Vineet Bhatia

Ma Zhen
20th August 2012
Ethan Rubin
21st August 2012

We all know that China leads the world in terms of Software/Hardware manufacturing. How often have you purchased an electronic product and checked out the country of manufacturing. I bet 95 percent of the time it will be “Made in China”.

After completing my Masters in Computer Security from the University of Birmingham, I was looking for a break into the IT Security Industry when I came across the CRCC Asia program. At first I was a bit skeptical about working in China, but I took a chance anyway knowing that I would be getting firsthand experience into the Chinese technology market.

My internship was with a visual arts company with its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. Skysoul Pty Ltd deals with graphics animation, mobile games/application and concept art. My company provided me with a friendly, supporting and welcoming environment and I was fortunate to get a cool boss who not only guided me in every step and made sure I settled in the company well but he also tailored my internship as per my career goals. I joined them as a Mobile Application/Games Engineer and later shifted to handling the IT Security Infrastructure of the company as this is where my interests were.

During my internship, I learned the ethics and the business culture inChina. My main duties were to analyze the working environment of my company and proposing the requirements of the IT infrastructure to match the International Industry Standards. During this time, I had to short list different vendors for our IT resources, inspect their products, finalize and recommend the best ones amongst them. Apart from this, I also developed and documented the company’s Security Policy & Procedures Manual. My internship gave me a taste of the professional life of an IT Security Professional.

Apart from the professional life, Shanghai has so much to offer in terms of leisure and fun. Every day here is an adventure in itself. From the vast variety of cuisines offered at ridiculously low prices to the most posh and high end clubs located in the magnificent and beautiful architectural skylines at the Bund. I’ve had a great time here. Shanghai attracts professionals from all over the world which allowed me to make friends from diverse cultures.

Initially, I came here thinking I will be here for about 2 months, but to my surprise, after my performance evaluation by the company, I was offered a full time position as the company’s IT Security Architect. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunities which expands to horizons beyond borders.  I am currently working in Shanghai and my adventures here have just begun.