Stephen Farrell

Dani Malik
20th January 2012
David Constantine
20th January 2012

Prior to applying for the CRCC Asia Internship Program I was eager to go travelling but compliment my CV at the same time. The Beijing experience was the perfect opportunity to do this allowing me to live and work in a country with customs and a culture so different from what I was used to in Ireland.

Go to China and embrace each and every day with an open mind and you will have the experience of a lifetime. Etched in my memory is climbing the Great Wall at Badaling with the sun on my back, joining the locals and getting behind Beijing Guoan Football Team in a match at the Workers Stadium and embracing my inner Heston Blumenthal by eating sheep testicles amongst other things at the Wangfujing night market.

During my internship I worked in the marketing department of a leading travel agent based in the city with 20 years’ experience in tailor made travel. My role with the marketing department involved producing material for their social networking platforms and I was also responsible for sourcing affiliates from other travel-based organisations that may have been interested in doing business with my company. Both roles were unique, dynamic and interesting exploring the evolution of travel marketing and the utilisation of web 2.0 technologies in maximising potential client lists. Experience in such an evolving area as social media based marketing has definitely enhanced my CV and assisted in my applications and interviews on my way to find a permanent marketing based position.