Ivana Nikic

I really had no clue of what to expect from the program and China in general. But as it turns out interning in Shanghai was by far the best experience so far!

My one month internship was not just about expanding career prospects or improving my resume – it was about challenging myself. I got to do some amazing things – things that I wouldn’t have imagined of doing like eating a deep-fried scorpion or trying snake or even camping on the Great Wall of China!

The Chinese are amazing people and always ready to help – I had a lady leave her bread shop to walk me to the nearest bus stop which wasn’t that close!

The company which I interned with was just what I wanted. The people were incredible and every day was a great learning experience. I really recommend CRCC Asia to anyone interested in doing an internship in China – you’ll walk away with so many good memories and a wealth of knowledge and experience!!