André Nordal Sylte

Michael Benson
20th January 2012
Kristen Howell
20th January 2012

In today’s highly competitive job market for university graduates, I saw the need of increasing my employability before completing my BSc degree in Marketing. I, therefore, contacted CRCC Asia to learn more about their exciting internship opportunities in China, and decided to apply soon thereafter. Upon successfully completing a phone interview with one of CRCC Asia’s associates, I was informed that I had been accepted as an intern at a multinational marketing agency in Beijing.

I was met by CRCC Asia at the airport in Beijing and transported directly to my accommodation in one of the city’s many dynamic districts. A welcoming pack, which included all the necessary information about Beijing and the internship, had been prepared for all new interns. Throughout the first days, it was apparent that CRCC Asia was sincerely concerned with all of their interns having a highly pleasant, meaningful and safe time on the internship program.

After having a few days adjusting to the immense culture difference, it was time to get down to Chinese business. On my first day of work, CRCC Asia introduced me to my internship supervisor, and I was assigned to a very interesting project right away.

Throughout the month in Beijing, I learnt many valuable things about the everyday life in a multinational marketing agency, whilst experiencing a whole new culture. This has enabled me to make my CV stand out from the crowd of job-hunting graduates, which lead to interviews with four Fortune 500 companies shortly after completing the CRCC Asia internship in Beijing.

I would gladly recommend any aspiring student or graduate to undertake an internship set out by CRCC Asia. I am confident that it will make a significant change to anyone’s future, just like it has with mine.