Eileen Ozegbe

I have long had an interest in China, to the extent that I opted to take Mandarin as a first year subsidiary module. As a psychology student I saw CRCC Asia as a way to broaden my horizons in terms of work experience (I was a legal intern) as well as exploring a culture that seemed so different to mine. I chose Beijing for its history, culture and the chance to practice my beginner’s level Mandarin. After only a week I came to regret my decision to spend only a month, wishing I could stay for longer.

The CRCC Asia one-month China Internship Program allowed me to not only build on previous skills I had but to also develop some new skills in a sector I was interested in.  Working in a company in China did not only help me build a good relationship with the law firm there but also taught me more about their business culture and way of life. As well as sitting in on legal briefings and being set research, I was given the responsibility of updating and revising the English language version of the firm’s website and brochure (editing and correcting any grammatical errors). My GCSE and A level Spanish and French also came in useful when I was asked to translate confidential e-mails from embassies they had a relationship with into English and write a response. This was not a simple “get my coffee and make some photocopies” internship!

During my time in Beijing, there were weekly language classes as well as various activities planned for us by the CRCC team. I was given the opportunity to meet interns from around the world, many of whom I’m still in close contact with today. That close knit community of support whilst in a country so alien to you is something only CRCC Asia could provide.

China is without a doubt one of the fastest growing economies of our time. I would definitely recommend that such an opportunity to be put amidst China’s elaborate and fast paced economy and to experience first hand with CRCC Asia what it’s like not only living but working in China should be grabbed quickly. There really is nothing like it.