Jessica Stubbs

Francesco Russo
17th July 2013
Angela Costella
24th July 2013

In the absence of anything better to do over the summer holidays (well, not really a holiday now that I’m graduating from my MA programme and definitively and conclusively leaving the world of education behind!), I applied for CRCC Asia’s inaugural scholarship for a student with a disability on a whim over the Christmas break. Although being accepted onto the programme was a complete shock, it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I interned at an organisation that promotes the best of British arts, education and exams abroad, as well as administering the world-renowned IELTS test to foreign students wanting to study in the UK. Not only was the whole office so incredibly friendly and welcoming, but I got to work on some pretty cool projects. I wrote copy for the Shanghai International Film Festival and also got involved with the office’s work in Equal Opportunity and Diversity by being a panelist at a discussion about attitudes to disability in China and the UK. Since being home, I’ve found that making my CV stand out from the crowd has got that little bit easier now that I have so many Chinese experiences to talk about.

Shanghai is an amazing place, and for a small town (eh, who am I kidding? small village) girl like me it was great to be able to find ancient temples and towering skyscrapers, and more Starbucks than you can shake a stick at alongside people selling noodles from carts on the street at night. And who can forget the iconic Bund, sitting on the Huangpu River? One of my favourite memories of Shanghai is definitely the open-top double decker bus tour and river cruise that I did in my first weekend in the city.

CRCC Asia supported me throughout this whole experience, and I can honestly say that I felt completely safe in Shanghai. They made everything so simple: visa processing, airport pick-up and accommodation. I would definitely recommend an internship in China!