Shane Ullman

As I travel to the company factory in Hang Zhou, let me tell you about the past 2 months in China.  On the career side, work has been demanding but equally rewarding.  The batch of interns from CRCC Asia have been like a family, as we discover the fascinating city of Shanghai and try to explore this vast country.  The food is delicious; enough to make me think that going home will lead to some serious withdrawals.  Am I glad I did this internship?  Absolutely.

I recently graduated from a double degree from The University of Technology, Sydney.  I studied a Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Japan).

I am working at a green technology company that manufactures LED light fittings to distribute internationally.  The first day at work was as expected.  It took some time to settle in and establish what the boss needs and what I can offer in terms of skills. Having had some experience in coding, I began to write some JavaScript for an application that would be interactive for the clients.  They could input any combination of light fittings and learn how much money/energy/CO2 they would save.

I also discovered that there was a website that needed a serious overhaul.  It was the perfect medium to place my Java application, so I was eager to do it. We brainstormed ideas about content for the site, and began to piece it all together.  We have been working on branding material, blogs, interactive applications and other educational material for our clients.  Not only am I learning new skills having this very real task of web development, but I am also making something substantial that I can show to future employers.  The work has been rewarding, but it took some initiative on my part.

Living in the same building as all of the other interns, we get along like a house on fire.  Going out with a typical entourage of at least 10 is definitely a great way to fend off homesickness.  We usually head out to new bars/clubs every weekend and every month we have a KTV (Karaoke) party to welcome in the new interns, and near the end of the month we have farewell drinks for those that are leaving.  We all tripped it out to Beijing on one of the long weekends, which is such a great place to see culturally significant monuments.  I have made some great friends amongst these fellow interns, and it will be sad to see many of them leave.