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How to Partner

We are always on the lookout for quality companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh and Manchester to accept our international interns. If you are interested in accepting a CRCC Asia intern, please email us at [email protected]! We would be happy to meet with you, talk to you about our program in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of serving as a Host Company

Hosting an international intern can bring many benefits such as:

  • Allowing your staff to engage with different cultures from around the world
  • Enabling staff to practice their English with native speakers
  • Gaining an international perspective on your company’s work
  • Having a greater outreach to international clients
  • Learning about foreign cultures and consumer behavior

What tasks can an intern be involved in?

  • Conducting market research and competitor analysis
  • Liaising with international clients
  • Attending conferences and assisting with international business development
  • Conducting research and writing reports
  • Preparing presentations on various topics for staff
  • Optimizing your online presence
  • Proof reading your English language documents
  • Contributing ideas in meetings

Accepting an intern from CRCC Asia is a smooth process, with minimal documentation required.  All that we ask is that you:

  • Provide a welcoming and pleasant working environment
  • Offer a challenging and relevant job description
  • Ensure that there is an English speaking supervisor
  • E-mail back a scanned copy of our visa invitation letter template, with your company logo

A Typical CRCC Asia Intern:

  • Is aged between 20 – 27
  • Speaks fluent English and often also Spanish, French, German, Italian and sometimes some Mandarin Chinese
  • Holds a university degree or is currently studying at a top tier European, American, or international university
  • Has a strong work ethic.  We only select interns who have outstanding CVs, strong interpersonal skills, and potential for excellence in your organization
  • Is passionate about working abroad

and gain an international internship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world....

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