Jubilee Mayanja

John Sherack
3rd May 2012
Sarah Douglas
1st June 2012

If you had asked 3 months ago which country I would want to work in, China would have been the last thing on my mind. If you ask me the same question right now, China is top of my list. The China Internship experience has given me a much better perspective on my career.
I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics. It is a really wide ranging subject so I was not sure which part of the engineering sector I wanted to work in. I came across CRCC Asia’s website offering internships in China and thought I would try something out of my comfort zone.

I completed a 3 month internship in a green technology company. The company I worked for specialized in LED lights. Apart from engineering related work, I got involved in marketing, sales, client consultation and even more. These are skills and experiences you don’t get from university and working in the Chinese environment adds a real unique experience to your CV. Interning in China gave me the experience of working in a fast-paced and rapidly changing economy and market. The contacts you make here are unbelievable. I got to meet CEOs and build business relationships. I also had the chance to meet and talk with a veteran CNN reporter.

Getting a taste of what the green technology sector and China has to offer has inspired me to pursue my engineering career in the renewable energy sector.