - fifteen minutes until lunch time […]

Life as a Beijinger

Life as a Beijinger - Posted

So I've been in Beijing for over 2 weeks now, and I'm going to attempt to describe the 'life of a Beijinger' considering it is so different to the 'life of a Perthite'. The locals are back from visiting their homes and families and Beijing is full once again. The smog has returned and the view […]

Conquering The Great Wall of China

Conquering The Great Wall of China - Posted

Yesterday a group of around 15 of us took a trip up to the Great Wall of China, more specifically, the Mutianyu section. We travelled for around an hour, 70km Northeast of Beijing up into the Huairou country. This part of the wall, although a bit further than other parts, is apparently one of the most […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! - Posted

Happy New Year; 2013 year of the Snake! Amazingly I got to experience this transition into a new Chinese year here in China! Beijing was full of decorations, red lanterns and the constant noise of exploding fire works and fire crackers. It's like something out of a movie! We get a week of for the new […]

Going out in Beijing

Going out in Beijing - Posted

My CRCC Asia internship is amazing, and that is partially due to the awesome people I have met in the past 8 days! We have been out a lot in a short amount of time; the night life is really vibrant and there are a large variety of places to see. But don't get me […]

The Beginning of Beijing!

The Beginning of Beijing! - Posted

This is my first real blog. I've chosen to start with this particular adventure because as part of my internship I will be blogging for the company... I also find it easy to write about because I am staying in one place for an extended period of time unlike many of my other adventures! I […]


新年快乐! - Posted

Happy 2013! We brought in the New Year in style at Zeal. The champagne was flowing and everyone had such a great time. It was just such a hilarious night, I’m still laughing thinking back on it.. so much fun! Shanghai continues to be an amazing place to live. I’ve become much more used to […]

Beijingle Bells

Beijingle Bells - Posted

Christmas this year was a very un-Christmassy affair indeed! We went to Beijing for 4 days and our train home was on the afternoon of the 25th. We didn’t get home from our Christmas Eve party until 2pm so there was only time to exchange a few presents and rush to the train station. There […]

Road Rage, Rhinestones & Rain

Road Rage, Rhinestones & Rain - Posted

Well three weeks into my Shanghai adventure and I’m still having an amazing time!  Despite everything being a bit cold and soggy from the rain, I can’t help but be in love with this city. There have been a few debacles along the way, mostly due to the ginormo cultural differences. I have found that […]

My second week in Shanghai

My second week in Shanghai - Posted

This has been another fantastic week in Shanghai. Work is improving which I’m very relieved about and I have continued to tick things off my must do list. It has also been a week of food debacles however. It all started on Monday … Not a Tuna Salad I was confused that I couldn’t find […]

City life in Beijing

City life in Beijing - Posted

Living in Beijing is definitely offering an amazing life- changing experience, language is still the barrier but in time knowing the key phases, living here will get a whole lot easier. Three weeks in and I’m slowly adjusting to the Beijing way, crossing the road with more confidence and getting around isn’t so scary anymore […]

Settling in to China

Settling in to China - Posted

Nothing could've prepared me adequately for my arrival in Beijing. Although the weather takes a little getting used too, the food, sights and sounds more than satisfy one's senses. We were greeted at the airport by some friendly CRCC Asia staff who graciously escorted us to our accommodation, settled us in, and treated us to an informal […]

Shanghai Week 1

Shanghai Week 1 - Posted

Well the first week in Shanghai has been pretty hectic!! It feels like we have been here a month with all the stuff we've packed in but it's only been 10 days! The interns are amazing fun, the city is awesome and we're all loving it! We did a fair bit on arrival weekend - […]

“Only in Beijing!”

“Only in Beijing!” - Posted

That's the motto for us Beijing interns ...  Don't be shocked by anything that you see, do or hear! Arrival was interesting: "Welcome to Beijing it's a lovely -2 outside!" First real shock is the cold - one week in I think everyone is slowly adjusting to the cold after getting sick with the a […]


Shang-anigans - Posted

My first ten days in Shanghai have been a whirlwind of activity and it's hard to believe it hasn't been ten weeks! All the interns have really bonded (although we quickly learnt that trying to make plans with 57 people gets hectic!). I've never managed to master the art of being a 'Morning Person' so […]

Last Minute Girl

Last Minute Girl - Posted

So the countdown to my 3 month internship in Beijing is definitely on- leaving tonight and of course I'm out shopping instead of packing :) This year has been a whirlwind, and I can't think of what a better way to top it off than start an internship in the amazing country that is China!!! The lead […]

Final days before Shanghai

Final days before Shanghai - Posted

Hello, my name is Lisa, I'm a uni student at University of Queensland and I am about to start a two month internship in Shanghai. Going to collect my visa this morning made me realise just how close this adventure is getting! Luckily for me this isn't the first time I've decided to drop everything and […]

Packing & Preparing for Beijing!

Packing & Preparing for Beijing! - Posted

I am Jonathan Govender, a 3rd year Bachelor of Laws (BLAW) student currently enrolled at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia. I am originally from beautiful South Africa and this will be my first trip to China (or even the Far East). I am scheduled to land in Beijing on 29 November 2012 and am brimming with […]

From Dunedin to Shanghai!

