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Established in 2006, CRCC Asia is the leading organization arranging internship and study programs in China, Japan, Vietnam and the U.K. for students and graduates internationally.

CRCC Asia is an award-winning organization, which works in collaboration with many international universities across the globe. We provide talented students and recent university graduates with the opportunity to improve their career prospects and gain insight into the lucrative global market.

A Parent’s Guide

CRCC Asia has compiled a guide written with parents and family members in mind. The guide details how you can assist with their preparations and what to expect while your child interns abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome parents and family members to contact us if they have any questions about our programs. Here are some of the questions our Global Offices are most commonly asked.

Health and Safety

A top priority for CRCC Asia, we take our commitment to the health and safety of all our interns extremely seriously. Here we outline how as parents you can contribute to this.

Why CRCC Asia?

We outline seven concise reasons why CRCC Asia is a leading provider of international internships, confirming our commitment to engage our interns with the global community.

Feedback from Parents

“CRCC Asia provided my son with an AMAZING experience academically, professionally, and personally. Their guidance and support in preparing my son for his international internship was like no other company I had researched. With over 7,000 miles between us, I always felt that my son was in safe hands and well chaperoned while in Shanghai.

Their entire staff was super helpful in guiding us through the process and answered all 100 of my questions before sending my son so far away.

Their Regional Team [in San Francisco], Trevor and Mike, were especially helpful with my weekly phone calls providing the highest quality of customer service in supporting both my son and myself. I was beyond thrilled with the way they went above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience for my son.”

Karyn Bishop – Parent Review (Son participated on our China Internship + Travel Program in Shanghai)

“Thank you CRCC Asia for your professionalism from the start. You were highly responsive and patient, ensuring that you answered all of our questions comprehensively to give us peace of mind about your program and that placing our daughter in the program would not only be be an excellent career choice but also a safe experience.

Celia was placed with a company in Shanghai that aligned with her interests. They provided training for her and brought her on company outings. She has made life-long friends through the program, and has an experience that will not only benefit her future but also one that she will never forget.”

Jin Li – Parent Review (Daughter participated on our internship program in Shanghai)

If you do have any more questions you can get in contact with one of our global offices either by phone or email. Being able to support your child’s future career with an international internship is a great opportunity and we look forward to welcoming your child to our program!

and gain an international internship in one of the most vibrant cities in the world....

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