Emma Duck

I came across the idea of an internship in China merely by chance. I never actually thought that an international internship was possible without extensive knowledge or contacts in the region. In my final year of my undergraduate degree it was the perfect timing to stumble across an opportunity to differentiate myself from other graduates.

My internship was at Simply Bridal, a start up bridal company whose operations are based in Shanghai and their sales are conducted in California and New York. I worked closely with the Graphic Designer where I designed Infographics, material for their E-Newsletter and photo quote cards for social media channels. Along with this I also worked with the Copywriter and Marketing Manager on social media marketing. My colleagues were incredibly friendly and welcoming immediately and were my first point of call when it came to navigating my way in Shanghai. Many of my colleagues were American and Canadian so there was not a language barrier at all, and those who were Chinese were so helpful when it came to leaning more about Shanghai and China in general. Even had a lesson in bartering on my lunchbreak!

In July with a group of 100+ interns it was an amazing chance to meet people from all corners of the globe and CRCC Asia provided social events such as KTV, a charity weekend and networking opportunities that gave us the opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. Everybody was so friendly and eager to make new friendships and everyday after work we would explore the city together and discovered the best of Shanghai’s food and nightlife.

The program allowed space to travel and explore more of China throughout and on the first weekend a group of us visited Hangzhou and Moganshan with the Dragontrip. Along with this travel opportunity, separately a group of us visited Beijing on the last weekend and visited Tienanmen Square, the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, ate Peking Duck (Famous Beijing dish) and even camped overnight on The Great Wall.

Not only did I get to work in one of the most rapidly developing economies in the world in a relevant industry but I also made both professional and personal contacts that I will cherish and utilise for years to come.

Living and doing an Internship in Shanghai is something that I wouldn’t of been able to do alone. CRCC Asia provides the support and guidance to make what would usually be seen as a future aspiration a reality. It has changed my outlook on my future and shown me that a career in an international economy is closer that you think. I made friendships and memories that I will cherish forever.

I couldn’t recommend an international internship more highly; words truly do not do it justice – A trip of an absolute lifetime.