From Dunedin to Shanghai! - Posted

Here is my first blog for the trip to China!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THERE!!!!!! My name is James Thomson and I'm studying economics at Otago Uni in Dunedin, NZ. One of my mates went to the CRCC Asia presentation and it sounded like an unbelievable opportunity so I just had to apply!!! The […]

A week in Hangzhou

A week in Hangzhou - Posted

I was lucky enough to attend a conference about foreign investment in Hangzhou by my workplace for three days recently, an opportunity which I definitely could not miss. I'd heard good things about this city, which is about one hour outside of Shanghai, and a popular tourist destination with foreigners and local Chinese alike. The […]

Getting my bearings

Getting my bearings - Posted

Outside of work, Shanghai offers events on all the time, whether they're on during the week, or weekday. I was lucky enough to attend some of these, as well as spend some quality time with workmates. On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I went to the JZ Festival which is the largest jazz festival in China, […]

From Internship to Career

From Internship to Career - Posted

This will be my final blog as I am heading home a week early. It was unexpected, but I have been fortunate to receive a job at the National Australia Bank which I must start on 29th October. In an economy such as this, it is an opportunity that I can not forego and one […]

Best of Beijing, Part 1

Best of Beijing, Part 1 - Posted

To give future interns an idea of what they can get up to in their spare time, I thought it would be useful to highlight some of my favourite cultural experiences during my time in Beijing. Food Market: After work one evening, a group of this month’s interns decided to be adventurous and explore the […]

Living in Beijing – Tube, Food and People

Living in Beijing – Tube, Food and People - Posted

It is different to anywhere else in the world – but it works.  Living in Beijing was an amazing experience. Our main mode of transport was the underground subway.  It seemed the subway, compared to other established tube systems in great cities, was relatively underdeveloped in the way of number of lines available and the […]

The Great Wall of China Weekend

The Great Wall of China Weekend - Posted

We just returned from an epic weekend away to the Great Wall of China… one word – INCREDIBLE. John from the CRCC Beijing team took us all out to a remote village at the foot of the Great Wall of China.  It was not an everyday climb for the average tourist though.  The section of […]

The Working Week… Beijing Style

The Working Week… Beijing Style - Posted

So I suppose the whole reason we are here is to work – probably best I contribute blog to the business experience.  My internship is with a British company, Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW).  Being a finance and economics graduate, I was a little concerned as to why I was heading […]

Sheep in the big city

Sheep in the big city - Posted

Having come from Wellington, New Zealand, Shanghai was always going to be a massive step up in terms of people, culture and sheer vastness. Even after travelling briefly on holiday to other Asian countries, Shanghai can seem overwhelming, especially in the first few days in the city. I came to Shanghai for three months as […]

Settling In

Settling In - Posted

As one of this year’s scholarship winners, I have been asked to prepare a blog of my time in Beijing. Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’m Emma McIlveen, a recent Law graduate from Queen’s University in Belfast. Due to my experience working in a law firm throughout my time at university, I have been placed […]

Arrive, Drop the Bags and Go!

Arrive, Drop the Bags and Go! - Posted

After successfully navigating myself away from the regimented lifestyle of the Japanese, I have arrived in Beijing. I am excited, as this is my chance to experience the Chinese business culture in the flesh. Personally decipher through the myths of this unique country and figure out what is fact or fiction. So once I was […]

1 Week Until Beijing…

1 Week Until Beijing… - Posted

One week before my arrival into Beijing and my mind is filled with excitement. Although, I have to admit, a little apprehensiveness does exist about the upcoming experience too. I think the doubting thoughts are derived from the unknown factor, the risk, that this experience might not be what I am hoping for – but […]

Outside of the Course

Outside of the Course - Posted

I thought I would write a bit about what I’ve been up to in the hours outside of the course. We have had a few Chinese lessons organised for us by CRCC Asia, the first was slightly chaotic as we took a while to find the location, and being keen at the start of the […]

The Business & Finance Course – Week 2

The Business & Finance Course – Week 2 - Posted

Our first day of the course in Beijing required us to experience its notorious rush hour. Getting on and off the subway was quite an effort, requiring a lot of use of elbows but surprisingly we managed to reach the seminar venue in one piece, only losing a couple of the slightly speedier interns along […]

Business and Finance Course – Week 1

Business and Finance Course – Week 1 - Posted

I thought I would write a completely separate blog about the business and finance course, to make it easier for those who want to know solely about that. Monday morning came and was a bit of a shock to the system having to get up early after our leisurely weekend, especially after having woken up […]

Settling In – Shanghai

Settling In – Shanghai - Posted

I arrived in Shanghai four days ago to take part in the two week business and finance course followed by a four week internship as a marketing assistant in a technology company. As a natural science graduate, I have no experience in business, finance or marketing and so I feel I will be learning a […]

1st Month Summary in Beijing

1st Month Summary in Beijing - Posted

I would like to start this week’s blog by deeply apologizing for my absence over the past couple of weeks. They have been eventful, and time has been little... After my last blog a rather quiet week followed. I spent four days doing nothing but studying Chinese and visiting Lily’s Beijing our heaven. This, nevertheless, […]

Power-Grids, Batteries and Ass

Power-Grids, Batteries and Ass - Posted

“Ah, so you have studied Public Policy,” Ms. Zhang inquired over our Skype chat. “Great. You can help us with the policy,” she said vaguely, yet with enthusiasm. Dead airspace. (the policy...?) That was my cue, I guess, that it was my turn to respond. “Uh, Yes. I will do my best to help as […]

