Tessa Rieger

Alessandro Levesi
17th May 2013
Kavita Prema
30th May 2013

My experience in China with CRCC Asia has been a very shaping one. It has really opened my eyes up to all the opportunities in the world and helped me realize that career dreams really are achievable. A large part of this was through meeting and interacting daily with other like-minded individuals on the CRCC Asia program who were striving towards a successful career and also meeting highly inspirational people through networking events here in Shanghai and seeing that nothing is out of reach!

I found that China is special in this aspect as the level of growth and innovation really opens a door to opportunity for graduates like me and allows us to be placed in amazing companies that value fresh ideas even without huge amounts of experience. This is where CRCC Asia played a vital role, from my experience, myself and fellow interns were lucky enough to be placed in incredible companies (better than I ever imagined), companies that had I not been with CRCC, would have been very difficult to get a position within…making the experience I got even more valuable.

My fellow interns on the program were an awesome bunch of people, hard-working and determined, yet always keen to travel, explore and meet people out of work. I have definitely made some life-long friendships! It is very easy to make friends as the lovely CRCC Asia staff go out of their way to make sure of this with weekly events such as dinners out, Karaoke nights, weekend trips, networking events, cooking classes, it really is such a comfortable, fun and educational environment, not to mention living in a hotel complex with everyone!

CRCC Asia has really led my career to a height I had never imagined so soon which I am very grateful for. This is why I decided to write this testimonial so that others like me will take the plunge and take this awesome opportunity. I have been lucky enough to have been offered a permanent job with my company placement here in Shanghai, and with this and the experience I am getting in China so many doors for the future have been opened. Thank you very much CRCC Asia team, this program really was the best decision I have ever made.