Dani Malik

I completed a one-month finance internship in a major Chinese magazine – the Chinese version of The Economist. I was warmly received by the company and they did their best to help me settle in straight away by taking me out to lunch for a Chinese banquet! I quickly realised that the working environment in China is friendly and cheerful – I saw smiling faces all around me!

The work I was set was mainly independent research into current issues concerning finance; for example, I had to do research on hedge funds and how they were affected by the financial crisis, how they may be affected by the new regulations being introduced, and how practices have changed since the crisis. My supervisors gave me the right amount of space to complete my work in good time. I would recommend to anyone on the internship scheme to really get stuck in and ask for as much work as possible, and not to let things drift. There were times when I had completed all my work, and I wasn’t sure when the next piece of work would be set, and in those times I approached as many people as possible within my department, and within other departments, to get more work, and before you know it, you’re extremely busy again Beijing and you’ve expanded your network!

The CRCC Asia team really settles you in quickly as soon as you arrive in Beijing, taking you straight to your accommodation so that you can have a long nap after the long journey. The accommodation really is first class, making you feel at home. I was initially apprehensive about being in a brand new environment all on my own, but I soon realised that all the other interns were in exactly the same position as me, so you get through your problems together, and it makes for a really enjoyable time! I would definitely recommend this programme for anyone who wants work experience that stands out, and although it may seem a little pricey, once you are in Beijing you realise every penny was worth it!