The Final Curtain Call

The Final Curtain Call - Posted

This blog will be my last as I am nearing the end of my time here in Beijing and running out of time. It is an extremely long one but hope you enjoy it nonetheless! So much to fit in and organise before I farewell my temporary home for the past two months, but I’ll […]

The Walls We Build

The Walls We Build - Posted

“I'm Echo,” the girl said, taking the open seat next to me. My eyebrow may have raised in curiosity, wondering if I had heard correctly. I have learned, however, not to second-guess these adopted foreign names in China just to enjoy their free-spirited creativity, an alias for the outside (read: western) world. She had been […]

First Week in Shanghai

First Week in Shanghai - Posted

My name is Joseph Gorman. I come from America and live in the Great State of Ohio. I am about to enter my senior year of my undergraduate. I attend Miami University. I am working towards a Political Science degree. I am the Sergeant At Arms in my Fraternity at Miami. This is actually my […]

The Point of No Return

The Point of No Return - Posted

I must admit I am a little late on this blog, again! I suppose I have grown accustomed to my lifestyle here and forget to write the blog! My apologies! This blog will cover the first two weeks of June, my thoughts, experiences and activities. To think that I was only supposed to stay here […]

Week 2 in Beijing

Week 2 in Beijing - Posted

The second week ended up being much more eventful than the first one, despite us having to work, study, and do homework. On Monday our Programme Coordinators, took us to our respective destinations. Mine was the Beijing International Language School for my language lessons. We had our first lessons in Chinese with two young but […]

My first week in Beijing

My first week in Beijing - Posted

It has been four days since I arrived to Beijing. It feels like it has been four months nevertheless. The airport is rather impressive per se, being one of the five largest buildings on the face of the Earth. It seems easy to get lost there and extremely difficult to get unlost, especially if one […]

The Transition Week

The Transition Week - Posted

The past week has been a somewhat quiet one relative to what I have previously experienced in Beijing thus far. The May interns left on Tuesday, leaving only a handful of us remaining in Beijing for a week before the arrival of the June interns. A little rest, relaxation, peace and quiet is what I […]

Patriotism Innovation Inclusiveness Virtue

Patriotism Innovation Inclusiveness Virtue - Posted

Welcome to the center of the center-of-the-world. This is Tiananmen Square, the political crux of not only Beijing, but of China as a whole. A massive open space apparently capable of accommodating one million people, one is immediately overcome by the magnitude of what the landmark represents. 中国, Zhōng Guó, the characters used in the […]


Adjusting - Posted

One does not need an alarm clock in Beijing. Not in the Shuangjing area at least. Life in the city comes with a complementary snooze setting. Your brain will first grow numb to the constant riveting of breaking concrete outside your window; 3 A.M. is apparently prime time to get this job accomplished. Around 5 […]

Beijing After Dark

Beijing After Dark - Posted

Time flies here in Beijing, literally. I feel like the city never sleeps, it is always buzzing with atmosphere and vibrancy. Another important aspect of life here in Beijing which I have not discussed previously is the night life - where to go and what to do after work and on the weekends. Beijing is […]

Final Days in Shanghai!

Final Days in Shanghai! - Posted

I’m sitting here at EcoBake on my second last day in Shanghai. It feels so good to not have to wake up to the sound of an alarm signaling the start of a work day. With a bakery bun already in my stomach and a sandwich in case I need some added  brain power, I […]

Follow the Crowd

Follow the Crowd - Posted

The image is globally recognized: the Asian tourist group. A large group of camera touting tourists, often with matching color shirts or baseball caps marching in cue behind a flag-bearing, megaphone-directing tour guide. The image is so universal, in fact, that it has been utilized as a case example in cultural seminars I have attended […]

My Life as an Intern

My Life as an Intern - Posted

I feel like my time here in Beijing is fast coming to end. Already at the half way point with still so much to see and do, and so little time. The second week has enabled me to feel more comfortable as I slowly get used to the hustle and bustle of the city. Before […]

My Introduction to Beijing

My Introduction to Beijing - Posted

It seems that I have already garnered a reputation for myself amongst the group of interns in Beijing: I am the one that likes to walk. “Where have you made it to today, Chris?” “How are those blisters?” I cannot help the fact that since arriving in Beijing, my natural remedy for jet lag has […]

First Thoughts of Beijing

First Thoughts of Beijing - Posted

What an awesome first week it has been in Beijing! I don’t even know where to begin! I arrived in Beijing precisely a week ago and it feels like I’ve already been here for a month! It has been a jam packed week with many new people to meet, amazing food to experience, a new […]


Foooooood! - Posted

I decided to dedicate this week’s post to one of my ultimate passions in life: Food! Over the course of the month, I’ve been eating most of my meals out (aside from my usual homemade meal consisting of peanut butter sandwiches, crunchy Chinese crackers and plain sip-able yoghurt… the solution for people who are clueless […]

Tis the end of the road!

Tis the end of the road! - Posted

This week is actually my last week of work, as my boss will be out of the country next week.  It’s a little sad, but the week started off well at least.  On Monday I had lunch with some people from some neighbouring departments.  They took me to a new place to eat which was […]

Work, Teppanyaki, Charity Day!

