Scholarship Program

The CRCC Asia Scholarship

The CRCC Asia Scholarship, which is running for its fifth year, allows students to participate in the China Internship Program whose financial circumstances might otherwise prevent them from enrolling.

Whilst we understand that a majority of students and graduates that go on our programs in China are self-funded, we want to ensure that our programs are made accessible to as many people as possible. CRCC Asia scholarships are awarded to people who best demonstrate financial need and academic excellence alongside a commitment to furthering their professional development.

This year, CRCC Asia is proud to be giving away 6 scholarships in this region for our 2015 China Internship Program.

These 6 interns will be given scholarships of various amounts based on their overall application, their response to three short essay questions, academic reference and financial need.

  • First Place (One winner)- Full Scholarship for one month internship program
  • Second Place (Two winners)- Half Scholarship for one month internship program
  • Third Place (Three winners)- Quarter Scholarship for one month internship program

Scholarship applications will be accepted from European applicants during the month of October, with the final application date, Friday 31st October, and from American/Canadian applicants during the month of November with the final application date, Sunday 16th November 2014. All scholarships are valid for a 1 month program in 2015.

Please note that this Scholarship Program is only open to applicants in Europe and the Americas. Our Scholarship Program for applicants from the Asia Pacific program will open in April 2015.

Short Essay Questions- All applicants must respond to the following three short essay questions. Each response should be between 300-400 words.

  • What attribute distinguishes you from the crowd, both professionally and personally?
  • Which of your strengths will best allow you to contribute as an intern in China?
  • Describe how you expect China to play a role in your future?

Scholarship Applications are Now Open for Europe and The Americas!