Beryl Chavez Li

Oliver Wilson
28th March 2013
Eugene Budkevich
16th April 2013

It has almost been a year since I had my two months work experience  in Shanghai with CRCC Asia. I strongly believe that joining the program was a positive life changing experience for me. Not only did I meet great contacts and friends that I still meet up with in different parts of the world, but it also gave me an opportunity to develop myself as a person and lead me to a career path I never expected.

After graduating from Manchester University with a strong interest in the financial markets, I applied to CRCC Asia with hopes to explore business in China. I was looking for another option other than working for a multinational company based in London. I took the chance to discover something related to my field, parallel to my strengths and something that may be of interest.

I was offered a Business Development role at a tech start-up company developing educational apps for ISO and Android. I had two amazing supervisors, both of whom were also educated in England and therefore spoke perfect English and were not to mention, brilliant. The office was a small team composed roughly of 10 people. It wasn’t the typical multinational company with many colleagues and a hierarchy of bosses. My colleagues were mostly from Shanghai. Furthermore, I met two interns who also applied through CRCC Asia and with whom I became really good friends.

During my experience, I was tasked to do a lot of research and analysis. Some of the tasks were to construct a number of power point presentations, test products, get feedback from a sample, market products via social media, and engage in the development of new products. It enabled me to put theory into practice and led me to discover the challenges of working for a tech start-up. This great experience led me to follow my current career path.

During my stay in Shanghai, CRCC Asia helped me connect to useful contacts through its very organized calendar of events. Moreover, the apartment they provided me was great. I had an amazing flatmate and an amazing pool, sauna and jacuzzi to use at the Longemont Hotel for free! Not to mention, after two months of work experience, I was offered three terrific employment opportunities in China.  I deferred my Masters to work full-time for SeedAsia, an equity crowd funding tech start-up based in Shanghai raising seed to pre-series A funds for other tech startups.

I now work as the Director for the Philippines, managing their operations and in a freelance capacity as an analyst looking for possible investments for a businessman who has incorporated his Private Equity firm in China.  On top of this, I have recently co-founded my first start-up targeting the Asian market.

Overall, I had an amazing time in Shanghai! If it weren’t for CRCC Asia, I would not have realised my interest in the start-up scene and I would not have met SeedAsia’s CEO in the Longemont Hotel. Many thanks to CRCC Asia for two months well spent and for opening my door to amazing opportunities!