Work, Teppanyaki, Charity Day! - Posted

This week has breezed by.  I found out that it only costs 1.5rmb per minute to call back to Australia.  This compared to 1rmb per international text message, I found it to be of great value.  I’m still not fully accustomed to how mobile plans work here.  You can choose different services to add to […]

Getting settled in at work!

Getting settled in at work! - Posted

This week was the start of my internship at one of the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm.  I got rather lucky with my placement as not only do I get to work in a rather nice and fancy building at a large and prestigious company, but I also received a work laptop which I […]

Harbin Adventures

Harbin Adventures - Posted

Last weekend I decided it was time to finally venture out into another part of China. On Friday morning, one of the other interns and I booked a spontaneous train ticket for that evening to Harbin, a large city about 1300km Northeast of Beijing. After rushing to get to the train station after work we […]

New interns arrived this week!

New interns arrived this week! - Posted

This has been a pretty interesting week, with the most random moment being a man placing a live turtle in my hand at club 88.  That was something completely unexpected.  A man carrying around a turtle in his pocket.  How peculiar.  Anyway its the first week back after the Chinese New Year so things are […]

Gaining first-hand experience

Gaining first-hand experience - Posted

Sorry for the delay folks, it’s taken me some time to find a good free internet connection; here is a small insight into what I got up to in the last two weeks of the December China Internship Program, all of which seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye. Back to […]

Before I leave for Shanghai!

Before I leave for Shanghai! - Posted

There are only a few days left before I fly out to Shanghai from Australia.  I’ve only been overseas once and that was almost a decade ago with my family to visit relatives in China.  This time around I’m on my own and have had to organise it myself.  This includes paying for the program […]

It’s been non-stop here in Beijing

It’s been non-stop here in Beijing - Posted

Hey Everyone, What was meant to be a weekly blog has now become a fortnightly blog for the simple reason it has been non-stop here in Beijing. Here is a quick roundup of what I’ve been up to since my arrival… I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and my first glances of Beijing were clouded […]

Before my arrival in China

Before my arrival in China - Posted

Hi All, The week before...What is on your mind fellow interns? It’s a week before a fresh round of interns board planes and head over to Beijing or Shanghai. I am among the interns who will start the China Internship Program in Beijing and I will be interning with a Consulting company, during which I […]

My final blog!

My final blog! - Posted

So here it is fans, my final blog. Thank you for all the comments… you will miss it when it’s gone. My last week with CRCC Asia included the last day at work as well as lots of other lasts. A big thank you to the people I have worked with and I promise to […]

Exploring my cultural side

Exploring my cultural side - Posted

This week’s highlights included Hangzhou, temples, art and fashion,as I explored my cultural side. On Friday, my supervisor was away, we had finished our week’s work, and I was leaving for Hangzhou so I was allowed the day off. I made use of the first few hours of the day, juxtaposing a traditional temple with […]

I am still having a great time!

I am still having a great time! - Posted

The 2nd week was another eventful week in Shanghai. At the office, we worked on the new website content and material for a stunning brochure that will be sent out to 10,000 potential clients next month. I also recorded the English language welcome to clients calling up on the automated telephone service. Over the lunch […]

I have had a wonderful start to my trip

I have had a wonderful start to my trip - Posted

I am sitting at my desk in Shanghai with the ever present hum of traffic in the background. Looking back on a busy first week in the futuristic metropolis that is Shanghai, I have had a wonderful start to my trip. The week began on Thursday morning, when I landed in Shanghai Airport. Being first, […]

It’s my final week!

It’s my final week! - Posted

It was the Mid-Autumn festival the weekend just gone, where Chinese businesses give their employees the Monday off from work to spend with their families and people buy and eat a delicacy known as Mooncakes. These are cakes with a decorated pastry outside and can be sweet or savory. They are extremely rich and are […]

Scholarship Winner’s Blog – Part Two

Scholarship Winner’s Blog – Part Two - Posted

I previously mentioned that Beijing suffers from a lot of traffic jams, but the traffic is not just limited to the roads as the subway is normally manic as well. Unlike London where it only gets packed during rush hour, the Beijing subway seems to be constantly heaving with people. It’s actually common for people […]

Crazy week in Shanghai!

Crazy week in Shanghai! - Posted

It has been another crazily busy week in Shanghai! This week at work we have been preparing for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, as well as researching new boutiques to stock the brand. My role at the moment is quite sales focused as in a small company it is necessary to get the sales in first […]

Blog from our UK Scholarship Winner!

Blog from our UK Scholarship Winner! - Posted

When I first got out of my hotel and began exploring the local Shuangjing neighbourhood, the first thing that struck me was the number of skyscrapers that were around me, towering over Beijing’s notorious traffic jammed roads. I cannot speak, read or understand Mandarin apart from the odd word such as “xie xie ni”. As […]

Another busy week at work

Another busy week at work - Posted

It has been another busy week at work with lots of exciting events coming up for my company's jewelry brand. Next week we have Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, the first to be held in Shanghai, where the Shanghainese Fashionistas will travel from one big brand to another in style (on a bus, as rumour has […]

My time in Shanghai has flown by!

