Cherise Gardner

Errol Phuah
4th March 2013
Malisa Radic
8th March 2013

After a disappointing test result in my Mandarin at University before we left for our Christmas holidays, I informed my family of my worry about doing a four year course with such a difficult language. Fortunately a relative knew of CRCC Asia and how they offer an Intensive Chinese Language Program in Shanghai.  Plus, what better way to further my knowledge by spending it in the home of Mandarin.

Before I knew it the plane tickets were booked and friends and family couldn’t believe I was going to China alone at 18! It dawned on me how large this trip was; however CRCC Asia were a massive part of my first experience visiting china and put me at ease.

I got picked up from the airport and spent my first night at a large banquet, socialising with other people in the hotel who were there through CRCC Asia. Most were doing their internship aged 19-24. During that month we became a little family explored new and old Shanghai, we even ventured to Beijing!

The course was excellent I learnt so much as I was finding my lectures quite difficult, I was given that extra knowledge and when I returned to sit January exams I had massively improved. My lectures are very good although on the course I was taught more daily life scenarios and fundamentally how to get around in China.

As I had already done four months of Mandarin the internationally accredited Mandarin school put me into the end of group one. By January I had completed level two of the six levelled HSK Mandarin course. I am still in my first year of university but hope to do an internship through CRCC Asia in my third year.

This trip also put me at ease as next year my course stipulates a year abroad in China commencing September 2013, studying at Ningbo Campus. As I have had a short insight into Chinese culture I now know what to except such as, how to get around on public transport, ask for directions, top up my phone, where to buy food and what places to visit.

Also I am now more than happy to attend my Mandarin lectures!