Emma Johnson

Paul Burgoyne
11th January 2013
Charlotte Cansdell
24th January 2013

Going to China was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was so nervous but the CRCC Asia staff made me feel so welcome and helped me with any queries I had, no matter how small!

China is a country with the most diverse culture. It is a massive shock when you get there. But after you meet all the CRCC staff and other CRCC interns you settle in straight away.

The first day of work is great everyone goes together, one of the staff even walks you up to your office. The apartments are in such a fantastic part of Beijing. I walked to work most days and it was a very short work to the local subway, which can get you pretty much anywhere in the city!

I absolutely loved my time in Beijing. I went to every social event, had so much fun and made some amazing friends.There is an unbelievable amount to see and do after work and on the weekends. One month was not enough time to fit it all in! The internship gave me some great experience of working in a law firm. The firm was also very supportive of the fact I could not speak Chinese and the language barrier was not as difficult as I thought it would be.

After returning to Australia, many employers have asked me about my experience in China during job interviews. I think it is fantastic for my resume. My only regret about the internship was that I only did it for one month. The time flies and if I had my time again I would go for 2-3 months!!!