My time in Shanghai has flown by! - Posted

My time in Shanghai with CRCC has flown by and already we are into our third week of work and our fourth week in Shanghai! This week has been hectic at work with lots of meetings with boutiques, all of which have been a success, which is fantastic! It seems that everyone has really got […]

I feel right at home here

I feel right at home here - Posted

It has been amazing how quickly you get used to living in a different city. Shanghai is the exact opposite of the rural area I live in at home but I feel right at home here! The metro system is very easy to navigate and it is easy to get around. It’s also easy to […]

My placement could not be more perfect!

My placement could not be more perfect! - Posted

Having left Birmingham airport on Wednesday afternoon it was Thursday 11.30am Chinese time when I finally arrived in Shanghai. Bleary eyed from a lack of sleep on the flight we were met by the lovely Eric and Hannah from the CRCC Asia team and given our welcome packs. A map, a guide book, a restaurant […]

Business & Finance Course 2011 Summary

Business & Finance Course 2011 Summary - Posted

Dr Powen Huang (CEO Taishan Capital)  Opportunities for you in the financial sector Dr Huang took one minute to have us all drooling at the fact he had worked for the world’s top investment banks, helped Singapore to get into the WTO and created China’s first investment bank. Dr Huang did us a massive favor […]

The weekend before work begins

The weekend before work begins - Posted

I can’t quite believe we’ve been in Beijing for a week already. Having started work on Monday we’re now all settling into our routine and the Beijing way of life. I arrived on Thursday afternoon and the first thing that hit me was the heat, it was certainly a change from the rainy weather in […]

I have left Beijing behind

I have left Beijing behind - Posted

A sad hello to you all from a plane travelling to Guilin, as I have left Beijing and all my fellow interns behind... In my final week I managed to cram in a lot more shopping (my roommate and I justified it as “an investment”) from the Silk market (6 floors of clothes, shoes, bags, […]

It’s Almost Over :(

It’s Almost Over :( - Posted

This week started out as usual with work on Monday. I can finally see the productivity of all my hard work. I have assisted in creating two websites for the company I work for, that are both up and running online now. The sites consist of my editing, structure and wording; it is a product […]

The Time Flies!

The Time Flies! - Posted

I am now into my third week in Beijing and still loving it here! The time flies by so if you can do two months, I highly recommend it! I have been very productive since I last blogged and have had some great nights out and experienced more of the sights. I highly recommend the […]

Happy Belated 4th of July America!

Happy Belated 4th of July America! - Posted

Nimen hao again, the week that began with the 4th of July, we Americans, had to figure out how we were going to celebrate this holiday in China. We all were craving some traditional barbeque but the American Chambers of Commerce had their celebration (cookout/barbeque) on the 3rd rather then the 4th (because it was […]

Markets, Medicine, Mopeds and Monkeys!

Markets, Medicine, Mopeds and Monkeys! - Posted

Last week I started the internship portion of my two month trip. The company does marketing and the like, predominantly in the field of Polo and equestrian events. Having once seen a horse, I did of course feel uniquely qualified for the position. However, initial concern over my lack of equine knowledge was quickly abated […]

Time is flying fast

Time is flying fast - Posted

I can’t believe the first month is already gone. Work is continuing as usual, with daily research analysis and marketing tasks that are focused on the Chinese and European markets. My company is merging with another company and so we are relocating to a new location. So after lunch everyday people stop working and start […]

Experience Beijing Through Me!

Experience Beijing Through Me! - Posted

Ni Hao future/potential interns!! I am Nicola and I will be your blogger for one month in Beijing letting you experience the bustling city vicariously through me until you are here yourselves. I will be informing you of mostly all good things but also some aspects to watch out for! I am interning with a […]

The end of my adventure

The end of my adventure - Posted

This weekend was another productive two days. On Saturday, I spent my time around Shanghai, meeting with friends and getting my packing and last minute shopping done. On Sunday, a group of us went to Hangzhou, which is a beautiful city on a huge lake. We spent the day hiking, going to islands on the […]

High Fashion, Free Drinks, Extreme Weather

High Fashion, Free Drinks, Extreme Weather - Posted

Hello again. This week has progressed at a more stately pace - fatigue has begun to encroach, and people's plans are becoming ever more sedentary. This is not to say that plans aren't being made, only that they increasingly involve cultural and shopping locations in place of drinking establishments. One such location is the Shanghai […]

Karaoke, Open Bars and Food

Karaoke, Open Bars and Food - Posted

Greetings, readers. This week seems to have flown past. Though less busy than last week, there has still been hardly a slow moment. Perhaps the most interesting single occurrence came to pass last Friday, the day after I submitted my last blog. On the walk from the metro station to the language school one morning, […]

Time has flown by

Time has flown by - Posted

This was probably the best weekend so far! On Friday, we went to meet the new interns at the welcome dinner. There were so many of them!! Granted, our group only has 12, and the group before was only 8, but it was shocking to see how many students we had. I was happily surprised […]

Extremely Hot, but Extremely Beautiful

Extremely Hot, but Extremely Beautiful - Posted

As I step off the plane in Beijing, China on Wednesday evening my insides were racing with excitement and uncertainty. I headed towards customs and to obtain my bags, a little worried about the language barrier. You see, I had taken a semester of Mandarin as an elective back in 2006 during undergrad, but failed […]

