Erin Turner

Flora Fan
3rd October 2012
Jennifer Mcgachy
10th October 2012

Since completing my university degree, majoring in Asia Pacific Community Development I have wanted to gain experience working in this region with a wide range of professionals. I was able to achieve this through my valuable internship with CRCC Asia in Beijing, China. My internship allowed me to develop essential experience and skills needed for my future goals and career path.

Not only was I able to develop experience professionally I also grew in self-confidence. I realised I was able to work internationally in a challenging environment where I was able to learn a lot about myself and my personal potential as an international employee.

My internship also enabled me to meet many people from all around the world where I was able to gain networks and create lasting friendships that made my time in Beijing very rewarding and special.

Through my internship I was able to learn new skills and work alongside inspirational people, which in my case was a new and upcoming social enterprise unique to China called We-Impact. I was grateful for such an opportunity as it is something that I would not have experienced in Australia.

Living as an everyday Beijinger also allowed me to experience Chinese culture and society. Exploring Beijing was eye opening, however a great opportunity to live in the exciting hustle and bustle of one of the world’s biggest cities.

Although working in China is a challenging experience the rewards from such a challenge are invaluable; a CRCC Asia internship is a unique stepping stone to any professional’s future career path.