Ellen Huang

Chris Lanterman
1st May 2012
Myles Lambert
3rd May 2012

My decision to apply to the CRCC Asia program was based on my interests in China and the desire for an adventure working and living in another country. From this experience I have developed interpersonal and technical skills, such as networking with people of different backgrounds, and applying marketing knowledge in the professional context.

My professional experience allowed me to take ownership of a marketing and recruitment project by devising plans and strategies for the company. I was regarded as a valuable member of a team of professionals who listened to my suggestions and were interested in my career. Although there were some challenges on the way, I felt that I had completed the task satisfactorily considering the scope of the responsibilities I was entrusted with.

My experience outside of work forged many unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships only possible in Shanghai. I participated in a myriad of social activities with the other interns and the staff ranging from cultural sightseeing to enjoying the vivid nightlife. CRCC Asia is unique in providing ongoing support so that you will get the best experience throughout your internship.

I want to thank CRCC Asia for providing this enriching experience and opening my global perspective of working in China. Furthermore, my internship has also contributed to my career progression as a marketer and definitely an experience that not only me, but also my employers highly regard!