One Month Mandarin + One Month Internship

One Month Mandarin + One Month Internship - Posted

Hello there, this is the beginning of my weekly blog, in which I will be describing my experiences in Shanghai on the CRCC Asia China Internship programme. I am enrolled on the one-month intensive Mandarin course, and will subsequently be doing a one-month marketing internship. As I write this, it is Thursday afternoon and we […]

Looking forward to the three-day weekend

Looking forward to the three-day weekend - Posted

The weekend was a little uneventful. Because some of us have gotten sick, either the common cold, or a bad cough, we stayed in over the weekend to help regain our strength. Monday at work was another normal day, more country profiles have been assigned in the Southeast Asian, African, and Oceania areas. After work […]

The end of my first month

The end of my first month - Posted

This weekend was very eventful. On Saturday we went to a children’s school to play with kids. These kids are in this special school because their parents immigrated from western china to the city to earn more money, at least they hope so, but apparently it does not really work out like that. This then […]

My Second Week in Shanghai

My Second Week in Shanghai - Posted

The weekend was packed full. On Saturday, a few of us made a day trip out to Suzhou for the day. We went off to several museums and famous gardens. We ended the day early and then hung out back home. On Sunday I went out to visit the Jing’an temple, which was beautiful, and […]

Week One of Working in China

Week One of Working in China - Posted

On the first day of work I was surprised to see that most of my colleagues are western. The office is run in English, as well as the businesses. This was very convenient for me. The firm is a real estate investment company and they help Chinese or foreigners invest in property around the world. […]

Working for an Engineering firm in China

Working for an Engineering firm in China - Posted

The company I work for is a newly found engineering company. It is a daughter company of a brand called Silk Ventures Group (SVG) Limited. They deal mainly with distribution of highly efficient LED commercial/industrial lighting. It does have research and development (designing and building of its own products), but most of their business is […]

Hotpots, 798 and Ritan Park

Hotpots, 798 and Ritan Park - Posted

I went to hotpot the other day with Anil, Oli, and Rambo. It was, in short, awesome. We were so skeptical in the beginning when the server brought out a bowl of murky water and got the heat going. It started bubbling and a spicy concentration in the middle started to diffuse. Very witch cauldron. […]

Shanghai and the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Shanghai and the Formula 1 Grand Prix - Posted

If you can imagine the loudest sound you’ve ever heard in your life, if you can imagine that sound prolonged for say two or three minutes, it’ll probably come close to the sound a formula one engine makes......when it’s in standby! We went to the Jiading Shanghai international Circuit three days in a row. The […]

Full of Highlights

Full of Highlights - Posted

Nyemba, Alicja, Axel and I went to the Summer Palace on Tuesday. It was magic, although admittedly that magic was muffled by the small army of tourists that shared it with us. The structures are along a giant lake that scoops up the sun, and willows ring the walkways. It’s like a scroll painting came […]

First Day of Work + Shanghai Streets

First Day of Work + Shanghai Streets - Posted

So far we have all seen what Shanghai has to offer: night lights, great food, stunning vistas, underground shopping malls, overhead restaurants and above all a great social atmosphere. This week it was time to see what we could offer Shanghai. I have to admit the work pairings have been challenging for some and better […]

My Final Post – Goodbye Beijing

My Final Post – Goodbye Beijing - Posted

It is Wednesday and I have returned to London, the last one month in Beijing has gone so much faster than I anticipated. It has been something of an adjustment adapting back to London. We can adapt to new surroundings surprisingly well and it doesn’t take long for us to get used to them. In […]

My Second Week of Beijing Adventures

My Second Week of Beijing Adventures - Posted

My lack of blogs in the past week is a sign of how extremely busy I have been- it has been amazing. With “orientation” week over, we were pretty much expected to take full charge of our work and get into the more sophisticated side of things. The weather deteriorated a bit which seemed to […]

Exciting First Week

Exciting First Week - Posted

Hi All, We have completed our first week here in Beijing Beijing quite a busy one too, between our jobs, the language classes and the fantastic Karaoke Night on Wednesday. Most of us are settling into our jobs now and getting increasingly acclimatized with our surroundings and Beijing in general. We are way past the […]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year - Posted

Wow, they said time would fly by and boy has it just! I’m writing this a couple of days after Chinese New Year- Year of the Rabbit, and the departure of the 1 month interns. Wednesday marked the disappearance of some of the interns but we all knew this day was approaching fast. Now it […]

Being An Intern In Beijing

Being An Intern In Beijing - Posted

So the main reason you are joining this programme and travelling to Beijing is to complete either, a one-month or a two-month internship. This can very exciting and an invaluable experience but there will be those initial jitters on your first day. So, I’m going to go back to the start and explain how at […]

Unusual Foods and Walking on Ice

Unusual Foods and Walking on Ice - Posted

On Thursday night, a small group of us went to one of the famous night markets to see the delicacies that are on offer. It wasn’t like some of the other markets we had been to, which were mainly inside massive buildings, it was more old-fashioned. Most of the stalls were red, which is the […]

Typical Tourist

Typical Tourist - Posted

Here it is, another Blog after another amazing weekend in Beijing. The main highlight of the weekend has to be when a group of us conquered the Great Wall. Thanks to Mieke’s organisational skills, she managed to organise 8 people who wanted to do a 3-hour trek and 19 people to do a tour of […]

Settling In and Grasping Normality

Settling In and Grasping Normality - Posted

You can tell we have all started to settle in as you find yourself saying phrases like “normally” and “home”. Monday was a nervous day for most, if not all of us. Monday marked the first day of our internships. All dressed smartly and raring to go. Laptop. Check. Phone. Check. Purse. Check. Brain. Check. […]

Beijing Bound

Beijing Bound - Posted

A sudden realisation hit me Beijing I was on my way to Beijing! My name is Chloe Moss from Reading, England and I will be keeping you up-to-date with my 2 months in Beijing. The first stage was getting to Beijing which involved a connection flight in Dubai and the airport is simply stunning! Even […]

My Busy Life in Beijing!

