Gregory Milani

Federico Chiatti
17th June 2013
Francesco Russo
17th July 2013

To complete my masters I had to intern in a company for at least 2 months. I was living in Spain, I am originally from Brazil, and I had finished my Masters in Marketing in Madrid. The situation in the EU was really bad at the time, thus, it wasn’t ideal for me to return to Brazil.

I started talking to friends in class to see what they were all going to do, one of my closest friends form Costa Rica told me that he found a website with internships in Shanghai: CRCC Asia. I thought he was crazy to do that, and he didn’t make a strong case for his decision. Months passed and I hadn’t found a proper place to work, so I changed my mind and thought an internship in China could be really interesting to do culturally and to gain some experience.

I worked in a British agency that has offices all over the world. Initially I was “hired” to work at the Branding department but the area that needed more help at the time was Performance. In the beginning of my internship I changed/improved the slides for the presentations we were doing for big companies. It was a very methodical work that took long hours and days.

When I got this work done, I started learning the fundamentals of some of Google’s tools that I would be using for the rest of my internship: Google analytics, SEO & SEM. I was very lucky to have this internship because I was able to learn a lot, my co-workers showed a lot of patience to teach me stuff, and the atmosphere at my work was fantastic.

Going out for lunch in a typical Chinese neighborhood and getting to know my co-workers was very nice. They wanted me to try all type of foods and ask me things about my country; it was very nice to see our differences and share stories.

This experience had a significant impact on me because not only did I make a lot of new friends, but I had the chance to learn a lot professionally, and the opportunity to visit China. I was offered to stay in Shanghai for more time and work with my host company as a paid employee. Unfortunately, I had all my stuff back in Madrid and things to settle, so I didn’t stay. I am still in contact with the friends I made at my work, and other interns from the program!

Right now I am working with Google SEO and SEM in Brazil, so I have to thank my internship for the developments in my professional career.