Stuart Burvill

Emma Duck
2nd January 2013
Abboh Saphtcheauff
3rd January 2013

I had a fantastic experience with my internship in Beijing. I was given a small non-profit group called the China Carbon Forum which creates forums for stakeholders in the Carbon Sector international network of over 1200 people in government, business and NGOs. The group was a great match with my masters degree in international relations and I developed an array of skills and increased my knowledge greatly of Climate change and insight into governmental processes and relations.

The work was flexible, interesting and each day was different and my boss a fellow Australian was very helpful, insightful, fun to work with and we will continue to remain in contact. Tasks I undertook included research, learning vital workplace skills, web design, event management, meeting and engaging in dialogue with foreign officials, strategizing about opportunities for the organization and engaging in board room and cross-organizational discussions.

Whilst in China I received a graduate position with the Australian Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing which has its own international Trade and Climate Change divisions making and so my internship will give me vital experience for my career.

Simultaneously, I had a great adventure with a buzzing social life and was able to travel and see and experience so much. I was able to experience the fun of an expat lifestyle whilst becoming fully immersed in the freewheeling craziness of Beijing and deeply fascinating Chinese culture.