My Busy Life in Beijing! - Posted

The first week of my internship has passed! It has been a really busy week, the workload has not been too heavy as this is my starting week, but I have spent a lot of time getting to know the place. How the company works and how to communicate with my colleagues has been my […]

My First Taste of Beijing

My First Taste of Beijing - Posted

G’day everyone! I’m Jennifer from Adelaide, Australia; I’ll be writing the CRCC Asia Intern Blog for the next two months. The flight from Adelaide to Beijing was very long and exhausting. I had to stop over twice and board three different flights; the good thing about it was that I got fed two dinners and […]

Shanghai + Suzhou Here I Come

Shanghai + Suzhou Here I Come - Posted

Doing a bit of packing the night before, or at least a mental organization of my wardrobe, I slept until my alarm brayed out at 0500 the morning of 19 November 2010. Wide-awake I arose, showered, ate a yummy ramen breakfast and packed my big brown purse. Taking a cab to the airport with my […]

A Very Chinese Halloween

A Very Chinese Halloween - Posted

The weather this weekend was fabulous, nearly like summer: warm, bright and sunny! Gloriously relaxed after a satisfying work week, my friends and I decided to view some of the lovely parks around the Forbidden City area and revisit the routes we took earlier in our time in Beijing. I even went running in the […]

Back to Work! … Chinese Style

Back to Work! … Chinese Style - Posted

Back in the office, the staff, my colleagues and zillion other departments within our firm, are surrounded by high blue partition walls with very little individuality permitted. However, certain splashes of color happily assault the 'serenity' because people bring in large and brightly embroidered covered cushions Beijing much like the plumage of tropical birds Beijing […]

My Legal Internship in Beijing

My Legal Internship in Beijing - Posted

After the lengthy national holiday week-long break, it was a relief to return to work on Friday Beijing if only because the frenetic pace of sightseeing, touring, and partying in the evenings was exhausting Beijing and I wanted to try to "gel" a bit more with my team, in addition to learning more about Chinese […]

Beijing … Bring It On!

Beijing … Bring It On! - Posted

Hi everyone, I'm Maria and I'll be blogging about my time in China on the CRCC Asia Internship Program. I've arrived in Beijing Beijing about four days ago, now, after a tremendous two-leg journey from Dublin to Copenhagen and then after a six-hour layover, Copenhagen to Beijing with a small delay. After one Chinese lesson, […]

Zaijian Beijing!

Zaijian Beijing! - Posted

My bags are packed, the goodbyes have been said and I’ve had one last Irish coffee from The Den, our local hang out in Beijing. Over the past four weeks I have enjoyed one of the most memorable months of my life and have met new people who I’m sure will be friends for many […]

Rosanna’s Final Days

Rosanna’s Final Days - Posted

Took a taxi to Beijing’s infamous night market in the centre of town. If I had been a little caught off guard by lunches at work Beijing this was a whole new level. Scorpions, sea horses, dog, crickets, centipedes, shark, things I cannot even bring myself to write down Beijing this is not a trip […]

Totally Unexpected – My Last Few Days

Totally Unexpected – My Last Few Days - Posted

As a work colleague prepared to head back to Northern China, the entire office went for a celebratory farewell lunch. I would say this was perhaps the spiciest, most adventurous meal of my life thus far and I fear I may not ever be able to taste again! Organised by CRCC Asia we went to […]

Team Spirit!

Team Spirit! - Posted

Sorry guys, I have been neglecting you a little bit lately but there just seems to be so much to do in Beijing that I loose track of time and all the days just seem to merge into one. Trust me Beijing if you experience China with CRCC Asia you will know what I mean. […]

Wonder by Wonder

Wonder by Wonder - Posted

President Richard Nixon once famously said, “this is a great wall and only a great people with a great past could have a great wall and such a great people with such a great wall will surely have a great future”. I now know what he was talking about having experienced the Great Wall of […]

Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures - Posted

Today we took a cab to the Temple of Heaven, as believed by Chinese legend, the closest earthly entrance to heaven and the Gods. Slowly ambled from the South to the North Gate enchanted by locals of all ages quietly practicing tai chi, cheerily embraced in salsa class, flying kites and sharing lessons with tourists […]

All Singing, All Dancing Interns

All Singing, All Dancing Interns - Posted

What a crazy couple of days I have just experienced here in Beijing. I started work on Monday morning with my company, a leading travel agent based in the city with 20 years experience in tailor made travel. My role with the company is marketing based and involves producing material for their social networking platforms. […]

Ni Hao! Beijing!

