It is essential that you sign and complete your Terms and Conditions form before your departure onto our program. Please ensure that you fill out the following information:

Next of Kin Details

Please fill out your Emergency Contact Details on our Terms and Conditions form to ensure that our Support Teams in China are able to reach your Next of Kin in case of emergency. We do not expect our interns to ever be in such a situation, but we do require the information as a matter of preparation.

Medical History

For purposes of Health and Safety it is important that we are made aware of any pre-existing medical conditions, and/or medication you are currently prescribed/taking. This allows our Support Teams in China to best assist you throughout your time on our programs.

Travel Insurance

We require that all interns take out travel insurance for the duration of their time in China with CRCC Asia. For more information about this policy please visit our Travel Insurance page for details about recommended insurance providers for your region.

Download the Terms and Conditions

Once you have confirmed your place on our program your Regional Office will ask that you send through a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions. A copy of our Terms and Conditions are embedded into this document below for your reference, you can also download the Terms and Conditions to your computer below.

Print and Download CRCC Asia’s Terms and Conditions »

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, or our Health and Safety protocols then please get in contact with your nearest Global Office for more information.

China Internship + Travel Program Terms and Conditions

For interns taking part in our China Internship + Travel Program they should also review our Travel Terms and Conditions which relate to the travel component of the program.