Hanna Sowemimo

Stefano Bignolini
4th October 2017
Andrew Radelet
Andrew Radelet
10th October 2017

During my time at university I thought ahead about travelling abroad after graduating. I knew I would have completed my studies by September 2014 so I felt that would be the perfect time to embark upon this experience working in China. I wanted the opportunity to learn Mandarin and experience the working and cultural environment of one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Whilst working in Beijing as a legal intern I have primarily been based in the Trademark department of a leading intellectual property law firm. I have been involved in a number of interesting tasks.

  • I often assisted lawyers in the explanation and translation of documents in to English.
  • I was able to attend numerous client meetings with both international and domestic clients of the firm, including one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in China.
  • I wrote an article summarising the recent legal Chinese trademark law amendments which helped enhance my sector awareness.
  • I also undertook a number of research tasks for instance researching trademark registration procedures in various countries for some of the firm’s clients that wanted to expand internationally. In conducting my research I was introduced to a number of resources, such as the WIPO Global Brand Database, in order to find out the status of clients’ trademarks across various jurisdictions then creating a table detailing my findings.
  • Furthermore, I was able to attend talks and seminars given by other international law firms, for example, an insightful talk explaining the recent sanctions given by the EU and the US to Russia and their likely implications.

Work-life aside, I have also had the opportunity to visit many of China’s famous landmarks and tourist attractions. From the Summer Palace to The Great Wall of China, I have even had the opportunity to bungee jump for the first-time. Definitely a thrilling experience!

As I approach the end of my time here in Beijing I can safely say it has definitely been a truly amazing experience. I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people, participate in various social and cultural activities and work in one of the most important countries in the global economy.