Kiran Sharma

Mia Josimovic
20th January 2012
Neal Fantom
20th January 2012

China is the fastest growing economy in the world, so it seemed to be the perfect fit for an internship, being a student of the International Business Management Course. It truly is a great experience. Even Forbes magazine has noted this and devoted a special page covering the internship opportunities for business graduates from all over the world. I consider it a learning curve for all business students as it relates to the paradigm shifts of international trade to global trade and serving the world as one supermarket.

Working at my company in China, I learnt about the intricacies of head-hunting at the topmost cadre of recruitment. How candidates were matched to the requirements of the fortune 500 IT giants and maintaining the satisfaction and quality level of service for the retainer contracts was a new learning experience for me. Market research for new recruitment sectors added the icing to my project work.

Our client focused on creating new iPhone applications, developing Hi Shanghai and Hi Shanghai Taxi applications which help users to navigate all the events happening in the city and also use it as a GPS to find people and places. The other major VPN product, VP Ninja, gave me an opportunity to explore the new market and go out on the field finding events and promoting all the tree products simultaneously. My major focus was preparing a marketing and business plan to launch these products in various market segments of China. I submitted my project report on Unified Communications Technology and the future requirement of HR in IT industry in China as a part of my internship.

The professional culture of China is much different than in North America. It is based on “GUANXI” (relationship building). Chinese businesses believe in long lasting relationships and their own “MIANZI” (face) which is of utmost important to them while making business deals or negotiations. I experienced these important details of business management while working with my company.

How to deal with situations where you do not know anyone, nor can you explain or speak in the local language? China presented us with such situations every day since people rarely speak or understand English. The solution was to go to school and learn basic Mandarin. Now I can rely on my Mandarin communication next time I’m in China. The best marketing and sales techniques on the field were found while bargaining on the streets of China. This is a real test of your negotiation skills. I am proud to say I was excellent and this can be proven by the big shopping bag that I carried back from Shanghai.

Nightlife in China is awesome with a lot of pubs and bars offering all sorts of music, dance and food and drinks. The karaoke clubs of KTV are most popular among the youngsters and I recommend a visit there for anyone goes to China. The food is a passion for the people of China. We did put on some weight with those classic Chinese meals.

A great experience was climbing the Great Wall of China. You feel exhilarated with the sight of this wall moving up and down from plains to hills all over China. The history reminds you of Tiananmen Square Massacre and standing at that point gives you goose-bumps. The architecture of Chinese building is marvellous with a lot of urban and ultra modern buildings mixed with ancient monuments.

Two months in China spent meeting a lot of new people, friends, colleagues…..time just flew by! CRCC Asia made it worthwhile with their excellent hospitality, fantastic accommodation, and of course round the clock support for any single thing you ever thought about. I miss those welcome and leaving drinks parties, charity events, welcome banquet, training sessions, and business seminars already!