Ni Hao! Beijing! - Posted

Hi everyone, I’m Stephen and I’m an Irishman visiting China for the very first time. Over the next four weeks I will be updating you on life in the vibrant capital of Beijing and providing you with an insight into work as a marketing intern for a leading tourism company. Following a pre departure drinks […]

Day One: Thursday 26th August

Day One: Thursday 26th August - Posted

Arrived in Beijing to find the CRCC Asia staff ready and waiting to relieve me of my bags. After meeting with other interns flying in from London, Paris and the States we took a coach about an hour to our hotel. Sharing with a finance intern from Sheffield University and another from LSE, our apartment […]

Presentation To The Office

Presentation To The Office - Posted

My boss asked me to give a presentation to the office the other day on Ireland, as generally people do not know much about the country. I gave it this afternoon at lunch and it went down very well. Pizza was ordered in for the occasion. I got YouTube working and showed a clip of […]

Shanghai Next Weekend

Shanghai Next Weekend - Posted

Many of the interns left on Tuesday, ye will be missed! City Hotel was like a ghost town on Wednesday. Usually, when you come home from work there would be people having a drink at The Den (the pub right next door to our hotel) or by the lobby but there was only a few […]

Guo’an Guo’an Beijing Guo’an!

Guo’an Guo’an Beijing Guo’an! - Posted

We went to see Beijing Guo’an v Birmingham City in the Birds Nest Stadium last week. I was feeling sick but managed to drag myself out to the impressive 80,000-seater stadium, which was about half full. Football is very popular over here! The streets were crowded for the World Cup matches on the big screens […]

Living for the Weekend

Living for the Weekend - Posted

We went to an Acrobatics show on Wednesday night at the Chaoyang Theatre. CRCC  Asia got us a discount on the tickets and it was very good. Change of plans for the weekend. A few of us had planned to go to Xi’an but the trains were booked out (and it would have cost an extra […]

Introduction to Work – Noodles and Chopsticks!

Introduction to Work – Noodles and Chopsticks! - Posted

I have been placed with a niche market intelligence consultancy firm that specialising in industrial and chemical markets. In particular, it focuses on M&A; analysis, competitive assessment, market assessment, cost analysis, material sourcing and negotiation assistance. It is linked to my MSc Management Consultancy and the experience in M&A; gained during my time at KPMG, which […]

Hello Beijing!

Hello Beijing! - Posted

After being here just a couple of hours it’s obvious we are going to have an amazing time. There is a really good atmosphere, with 130 interns and lots of different nationalities. The first night after we arrived (having travelled for over 20 hours) we went straight out for food and a few drinks. It […]

Happy Endings and New Beginnings

Happy Endings and New Beginnings - Posted

Oliver has summed up his internship for us. Its going to be a sad time for all of us, but its not all bad news.. "During my internship at a pharmaceutical company, my time was split between three, quite varied, projects within the Sales and Exports, Research and Development and Business Development Departments. For Sales […]

Time Flies When You’re An Intern

Time Flies When You’re An Intern - Posted

Last weekend I travelled to the Great Wall with another intern, Bridget. We chose a more remote area of the wall to explore which meant a longer, slightly more interesting journey north of Beijing to get to Jinshanling. It was a stunning section of the wall and there were relatively few others there to spoil […]

Work and Play

Work and Play - Posted

It has been a busy week since I last posted. A group of us made the most of the Beijing night life last Friday and the rest of the weekend was focussed on eating good food, re-cooperating and exploring the city. A friend was visiting Beijing so we did some sightseeing and checked out the […]

A Long Weekend – Part II

A Long Weekend – Part II - Posted

I arrived in Xian, booked into my hostel and spent the afternoon exploring the city. There is plenty to do in Xian including cycling around its ancient fortified wall, wandering the bustling markets and taking in the sounds and aromas of the impressive Muslim Quarter. The next day I went to see the terracotta warriors […]

A Long Weekend

A Long Weekend - Posted

It was our first day off since starting our internships and a few of us decided to go siteseeing around Beijing. Next week is a national holiday which runs from Monday to Wednesday to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It means that most of the interns are working over the weekend and then getting a […]

Settling In to Life in Beijing

Settling In to Life in Beijing - Posted

Today is my 4th day at work and I’m getting into the routine now. It only takes around 20 minutes to walk in and it’s through a park so I definitely can’t complain. Yesterday Lucy took me out for lunch to a nearby restaurant to try a type of food she is a big fan of […]

Work Begins

Work Begins - Posted

All the interns met at 9am on Monday for a group photo before being put into small groups, whisked onto minibuses and sent out with a CRCC Asia staff member into the morning rush hour of Beijing. I was taken to my new place of work and formally introduced to my supervisor Vicki and my […]

Spot of Sightseeing

Spot of Sightseeing - Posted

It has been a busy few days of getting to know Beijing. On Friday, at the CRCC Asia Induction Day we had talks from the directors of CRCC Asia about life and culture in China. We also had a talk about business etiquette and got some tips on how to react to certain situations while […]

Touchdown Beijing

Touchdown Beijing - Posted

I can let you know that I have safely arrived into Beijing and have spent most of my first day with one of the other interns getting my bearings of the immediate vicinity to the City Hotel. After arriving at the airport this morning,  it wasn’t long before a few fellow, weary looking interns and […]

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