Andreea Pop

My experience with CRCC Asia in Hong Kong has been an enriching one. Living on a tropical island and working in a 5 star hotel has been the highlight of my summer. But the benefits of being on the Hong Kong Internship Program laid in with being given the opportunity to experience true cultural differences within the business environment. During my two-month internship I have learnt a great deal about the Chinese work ethic and how well established international businesses such as Hilton, the hotel I worked in, adapt to these cultural differences. Working in China had a great impact on my people skills and how I adapt to different situation, experience that changed the way I see things today.

Another great aspect about the Hong Kong Internship Program was the accommodation. On top of the fact that we were located 3 minutes from the beach and most of our rooms had an ocean view, we were also lodged in the same building giving the interns the chance to interact and know each other better. My fellow interns were an amazing bunch of people with who I can say I definitely built life-long friendships with. CRCC Asia also organized different events such as karaoke (the Chinese love to sing) and visiting the Li and Miao minority village, activities that helped us not only interact more but also explore the Hainan province and its culture.

Hong Kong is a beautiful place by the sea surrounded with coco trees and mango fruits. Hong Kong is a holiday resort and even though we worked full time for two months it gave us that holiday feeling on a permanent basis which made us feel very fortunate of being on the island.

Overall, being on the Hong Kong Internship Program was a great experience that led me to the great opportunity of obtaining a job with CRCC Asia in Hong Kong. A job which I hope will help me advance in my career.