Samuel Bennett

If you are considering an adventure to an ancient and dynamic country of which you can add something to your resume that makes you stand out from the crowd then look no further than CRCC Asia.

Having completed my tertiary studies and wanting a break before entering the workforce I decided a working holiday was in order. I completed a two month legal internship in Shanghai (December 2011 Beijing January 2012).

I was fortunate to be placed in a Swiss law firm that advised clients, primarily European, as to how they may negotiate China’s rapidly growing corporate legal landscape. I conducted legal research advising clients as to what corporate structures foreign entities should adopt and drafted legal documents. Having completed two internships in Australian law firms prior to leaving for Shanghai I quickly learnt that I was in unfamiliar waters as the Chinese have a different way to approaching business. My colleagues and the CRCC Asia team were supportive and encouraging of which I learnt a lot.

Furthermore, CRCC Asia provides an abundance of “cultural activities” which allowed me to have a culturally enriching experience.

In the past six weeks since returning from China I have been invited to complete online testing with Ernst & Young, PwC, and KPMG. Furthermore, I was invited for an interview with a large Adelaide based corporate law firm. My interviewers asked several questions regarding my internship in China of which I realised that my experience gave me a unique selling point.

For those wanting to experience something different, add another feather in their cap and meet new and interesting people from around the globe … just do it!