Alexander Lesher

I attended Philadelphia University for a BS in Biopsychology / Neuroscience and Purdue University and for an MS in Environmental Engineering and I worked on an oil spill in Michigan for two months before beginning an internship in Beijing through CRCC Asia.

I was placed within the environmental sector. My internship quickly elevated to something very serious as I came to recognize the connections that exist amongst the United States and China. These are skills that will help me greatly in my industry where the role of China is playing a massive role in the expansion of water clean-up and where conservation efforts are being drawn to the forefront. My knowledge and experience working with a fast-paced and expanding market like China, has provided me with the edge that I need to get ahead in a world where a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of these issues is key. During my time in Beijing I made a wealth of new friends with whom I still communicate with regularly.

I still work for the company that I interned at in Beijing, under contract as a “Trade Adviser.” I have attended several conferences appealing to different environmental technologies in the US to bring those technologies to China. The CEO of US-PRI and I attended a conference together in New Orleans back in October. Upon returning from my internship I have also taken up studying Mandarin and look forward to returning to China as soon as possible.

I have been told repeatedly that my work in China looks great on my resume and I do feel my work in China has helped me a lot towards my career thus far. I have applied to get into a PhD program at Indiana University this year, and I am very confident.