Aya Dashti

The culture shock that I experienced here was major. However, the presence of CRCC Asia, and work colleagues helped me to adapt to living in Shanghai in a very effective way. After living here for two weeks now, I have come to realise that China still does have a lot of the communist traditions and habits, making the people very conservative. Yes, it is quite obvious that they are opening up to Western thought, but it is taking place, gradually. Change doesn’t happen so fast. Surprisingly enough, I am really enjoying the interaction with such an interesting race, even though it can get uncomfortable sometimes since we are looked at like aliens that come from a different planet.

My marketing internship is interesting. I feel like interacting with the employees themselves is an experience in itself. Since all of my co-workers are French, and only one of them is Chinese (who is quite Westernised), I feel quite comfortable with the atmosphere. I realise that I am only a temporary intern for two months, so my colleagues can’t really depend on me for the long run since some projects may last for three months.

Finally, the accommodation is better than I ever expected. It is located in a strategic area and it is very safe. My flat is actually very spacious and has a beautiful view that can be seen from our balcony since we live on the 33rd floor.

So far, I am very satisfied with the internship program in several facets, including the internship itself, the cultural experience, and the accommodation.