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Errol Phuah

I spent my 2 months in Shanghai working for WA Optimum Healthcare (WHC). WHC is a healthcare company that provides 5-star services in healthcare such as regenerative medicine but also cosmetic medicine. Primarily my tasks involved understanding/researching the main driving force of the cosmetic surgery market in Shanghai, and using this knowledge to promote the company’s services as the most reputable in Shanghai. It was certainly a very challenging task but also very rewarding. This opportunity also allowed me build a close working relationship with many of my colleagues of whom have since invited me to their own KTV party as well as the company’s annual dress-up party.

Shanghai was an amazing city and the experience gained was invaluable. It was a fresh perspective to the world we live in, where showing respect towards colleagues and a hard working positive attitude often goes a long way in the workplace. This was something I may not have truly understood living my comfort zone in Australia. My internship in Shanghai has also influenced me to direct my career path towards sales and marketing – a long way away from my science background. Since returning to Melbourne, I have also decided to undertake formal education to learning Chinese as a second language for personal development but also to broaden my job opportunities in the future.

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