Haady Sherif

Rosanna Ruff
20th January 2012
Dani Malik
20th January 2012

It finally hit me that I was starting an adventure, a journey and a job halfway across the world from my native island. Landing at Beijing international, walking towards immigration and baggage reclaim, it was clear just by the sheer size of the terminal building that I was in for a life changing experience.

Working for an energy and green technology investment company I met a number of notable people coming from all corners of the globe all with different academic backgrounds.

It wasn’t before long until I noticed that I was part of a pioneering firm with a diverse background, a sustainable and socially aware investment company with powerful ideas and notions. The staff were all incredibly friendly and keen to pull together to complete tasks on time. You do get the feeling of a family work force and that you are part of something important and moving.

The harmonious environment proved to be very useful especially with general issues foreigners face in China. My supervisor and directors were all very helpful and welcoming. The staff do not just work hard they also know how to make interns feel at ease, dinners and lunches with my colleagues became routine and were very enjoyable from authentic Chinese dumplings to Mexican enchiladas!

My experience with my supervisor has been a memorable one. She is a motivated, determined and hard working individual who was always at hand and provided me with guidance, direction and purpose in the Chinese business environment. I can honestly say that I have learnt a lot from her.

The language barrier during my stay in China was at times frustrating; nevertheless this was an incentive to learn Mandarin to get by on a day to day basis. At the office I never experienced any problems and was very impressed with the language expertise by the staff at my company.

The General Manager of my company was very much involved in my experience. With regular meetings, discussions and informal chats, she was always optimistic about my involvement in the company and this made me feel very much at home during my time. From this experience she has inspired me; she is wise, experienced and unique and was always approachable with her office door open at all times.

I would never have thought that Chinese businesses operated in such a way that there is a thin line between management and general staff. The president of the company invites interns to work at his company and I praise him for his faith in young people. Like the General Manager, he is a charismatic figure in the company.

Beijing has a lot to offer in the form of entertainment, nightlife, shopping and sightseeing. I can openly say that not once did I get bored of life in Beijing Beijing the lifestyle is like nothing I have witnessed before.

My time in China was memorable and I would never rule out a return. I would certainly recommend CRCC Asia for their reliability, helpfulness and care. I would like to praise Ryan Hutzler (Program Manager) and Neil Fraser (Associate) for their outstanding commitment to the interns during my stay in China. I came to China seeking corporate work experience; I achieved that and much more.