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Internship in Shenzhen

Situated immediately north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen has benefited greatly from the special economic status it was given in 1979. It is now considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world.

These policies opened up Shenzhen to foreign investment and have had a direct impact on the modern cityspace that now graces Shenzhen’s skyline.

The following programs are available in Shenzhen:

Our China Internship Program in Shenzhen is tailored to enhance both your professional and personal development, by offering placements in a range of different internship sectors, including Finance, Accounting, Business, Marketing, Engineering, Legal and many other industries.

Home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and many high-tech companies, Shenzhen boasts one of the highest economic outputs of China. With one of the highest GDPs per capita, Shenzhen’s affluence, as well as its international economy, attracts many foreign investors and business people. This makes Shenzhen an attractive option for interns looking to be in one of China’s most successful cities of the past 20 years.

Shenzhen offers strong opportunities in the finance sector, with less competition for employment and placements in the industry than in Shanghai. It is the best location choice for interns interested in finance, engineering, green-technology, pharmaceuticals or high-tech industries, and offers a lot of business placements in both Chinese and multinational companies.

The program runs every month all year round and is designed for current university students, recent graduates or those seeking to improve their career opportunities, to gain professional work and life experience in China’s burgeoning economy, thus giving themselves a competitive edge in the job market.

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Life in Shenzhen as an Intern

It’s not just the booming economy that makes Shenzhen the ideal location to undertake an internship in China. One extremely appealing feature of this city is its coastal location. Unlike most other cities in China, interns can take a trip to the beach to cool off when the summer sun starts beating down.

DaMeiSha Beach is the most conveniently located and easily accessed, although it can get a bit crowded. Another option is XiaoMeiSha, a popular beach about an hour’s drive from downtown Shenzhen, which offers a little more serenity and is also a great place to plan a weekend getaway.

Shenzhen’s geographical location is a big advantage, with the major metropolis of Guangzhou only 30 minutes away and Hong Kong well within reach for a day or weekend trip. A mere 40 minutes on the train, the proximity of Shenzhen and Hong Kong has meant that these cities have formed close cultural and economic ties. Interns who would like to also venture into Hong Kong are able to do so from Shenzhen, crossing through the land border.

If exploring Shenzhen city is more to your liking, there are a plethora of cultural and relaxing pastimes on offer. Shenzhen has a thriving bar scene, with many bars and clubs offering live music or a great place to relax after work. Alternatively, there are a number of tourist attractions worth checking out, including theme parks and water parks, the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens, the Shenzhen Safari Park, and DaMeiSha and XiaoMeiSha scenic areas.

As part of your Internship in Shenzhen, CRCC Asia includes international quality accommodation, various social and networking events, 24/7 support and Chinese lessons.

We maintain close contact with our Shenzhen Internship Program participants after they finish our programs as part of our Alumni Network. We’d recommend reading more about their experiences with the program on our Testimonials & Media page.

For information about Shenzhen and China in general, including information about Chinese currency, working in China, getting around and the Chinese language please visit our China Travel Guide, written by previous program participants.

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