Bonnie Roche

Momoca Nishimoto
10th August 2012
Lisa Pham
17th August 2012

I signed up for my 1 Month internship in Beijing with CRCC Asia during my final year of my Accounting Degree at Curtin, wanting to do an extracurricular that would stand out as well as pursue my love of travel and interest in China as a major play in the business world.

The time I spent in China has been one of the most memorable travel experiences I have had to date. The opportunity given by CRCC Asia to live and work in China is a great experience; it gives you the chance to do something you may have not have otherwise considered and takes the stress out of the travel experience.

The CRCC Asia team helped to arrange visa’s, travel and accommodation whilst also helping you navigate your way around China. The staff was also great in showing you how to have an “authentic” experience in China, and not just the one intended for tourists and really encouraged people to explore independently.

The internship with a large international finance company in Beijing and the experience I had in China with CRCC is something that is an amazing asset to my resume and my experience in the global world of business.

I would highly recommend the program and encourage anyone to go!