Kiran Rashid

Kuan Ling
20th January 2012
Will Taylor
20th January 2012

It’s difficult to put into words exactly what made my experience in Beijing so fantastic. It was a mixture of the culture, the work and the people. I worked for a major Chinese law firm and my colleagues really went out of their way to welcome me. The work I was given exposed me to some really high profile deals, which I really didn’t expect, and they were a great way for me to learn.

The internship more than lived up to my expectations. I half expected I would want to get on the first flight home when I landed, but I instantly felt at ease after meeting Li Jing and David from CRCC Asia. They were always at hand to deal with any problems, however minor! We had some great socials organised and every week we would get emails about the best events on!

I am currently preparing to complete an internship with the New York branch of my Chinese law firm over the summer, which my supervising partner in Beijing helped me to organise. Since I have been back from Beijing I feel that career wise so many doors have been opened. I think that my experience in China and the skills I developed have played a large part in helping to secure a graduate position with Deloitte in September. I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to work in Beijing again at some point in the future.

The experience was more than just beneficial from an employment point of view; I made some lifelong friends and saw some incredible sights. I remember the first time I made my way home from work on the subway I felt such a sense of achievement. It doesn’t sound like much but it really is something I will remember! For anyone thinking of going I would certainly recommend it!